This year’s F1 Japanese GP title sponsor is Emirates Airlines. Where are ANA and JAL?

F1 podium with Emirates Airlines

This year’s race was in the 10/9 F1 Japan Grand Prix.

The title sponsor was Emirates Airlines, why is not Japan sponsored by Japan Airlines ANA or JAL in Japan Grand Prix?

I also wrote why ANA and JAL did not use F1, but this year’s title sponsor was an airline, and also an overseas airline, so I was very disillusioned with ANA and JAL.

I seem to have no incentive to join the ANA and JAL will sponsor business involving Japanese companies or Japanese related many more customers around the world, going on in the world.


The title sponsor of the formula 1 Japan Grand Prix

Was long with Fuji Television Network Inc. is the title sponsor of the formula 1 Japan Grand Prix 2009 last sponsor, quit after the Japan Grand Prix title sponsor was either no foreign company or sponsor.

And Emirates have a title sponsor this year, and the introduction of the grid ahead of the race, such as the passage before the awards ceremony after the race and Emirates airline flight attendants who lived.

Often attract the F1 Formula 1 Grand Prix of the international airline has become the title sponsor became the title sponsor Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix, Singapore Airlines cabin crew we introduce grid.

Was published in F1 has been issued in the international video and all over the world and also Japanese in the introduction to this year’s Singapore Grand Prix grid work on Singapore Airlines flight attendant and sports-related magazines.

As many people think, but in many ways more business rights and title sponsor, is to start position on Billboard ads to be given.

It is very wasteful to be F1 Japan Grand Prix, ANA and JAL Japan Airlines becomes a title sponsor, a business more around the world.

ANA once sponsored F1

You can negotiate even if ANA was to sponsor F1 Japan Grand Prix, F1-related equipment to carry the companies sponsoring the F1 drivers and officials, and their leaders have come in ANA Japan Grand Prix.

Many in F1 not with Japan Airlines.

Even if leaving until when announcing the offering great service and experience it without the customer;

And will enable to provide opportunity, ANA, ANA enters in the paddock as F1 title sponsor, millionaires and top companies around the world to talk about business, even in the Alliance and international goods markets, such as enabling.

It is has become the top companies and the richest man in the world, in the F1 Paddock where Word signs out of money and sponsors say the company name or brand name even if eyes tend to socializing, and discussed here include the affiliation of many top among companies that met here.

You will never have the idea after that business to meet corporate customer ANA the country or region, had become the title sponsor of the formula 1 Japan Grand Prix Emirates becomes title sponsor of the Japan Grand Prix.

You may contract FOM who manages the commercial side of F1, Emirates Airlines, and has sponsored several races in from the title sponsor.

Businesses as well as photos and footage will be delivered around the world, until now no connection has been to expand the business to introduce companies to meet with top organizations and sponsors with other companies through a connection to each other, such as.

F1 popular in Japan, although the ratings are bad to not gather people that just look, reflecting the value of F1 sponsorship, or nose are not interested in F1 last year DHL and is the title sponsor in Japan that this year’s Emirates Airlines get benefits from it.

ANA and JAL airline in the domestic routes only, but no more, to operate international routes have should not travel there.

It was, did not see Japan company sees dwindling in population decline and Japanese business people around the world just want see, felt F1 Japan Grand Prix.

F1 and Emirates advertising

F1 and Emirates advertising