JAL and ANA, why not take advantage of F1?

Singapore Airlines, Sahara airlines, Emirates airline, Etihad Airways, Qantas Airways, Virgin Atlantic Airways and air Asia, the common point is do you know?

It is…



Airline companies were using F1


It is the airline airline companies who gave at the beginning, to tell the truth in the past seven or eight years sponsored F1 (Formula 1) or using F1 as a marketing platform, such as own F1 team.

It will be said that F1 in Japan and auto racing just image that many of you have.

20 years ago in the very popular driver Ayrton Senna, was F1's recognition and popularity in Japan.

Is the aerospace company we noticed is that F1 into their platform for F1.

Japan Airlines has not yet participated in the unfortunately.

Raise awareness in Europe and improve the power of the brand, if F1 is an effective marketing platform.

For example, should be possible you can use F1 talks Ana Japan domestic has partnered with Mercedes-benns Japan Corporation to partnership with Mercedes Germany headquarters, etc..

JAL also take advantage of airline network in the world, and entered in the F1 team's equipment transportation, etc., for example, is the idea would be considered.


Emirates airline is a global partner for F1


Signed up FOM Emirates Airlines to contract with F1 teams but not in charge of the commercial side of F1.

Almost all the racing venue on Emirates Airlines advertising, will be delivered to all over the world.

Also, perhaps to move participants FOM and FIA officials and VIP's Emirates Airlines utilized should be.

Advertising effectiveness from F1 motor racing, sponsors logos on courses set aside or machines that think, but actually depends on the logo you want business contract negotiations between the companies top in the race behind the scenes more than advertising.

You can contract with FOM the visit at each race venue sponsor partnerships and acquisitions, new market development business.


Why not enter the ANA and JAL?


I think falling levels may say honestly, Japan in world influence and competitiveness are no longer there.

I'm ANA and JAL more as a business to various take you want.

Become a sponsor of the skater is a bad thing is as a platform for business and marketing scale are too different as football and formula 1.

And either say in staffs, such as the orientation of Japanese-sponsored.

Just have a comfortable seat and high-grade alcohol simply to improve the power of the brand in European aristocratic culture and class society is not good.

You need to have recognition that "upper-class people use airlines' JAL or ANA.

If you use those parts platform such as F1 though I expect.


It also introduced the previously ANA DESIGN carrying case for Japanese, speaking in Europe is priced for the working class.

Some long-established leather manufacturer in Italy and also hold hands, ANA brand, not only in Japan.

Underway on the ANA and JAL if more then, upper-class people want go touting.

Keep and change the perspective of things because I think is it's potential, the companies should look a little bit I think.

I think regardless of partnership within other Star Alliance airlines alone, more industries and regions and in business.


Note) this article is "best Japan!"" Japan Hurrah!"That is not to deny the idea.
F1 and will not accept Japan contempt and hairsplitting view of love is so appreciated.

F1 platform companies Japan wanted it!



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