Save people can earn mileage in ANA and JAL mileage


Well, mileage of ANA and JAL Mileage saved which is better?Which is saved and what is easy?Our question is, the answer is easy.

Or spend money in its own way to earn mileage both JAL and ANA spend time to use your head, or using the body, and not be acquired through.

And answers, people can save JAL Mileage, save ANA mileage ANA mileage saved information is saved or a better question, people will save JAL mileage is best suited.



Little no difference between JAL and ANA


No big difference when both are used for ease of saved contents of the equipment and services, quality, and mileage and mileage of ease of use, etc., to compare what ANA and JAL.

Parts have difference due to personal differences as a company than ANA is quality? Ana's bad you almost feel.

There are differences in the fine service is institutionally is ANA and JAL are alike.

There is no difference lies in its own way compared to foreign airlines and Japan Airlines, JAL and ANA is neither excels special parts.

For example, think or where air carriers have deadlines or conditions each year in foreign airlines who obtained credit cards in ANA and JAL system can maintain the status life but routes, services, price, compare also good, but ANA and JAL system was similar too.

Do not know no one is hopeless for two companies sees with Japanese-based routes and equipment, uniforms and aircraft design even is not it.


Ana and JAL Mileage Bank


It is the same as the things mentioned above but a little bit Ana and JAL Mileage Bank are similar status card to pay annual membership fee only in the senior membership retention, point site, e-money and mileage can be interchangeable, a basic system.

Or systems on the other hand, in foreign airline mileage to buy, get a membership for every condition set or, there are various differences.

Convert miles to points earned at point site, is called the thoracic root if the ANA in the high exchange rate is the exchange rate impact thoracic root is how to earn mileage for JAL Mileage Bank JAL using point site is possible.

It is not enough to say no significant difference, not only the exchange rate due to thoracic root ANA and JAL are different.


ANA mileage earn more can be applied to how to save JAL


It is possible to accumulate large amounts of mileage by JAL Mileage from various points exchanging ANA is straightforward how to replace monthly mileage points earned at point hapitas over 200000 mileage per year to save 50% exchange rate is correct.

If ANA (= point site from high mileage saved on easy) easy to save miles, is ANA better than JAL mileage required for award tickets.

Less mileage required to get the tickets, but not on the other hand, the JAL thoracic root point site also be acquired through mileage as ANA, ANA, is easy to take for JAL by ANA and the taking and ease of use.

The use of ANA, the large amount of mileage saved, but a bit difficult and.

JAL, ANA more difficult to save miles, but in ease of use ANA from above.

Which one is better?Both have saved both saved on the same point site, so can I.

If saved mileage frequent flyer or frequent flyer Bank required when you need to better focus on sushi, a favorite airline is also good.

ANA mileage how are so many on the net, but most of the way is just one smart application to JAL.

Are able to apply the contents of blogs related to JAL to reverse ANA.

The key is no big difference in ANA and JAL.

Earn either mileage both ANA and JAL if you understand only by cutting.


Senior members of the ANA and JAL as the system


Is ANA and JAL Mileage Bank is similar, but has become almost the same system for the senior membership system.

Again this would be like a Japan company sick? is the same thing as other companies, to clients is ANA JAL or not will happen to JAL to ANA, and put a claim so much the same and features.

Has not, in foreign-owned airlines alone credit card possession lifetime status, such as giving is the body two Japan Airlines as year of Saflex card fee pay is giving senior membership.

Think so, but the services less effective and customer outbuilding hoarding enough.

Is something like that must both hold the credit card never tough, not by anyone but rather to give status.

How to get possession of status provided by the two companies for credit card, JAL and ANA is similar.

I think most people have both for status cards credit cards.




ANA and JAL's services in terms of the difference is not as a company, is the difference between the services provided by individuals.

JAL and ANA are exactly alike to earn more miles, frequent flyer program, how-to, point site and affiliation and membership requirements, etc..

Or indeed, the JAL lounge with luxurious Ana is good or there are such differences, compared with foreign airlines as the company direction and ways of thinking, not much difference.

Earn more mileage of ANA can be applied to JAL, JAL Mileage collection methods can be applied to ANA.

It is in use, saving two people use knowledge gained in either by the two companies, mileage of which required good would better focus on sushi, a favorite airline.

How to impart the most mileage either way, use of money, use point site 2.

It is important because it can be applied to other things than in the State do not know the difference between ANA and JAL, find knowledge in only one or the other first understand broad and deep knowledge of only one side either.


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