ANA Mileage you want to save to and recommended for hapitas

ANA land Mylar's essential point sithapitas

That can not miss on the ANA Mileage Club mileage to save large amounts of points site is roughly point site, there are two.

It is suitable (save) earn points and sites suitable for converting to ANA Mileage Club is the ultimate goal in miles, this two.

Looking at the site (save) earn a point of former first.

Why hapitas?

To earn points on the ANA mileage earning mileage from which site is "hapitas".

First of all, let's go and hapitas management information, etc..

< Hapitas management company:

  Company name: OS vision
co., Ltd.: 5/26/2006 address
: 101-0051 Tokyo Chiyoda-ku Kanda Jinbo-cho 1-1-17 3 Jimbo-Cho,
Tokyo Hall building 2 F / 4 F / 6 F representative: Representative D
irector and President Suzuki Yoshio

Hapitas is a company which has offices in Jinbo-cho in Tokyo, points site business since 2006.

Recommended, this hapitas is featured in many land Miller blog because that is where?.

  • You need to include also the predecessor as point site long has bee
    n going (in other words, we see that it acts, such as migrating to other point site if available, with confidence that the already point in cash pull is repeatedly done, fewer problems of fraud and on the system)
  • No site fees
  • High-priced issues that you can earn
    points that (expensive to save for ANA Mileage point is going to)
  • Exchange rate to replace the mileage relay
    site and height (so no sense become less points in the middle to replace ANA Mileage points earned high exchange rate is critical to ANA Mileage)

It is sufficient reason to recommend, and in fact all.
However, there are other numerous point site is some similar conditions yet why hapitas?.

This is a larger implications happy friend in the hapitas system.

It is is easy to happy friend increases more blog providing information free of charge through the medium of blogging and Twitter, become happy friend, hapitas recommend you that way also, referrals as well as from the information system.

It is just like this nor any point site.
So, what point site other than hapitas?

No point is not in the introduction of it hapitas non-point site is in hapitas much more the opposite case does not point to the introduction of cases.

It is people who want to use the friend referral system, the recommended hapitas.
Better happy friends in someone's introduction to the contrary, do you yourself as a referral happy friends by increasing the points and then up.

But not limited to hapitas, from 3rd year projects targeted at done deal once the annual number 100000 points you accumulate can easily, from four years to five years and one issue cannot be hand to become less.

Will demonstrate a strong referral system such as when power.

Hapitas from the register about three years myself just a mass point won, on plus referral points to earn on their own after four or five years between points and earn points to make to the mass.

Still not registered in hapitas is to register through the banner below please register who goes is 30 pt.

Plus the happy daily life | hapitas

Happy friends I'm losing?

Hapitas referral system, happy friend, the referral side meritto side was introduced but got distracted by the point, not that?Many people have doubts about it.

It is, for example, wouldn't system some of the points you earned your referrals will be taken if anyone become a happy friend.
Some of the points it should get their will by the waste.

I think it's obvious.

Is hapitas friend referral system (the happy friends) a mechanism deprived of their points by the circle which is not.

Not that publishers given the no hand to reward was introduced, with implications and points are awarded only at the part of (my) point.
Amount of points at the site that remains readily available.

not subscribe to hapitas who introduced if 40000 pt projects, 40000 pt's.

Osvision management company that will get 40000 pt also joined the hapitas not introduce, from whom, in this case h the most profit.

Increase the happy friend increases flavor addition

When registering for mechanism does not introduce anyone to register hapitas and get only the company hapitas as much as possible by using referral system won 30 pt from the company, doing in addition to various projects will earn points.

Minus than others simply may be registered on hapitas, of course, who introduced without the idea started from a 30 pt.

Lead to continue long run business point site is produced like this virtuous cycle, to return profits to the company and joined the happy friend get more users than just company info, who introduce themselves by, resulting in profits for themselves.

By registering early, happy friend increases rates

Is hapitas still around 1500000 people only membership.

But easy-to-make happy friends just come register after this if only 1500000 people from environment, and doesn't early register system by increasing the happy friend increases the flavor, so is a lost opportunity.

Number of persons of the same generation as my much is you know what?

1500000 people?It is more often.
1500000 people who shop on the Internet?It is more often.

Happy friends before others to register hapitas register your hapitas and raise a happy friend, also increase the happy friend and invite someone.

In this iteration increases the number of members.

I think is much less than 1500000 people that group.

You can still, if hapitas to take advantage of referral system is so much land Mylar hapitas recommend that.

Other point site or 2500000 5 million people topped, hapitas already number there is.

If hapitas finds leading benefit from this thing.

Plus the happy daily life | hapitas

Expensive projects as well as with other point site also reduces the number of users, there is no gain friend referral system available.

120 million Japanese of 1500000 people just do not use the hapitas with happy friends now is that many times can increase 10 times.

Retrieve huge amounts of points without having to understand the advantages of happy friends years from registration to hapitas is easy, but 5 years 10 years and recommended to take advantage of the happy friend system to continue earning points at hapitas.

Merits is like hearsay airplane free of charge by exchanging the points earned in hapitas the ANA Mileage Club mileage and increases in local budgets during the trip, travel.

Take a look at everyone and earn hapitas points, and fewer make travel.
You can move cost focuses such as meals on the trip, Museum, multiple visits.

Hapitas the number of members is the same as the other sites 5 million people until after 3500000 people.

Coming in later than people who are starting now the number

The best think to register hapitas it is hapitas at the moment of registration many times, as much as possible register as soon as possible and introduce hapitas at Twitter, blog, etc., increase the happy friend.

Most of the information here is free of charge.
Told me that essential I save ANA mileage from land Mylar site, registered in the top hapitas.

At the very least to me information on my stuff has registered with the introduction of the hapitas, I thank you.

Real reason ANA Miler who recommended hapitas, because it is the highest that you can still get upfront benefits.

And tap into the hapitas everyone, enjoy the journey.

↓ ↓ ↓ hapitas registration is here ↓ ↓ ↓

Plus the happy daily life | hapitas

Thank you to the last, from the above banner to register hapitas, you become a happy friends of the author.
We also good point site will take advantage and have had a fun trip!

p.s po
int site registration after you register phone number calls came not thinking.

So far, no such things from hapitas point sites.
Just daily mail comes some.

It is not to provide a email address dedicated to receive frequency is more than annoying!

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