How do you get in ANA Mileage award ticket surcharges free

ANA flight

I think many of you are saving the ANA Mileage award ticket to saving miles.

Award ticket on domestic flights and international flights reservation start date large difference there will be.

And just because international flights for long-haul flights, fuel surcharges will be big spending and weak ticket.

Is less things to understand is touring with fuel oil surcharge included, directly paid surcharges to the award tickets in the amount of the money go to the ticket itself, fuel surcharges just would eye.

More recently, under the influence of oil prices continues to fuel oil surcharge free but tickets for international flights from the advance pays the surcharges at the time of acquisition.

Learn how to get free, we already reduce the fuel surcharge paid.



Changed the flight number, the lower the surcharges & free


Tricks to free you can at any time there is a rule and said fuel surcharges to free fuel surcharge is calculated based on the arrangement of the designated airlines and consumers do not pay this, does not exist.

You need to lower the price of fuel surcharges to begin with lower fuel surcharges, ANA airlines.

Already tickets for international flights down surcharges from ticketing is acquired, becomes possible only if, in this way a refund of the difference between the price of fuel surcharges.

For example, we offer ticketing for flights ago the day you want to take advantage of and fuel surcharges had 20000 Yen at that time.

I think it has a mileage award ticket required at this point and the fuel oil surcharge fee.

And the ANA announced the date two months prior to lowering the surcharges to 10000 yen.

At this point it will refund the difference between automatic fuel oil surcharge fee paid is not.

It is calculated by date and ticket surcharges for the later dropped fuel surcharges and essentially nothing.

Is the date to calculate the fuel surcharge is not just at time of ticketing, the modified date is also true.

In other words, simply by changing the flight number at that time drops the fuel surcharge and fuel surcharge is calculated again.

Here for the first time at time of ticketing and change ANA side is automatically calculated and will refund me.

You can cut fuel surcharges after use without problems is as simple as changing the flight number and the time you just want to revert to the original flight changed once changing to original flight by scheduled flights.

The fuel oil surcharge free and refund the full amount originally paid fuel surcharges is free.


Lower fuel surcharges and changing the date & free


You can refund the difference of fuel surcharges, change the date and how to change the flight number of the above at the same time.

Please do not forget paid application date if changed the date of the award ticket would tend to be international if the paid application in the company prior to the store holding ticket and accept that related to hotels, transportation, and company.

Increases the risk of more than changing the flight date to change.

And just have some time off even if you became unable to change again, to someone else it takes flight and if flight is changed only in the case back to the original tune is easy.

That is, will there a big influence in local action, etc. and if you changed the date, hotels must free that day.

Therefore, first of all, not only in a change of flight number, try and let then examines the date change.

In addition, also fell in fuel surcharges and hotel, in a day or day of the week to stay price greatly.

Spending increases as a result due to increased rates fell in fuel surcharges to doesn't make sense.

You should investigate the well in advance including hotel rates.

Please do on understood the risk, there is no guarantee the flight or date changed back to the original flight.


If the fuel surcharge rises


Changes in fuel surcharges will be cheaper but is not.

If you are waiting for some tickets on the dates originally wanted, and issued the tickets in the tentative date the cancellation notice is required.

Have additional fuel surcharges to pay and at times canceled flights to make changes at that time initially rising than ticket fuel surcharges.

If you do not by any means its schedule and pay only in the originally had a tentative schedule and gets to stay in if you are not spending wants to restrain the use.

Now oil prices are changing the world.

The fluctuation range is not to know, and when high oil prices also might not.

In-situ but to everyone in its best judgment.




Taking ANA flights, travel is a fuel surcharge if you just like to be.

You can reduce the spending on things so this would be big spending on international and long-haul flights get a refund of fuel oil searchers date change and flight change.

However, do those understood risks there also risks either way.

In addition, because fees do not apply in Japan Airlines (JAL or ANA), is almost in the overseas airlines award ticket change process fees can take penalty costs.

Cost of using the system well, surcharges, try at least.