Double campaign carried out by ANA!

ANA conducts earn new service Memorial.

Take this opportunity to take a trip to Phnom Penh, Angkor Wat, a world heritage site, try saving up lots of miles?.



< Phnom Penh flights double campaign


Ana Narita ← → announced as new destinations Phnom Penh to earn.

And Japan < offers and promotions has been deployed, in fact Japan's first direct flights to Phnom Penh.


It is for people to go to the world heritage site of Angkor Wat I had in Bangkok of Thailand and Hong Kong S.A.R. via Phnom Penh went up to now in the non-stop flights by time, so I'd appreciate.


Compared to a 1 day 1 flights and Narita, Haneda domestic convenience is not good at is there shame.

But Phnom Penh directly wingman that can short itinerary to go to Angkor Wat because enough of value line and is likely to be.


New service routes


Departure from Narita: 10:50

Phnom Penh ringtones: 15:10 (10/30/2016-change)


Phnom Penh departing from: 22:50 (10/30/2016-change)

Narita: 6:45 (10/30/2016-change)


I think can be decent Tour 3 days 2 nights at Phnom Penh from late because of.



Registration is required to earn


Will be exempt from this campaign doesn't register in advance and so wants to earn more should join registration and book tickets at the same time.

Registration click here &gt; &gt; to registration


The participation registration period

7/1/2016 (Friday) 10:00-12/31/2016 (Saturday) 23:59 up (Japan time)

The period covered by

9/1/2016 (Thursday)-12/31/2016 (Saturday) (flights) until

Has become.

Registration click here &gt; &gt; to registration


Get double mileage in the campaign is that meets the criteria.

Get double mileage (is usually credited flight mileage and bonus mileage amount) separately for each flight travelers during the period, all of the following conditions are met


Campaign conditions

  1. From the ANA website registration
  2. Narita = < Phnom Penh line boarding in the eligible booking class
  3. ANA Mileage Club to collect flight miles
  4. ANA newsletter 


Depending on the booking class is outside the scope of the double


Take a look at the campaign conditions and

Boarding in the eligible booking class

There are items called.


Eligible booking class with mileage accumulation rate at least 50% of the international lines booking class

Business class J/C/D/Z/P

Economy class Y/B/M/U/H/Q/V/W/S

It will be.

Class depends on the amount of purchase, as low-class and goes beyond the scope of this double campaign than you might think, and L class mileage accumulation rate 30%, so.


Also, how to carefully choose the travel arrangements including ANA journey made may be 30% mileage accrual or choose a bonus seems better.

And notes on the campaign check in advance on the ANA site.

New destinations!Narita = Phnom Penh line double campaign | ANA Mileage Club


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Mass-mileage point site hapitas is required

Active first step point site hapitas to the ANA Mileage usage summary

Are not yet registered to the hapitas click here ↑ the article useful please register through the banner.


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