But ANA, JAL?Easy-to-earn mileage is ANA I…

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Nope it's not JAL! -Earn more green soybean flow ANA mile

 But what brand to buy in the world, the way a certain number are.

Is Edamame soy beans Mylar to travel well together include the brand will have.

From the ANA mileage easy to save or 貯memasenn miles: go on a trip together?I asked where the


 From the "I am JAL.

The approximate expected answer was returned.

Word finally came back, although I tried to convince the


"I go in when you travel together and then go with the ANA Edamame soy beans Mylar's good.



The take a separate plane to?

Do you like to travel together but it's not weird?

Going to the same destination, leave from the same airport on separate planes?


Beyond thought, but in very much satisfied…

Attempts to travel together as Edamame soy beans Mylar can 増ere is recommended, but missing the story in the somewhat strange, I quit.


Really, like JAL is often obstinate (lol

What's wrong?

Why bother with JAL?


After all, their brand or idea is different.


JAL was, but before I started the travel savings Edamame soy beans Mylar itself if it reconsidered.

JAL is still elementary school when I was starting to go abroad when I got in I was with the idea of flight-JAL, which, I think, but since somehow.

But the aircraft was Singapore Airlines or other services, attentive and responsive staff.

(Upscale Singapore Airlines now so I don't know) I think is the difference in service at that time JAL and Singapore Airlines was quite honestly speaking,.
I was still a child, I got very crowded from JAL, JAL's the good thing about it was only lead Japan to (lol


I'm invisible only to those who choose soremashita the story under the brand easy to save ANA Mileage at all attractive.


I don't want to use from the point the site is somewhat suspicious


To convince you should for this reason isn't easy it is, it is difficult to convince the people elected in the brand, but I think that might be persuaded.

It may be a useless and do not appeal as ANA Brandt told them to reverse.

Taking the opt under the brand can save tens of thousands of points in point site, or if this route were the trade points to Exchange or to payment by credit card or'm those things is not at all attractive.



As the ANA brand appeal

The where are you?

"Somehow JAL faction" was not only from the Edamame soy beans Mylar ANA mileage easy to save using the ANA is considering the appeal of the ANA brand, I'm sorry.

Seat spacing and Wi-Fi, in-flight meal service, etc., easy to understand (see) in surprising and brand power is there.

Is that terrible said "lost" in a short period of time, than say "no" exactly.


It is visible, or in other companies can make.

Several years though there is choice in the type of seating, etc., or with better seating the other airlines would be.


People who opt in to do so and is not so much airline brand to use?

No I once introduced third-party makes a point picked up before others, introduced the first Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi is so picked over Wi-Fi.


It has been chosen under the brand, not only is selected in the content of the service is.

So come to think of it, the Icelandic riding for JAL, there is no difference.

It is something which sticks out as a brand would be reflected in the Edamame soy beans Mylar.



 As the JAL brand appeal

The what's what?


As far as not particularly on the Edamame soy beans Mylar now,,, as well not say.

No discomfort both JAL and ANA plane and uniform to reverse much of the same feel.

It is difficult to find attractive when seen from outside as a customer "experience" can mean a lot to individually is different, but in a nutshell it, brand it.


Abound in Edamame soy beans Mylar around why JAL school so now they about the charm of JAL would like to hear.

And would seek the Edamame soy beans Mylar itself by using airplanes, to travel, to use airline brand and appeal.


Think yourself, invite you to each airline's brand and charm us know in the comments!

Brand wasn't even good!It is recommended for anyone who wants it easy to earn ANA.


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