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Save people can earn mileage in ANA and JAL mileage

JAL and ANA is a company very similar things to earn more mileage, frequent flyer program, membership-related conditions.How to earn mileage on JAL and ANA will tend to be and can be applied to each other.Thoracic root with or without much difference, so first of all, JAL or ANA grasping rich knowledge of either both JAL and ANA will earn mileage.

Develop a prosthesis they do not obstruct inspection by ANA!

Developed a resin prosthesis they do not obstruct inspection by ANA. Release expected in 2017 is still slightly ahead, but artificial legs use the airplane must be in safety inspection tentacles inspection eliminates the need is.I think a good while enjoying the ANA Mileage to save many people, feel free to use the plane and you could travel.

Earn mileage even tour packages

ANA Mileage saving and personal travel on award tickets to a fun feel. The mileage you accumulate significant disadvantage tours travel agency, on the other hand, that mileage if most of it, but can often be tourist destinations or entry in the tour because of the advantages and disadvantages is.

JAL and ANA, why not take advantage of F1?

Singapore Airlines, Sahara airlines, Emirates airline, Etihad Airways, Qantas Airways, Virgin Atlantic Airways and air Asia, the common point is do you know? It is the airline that I sponsored in the F1 world.In F1 racing and F1 related events, etc. at airline tap F1.