What is the point site? With relation to the ANA mile

ANA mileage if you use essential point site hapitas


Why getting a point = money

ANA mileage on essential items, it is point site, but in fact know point site system and point the site itself is still my nephew.

Point site, such as what or why get points = money?
And anxiety often do not know how it works, I don't know, do not use.
We received such voices.

I write about flow of money point site, marketing, management.I hope you know even a little point site is not made up.

The flow of world commerce (business), the glad you are such a fundamental part to understand me.

I don't think few know about corporate transactions in daily life, money and goods, would be received into their own hands how to buy goods and services themselves can know the flow of information, etc.? can be considered for some.

Bi-directional point site visitors

Point site 2 visitors.
First one is the

Those who accumulate points

Well-established sites that could point and say, basically, like Edamame soy beans Mylar to register, games and surveys to answer and deal with think, go save points.

But the point site how to use in the other direction.

Then the second of the visitors, it is

Site point to the issues people (and companies)

This is how to use the opportunity provided questionnaire answers that ordinarily and card-issuing company, cosmetics sales company, and you.

Broadly speaking, point site composition, such as the following.

 A: points winner (Mylar Edamame soy beans, etc.)


 Point site, such as (hapitas)


 B: project donors (card issuing companies, etc.)


Neither A nor B are using the point site.

And somehow tripartite (point Suite B) with money in hand contains.

Because it does not become a mechanism, such as missing someone (somewhere one direction only), everyone has to pick up a money point site user (A and B), founded as a business.

Know the flow of capital to the point site

There are people who at one point site, and get money from point to point site to pay.

It is people who get money above a, B has to pay.


→ → → → → → → point site → → → → → →

↑                   ↓

↑ < money flow &gt; ↓

↑                   ↓

 ← ← ← (source) B (end point) ← ← ← A ← ← ← ←


The starting point for the flow of money B, means that donor projects.
(Fact is once the issue has been, in the sense that the source here and start the)

Point site pays the money paid from B to A as a "point", translates to "money", "points to other sites 'miles', etc."points"point site in a.

And paid money to B from A in done deal.

For example, to buy and then issue a credit card card, use is made to circulate money to each other this way.

If in addition to questionnaire if from A b direct the flow of money does not occur, but the questionnaire development based on potential consumers = A as a result comes out.

Note) raised this point site is the site to earn points for money flow.

Is the flow of money might be used as relay points point site, such as site have also omitted here because each appointment is for another article.

To compare other ads with point site

Thus the flow of money and not guaranteed with other advertising methods.
TV COMMERCIALS and newspaper advertisements, adverts on the train, the magazine's advertising pages, which is the same composition.

Point site, affiliate, and is different from new (is there nothing new… compared with newspapers, etc., that is) would not contain too much leading advertising agencies in the advertising it.

Holds the major advertising agencies, TV COMMERCIALS, newspapers, etc..

And clearly has a big difference point site with advertising method using media such as newspapers and television.

As one of the marketing point site

TV COMMERCIALS, seen by many people, no one is looking I couldn't shed several times, as was getting older means to demonstrate effective advertising by have seen because the wide range of subject.

Is that technique, such as customized fit, on the other hand, individuals such as point site or affiliate advertising.

Previously was a mainstream marketing techniques in the former, but in recent years the latter effect is higher for point sites, such as like is coming that is here.

Point site what ever major advertising agency position.

Comes the name difference is whether or not that much I guess.

Not with the name of the major advertising agencies are where the company is presents point site.

Because anxiety without point site, it's a waste

Finally, point site but do not know the fear from without.
This idea, you know very well.

However, looking at myself if in doubt.

If you fear looking at yourself.

To check on your own without the use of Mylar Edamame soy beans is very much in favor.

I think best not look anything in their without thinking, just do not know from the remains, that is in the State.

You might also find wrong information to hand.
Don't think I will wrong the next time you see but once information to check whether or

I think in a series during his judgment is ready.

Take a look at, including this article and other information, check yourself thinking, you want to determine a point of use.

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