ANA and Vietnam Airlines started a Frequent Flyer Program alliance

ANA mileage earning

ANA and Vietnam Airlines started a code share and frequent flyer Alliance.

From 30th October 2016, ANA (All Nippon Airways) and Vietnam Airlines will start tie-up, code share and codeshare and frequent flyer programme partners will be.

Will try use ANA flights during Vietnam travel and business in the future?.

We’ll look in detail about partnership with ANA and Vietnam airlines.


About Vietnam airlines

Vietnam Airlines is a Vietnamese state airline company established in January 1956.

Vietnam Airlines Established The Company was launched as a private company, but it was nationalized in April 1993.

In addition to the 20 domestic routes in Vietnam, we operate in 26 countries and regions on 29 international lines connecting Asia, Europe and Australia.

They has purchased over 80 aircraft from Boeing and Airbus, and we are planning to expand the scale by ordering more equipment for 2020.

And They has won the 4-star airline with the evaluation of a Skytrax-based UK based airline service research firm.

By the way, ANA has won five stars from 2013 for four consecutive years.

About Alliance ANA frequent flyer programme

The Vehicle Association to which Vietnam Airlines is a member is not a Star Alliance to which ANA is affiliated, it is not a one world to which JAL is affiliated, and is a member of the SkyTeam where Delta Airlines and others are affiliated.

If they are a member of the Star Alliance, there is no need to partner with ANA, but since you are a member of a different Air Forces Alliance, partnerships between companies are in place here.

The mileage accumulation rate of ANA mileage clubs when using Vietnam Airlines is set based on the reservation class which is international standards as shown below.

<Mileage accumulation rate when using ANA-Vietnam Airlines Business Class>

ANA-Vietnam airlines business class mileage accumulation rate

<Mileage accumulation rate when using ANA-Vietnam Airline economy class>

ANA-Vietnam airlines economy class mileage accumulation rate

* The reservation class is the class on the reservation listed on the ticket. Flight tickets booked except for the above reservation class are not eligible for mileage accrual.
* Economy class It will be subject to some mileage accumulation.
* Only ANA and code share flight use are eligible for mileage accrual.
   If it is a code share flight, both ANA flight number and Vietnam flight number will be subject to mileage accrual.

Regarding how to register your mileage, please see the following article here.
From pre-admission flight miles to post registration | Mileage registration method Summary

About ANA-Aviation of Vietnam (VN) codeshare

With this alliance, code sharing will be carried out on 10 international routes between Japan and Vietnam and 25 domestic routes in Japan and Vietnam.

However, in the case of a code share flight operated by a Vietnamese airline under the flight number of ANA (NH), check-in procedures and in-flight services will be carried out as shown in the table below.

In addition, there are items applicable to the rules of the operating company, and handling may be different from ANA.

  Air Vietnam (VN)
Check-in Both Japan and overseas, will be at the check-in counter of air Vietnam (VN).
Departure terminal, see in the itinerary.
Check your flight Boarding passes are shown in flight Vietnam (VN).Airport information display appears only in the NH / VN both flight or flight VN.
Access to lounges About use of lounges available lounge!
Cabin crew Vietnam airlines cabin crew the crew.
In-flight service According to Vietnam airlines service standards.
Mileage accrual Please choose either airlines or ANA Mileage Club program.
See Codeshare flight mileage accrual conditions for ANA Mileage Club members travelling on airlines if mileage and premium points total.

For more information and Vietnam airlines business and capital Alliance

ANA Group is based on the basic agreement announced on 1/12/2016, has signed a final agreement on the business and capital alliance with air Vietnam.

This 8.8% of Vietnam airlines co., total is obtained by 2431000000000 Don (11700000000 yen).

Capital and Business Alliance overview

  1. Investment in Vietnam airlines newly issued shares to 7/2016 approximately ANA holdings, about 8.8 percent of the outstanding shares of the Vietnam airlines equivalent to that total in Don 2431000000000 (approximately equivalent to 11700000000 yen)
  2. Code implementation by 2016 winter than diamond (10/30), Japan and Vietnam on flights of 10 international routes for flights operated by both major domestic routes 30 and between Japan and Vietnam and granted a flight together, improve the customer experience
  3. Mileage program partners in 2016 winter diamond (10/30) from ANA Mileage Club (AMC) members in codeshare with air Vietnam travel mileage can be other frequent flyer award ticket for all flights of the air Vietnam will enable.
  4. Victims cross commissioned passenger airport for business commissioning Japan and Vietnam destinations at check-in, cargo loading &amp; discharge passengers, ground support, catering, aircraft maintenance and other airport-related services


ANA and Vietnam airlines codeshare and frequent flyer partnership, Vietnam airlines (codeshare) in ANA mileage earning as now.

Already the Alliance has started from 10/30/2016.

From Vietnam who had wanted to use the Vietnam airlines travel on ANA flights more convenient direct flights is good news.

Vietnam business and tourists from Japan have increased due to economic growth, partnership and country more convenient than ever now that can use the ANA Mileage.

Business tourists visiting Vietnam will take a look at ANA codeshare flights operated by Vietnam airlines also consider.

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