Procedure for exchanging a metro point with ANA mile (Sorachi Carto edition)

Sorachika CARD

To save ANA mile, it is the easiest way to save your metro points to ANA mile using Solatika card.

In this page, we will explain the procedure of applying for exchange to ANA mile which passed Metro point exchanged from .money etc via Solatika card.

For instructions on changing from Hapitas or other point to Metro point via dot money please see “Hapitas → Procedure for Exchange to.


Tokyo Metro To Me CARD Members Only Login

First,Let’s login to

Metro Point Member Login

Enter your customer number and confirmation number and click the login banner.

The customer number you enter here is the same as the ANA Mileage Club member customer number, and it is stated on the surface of Solatika card.


Select Metro Point Transfer Request

After logging in, click the item “Metro point transfer request”.

Metro point exchange application

When you log in to the members’ dedicated page, the name of the member, the currently available metro points, the most recently expiring points etc. are displayed.

Below that there is an item called “Metro point transfer item”, click here.

Those who are transitioning MetroPoints to ANA mile every month are good, but those who do not submit only occasionally do not want point revocation, so to check the year and month the number of points displayed at login It is good to keep it.

Choose to transition to ANA Mileage Club

On this page, centering on the design of Solatika card, it is on the right side that shifting from other services to Metro Point is on the left side, and Metro Point is shifted to other services such as ANA Mile on the right side.

Here we select ANA Mileage Club from “Move to other service” on the right side of the card.

Exchange from Metro Point to ANA Mileages

On the Metro Point Migration Application page, you can apply for transition to Rakuten Super Point or nanaco Point in addition to ANA Mileage.

Although it is possible to convert the accumulated metro points to electronic money, it is not recommended to bother to exchange electronic money via Solatika card as it is often possible to exchange directly from various point sites.

In addition, this page is written with a small exchange rate.

In the case of Solatika card, it is 100 points → 90 miles, but in the other To Me CARD it will be 100 points → 60 miles and the card design displayed in the center will be different.

Metro point exchange upper limit up to 20,000 points per month

When you select ANA Mileage Club, you will see a screen to enter how many points to exchange.

At the lower right of the screen, the exchange rate, the number of transition metro points, the lower limit exchange point to upper limit are displayed.

Enter the number in the transition metro point number and click Check the input content.

20 thousand metro points to 18 thousand ANA mile

Since 00 is entered outside the frame, you will enter a number between 1 and 200.

If the minimum 100 points is 1 and the maximum is 20,000 points will be 200.

In this example, enter 200 and try replacing 20,000 miles.

There is a limit that the number of monthly exchange upper limit points is set and the number of times is also once a month for Metro Point.

It will take a certain number of days for the exchange, so it is recommended that you exchange the maximum of 20,000 points.

In addition, because there is no exchange fee, even if 20,000 points are not accumulated, it would be better to apply for transition to ANA Mileage every month.

Confirmation of application contents

Let’s check whether the contents entered are incomplete and click send.

Confirm the metro point exchange number

Although I also wrote in the previous section, since 00 is attached behind the entry field on the input page, the point you want to exchange and the number you enter do not match.

Since we can only exchange once a month, let’s check on this page carefully for any mistakes and click send.

In addition, the point balance after migration will also be displayed here, so let’s check it together.

When transmission is completed, you will receive an indication that your application has been accepted as below.

Metro point exchange completed

The application for exchanging from Metro Point to ANA Mile is now complete.

It will take some time for ANA mileage to accumulate, you need to log in to ANA’s site and check if it accumulates.


To exchange the accumulated metro points with ANA mileage, you need to apply for transition from the To Me CARD members’ exclusive page.

We need your ANA Mileage Club customer number and a confirmation number for To Me CARD member login page login.

After logging in, select the replacement destination and specify the number of points to be exchanged.

In addition to limiting the number of exchanges once a month, there is also an upper limit of up to 20,000 points a month, so do not forget to replace ANA mileage every month.