Speaking of Hawaii is JAL, ANA is winning?

ANA flight

I have been using the ANA also like ANA and ANA Mileage Club membership is of course going to Hawaii.

It is, but it is JAL flights between Japan and Hawaii, in.

Reconsideration has significance for an overwhelming preponderance of JAL, and users tend to the good side of JAL in ANA to earn miles.

Possible future in a couple of years ANA JAL to keep up with, I tried to verify.


To compare Hawaii route verification ANA and JAL

If the Japanese are going to Hawaii, many people in Japan Airlines JAL or ANA seems to choose.

It is understand that many people are saving because ANA is always not free award ticket mileage of routes.

On the other hand, JAL Haneda and Narita-No. 1 share in the Honolulu route award ticket easier to take than ANA, who won State and said I would do. 

Let's look at whole picture here.


< Hawaii flights from Tokyo (Haneda / Narita):

  • JAL (Haneda-Honolulu: 1, Narita-Honolulu: round 3)
    flagship aircraft: Boeing 777, 767
  • ANA (Haneda-Honolulu: 1, Narita-Honolulu: 2 round-trip
    ) major equipment: Boeing 787, 767
  • Hawaiian Airlines (Haneda-Honolulu: 1, Narita-Honolulu: 1 round-trip
    ) major equipment: Airbus A330
  • Delta Air lines (Narita-Honolulu weekly: 11 roun
    d-trip) major equipment: Boeing 767
  • United Airlines (Narita-Honolulu: 1 round-tri
    p) major equipment: Boeing 777
  • China Airlines (Narita-Honolulu: 1 round-trip
    ) major equipment: Airbus A330
  • Korean Air (Narita-Honolulu: 1 round-t
    rip) major equipment: Airbus A330


Is not too familiar with the equipment, the ANA is Boeing 787 at the end of March this year, was made larger.Its impact would be know the tickets took but a seat was gained might afford.

Is not examined before departure for all flights, tickets, not for paid flights take it felt became easier.

Is there going to take Hawaii line ticket detail had the check, but at least not greatly improved.

And the Haneda and Narita flight Honolulu line entire statue is brought together and is surprising JAL still only one flight from / to Haneda that there.

I'm personally feel distant Narita, Haneda Honolulu variated.

Rally of the ANA from 2019

Large-Haneda flight Honolulu from March 2016, ANA is so 2019 or later became the real rally.

Shortly ago ANA is announcing plans to Hawaii (Honolulu) lines up spring of 2019, with the purchase of a large passenger plane Airbus A380.

There are intended and did not see much change in Boeing 787 is there change in the A380.

It is a significant improvement is expected as dealing with or not familiar with the equipment, so thought the Edamame soy beans Mylar rather than most people.

We also expect in award ticket little flowing to the top seat, we can first be introduced first class on the A380 because until now involved up to business class Hawaii route.

Also, expect so that the A380 is a fairly large fleet probably significantly increase ticket allocation number itself.

Economy business first and will likely take also could not Hawaii line ticket far more allocation in each class, business class and economy class flights.

Increases had ever lost on the acquisition front tickets, moved to first class flights are worth the mileage or the number of mileage required for award tickets in first class will be to what extent Goldtop is expected as the business class, not absolute number, increases your chances.

Almost more A380 introduction timing only Hawaii line ticket allocations have nothing more on Hawaii flights with the equipment of the allocated number of award tickets other things as long as you think.

2019 is still considerably ahead of the story, but from now on, saving the ANA Mileage planned well spring of 2019, Hawaii routes departing from award airline tickets first class may be taken.

ANA first class's concern

Think there are hoping improved easy-to-get tickets by the airliner, but at the same time when concern expects Edamame soy beans Mylar.

It's the first class will be set to the ANA.

How to bet large amounts of mileage I think and for wealthy first class to ANA ride to be.

To ANA is up to now JAL was first class, and think that the flow will cause the eventually leads to the difficulty of seating.

ANA was popular, but, said: previously, JAL flights in first class J introduced in ANA's various services better to have flowed into the JAL user.

I think it is first class = better seats on JAL, ANA, not from the class J is then, so think about 7 hours flight time from Japan and ANA flow man.

In addition, by large-sized airliners 1 there is also the view that lower cost-per-seat.

Is often comes out in the JAL is cheaper than ANA, JAL in 2019 and equivalent, or may also hurt the ANA is cheaper.

I think that this A380 airliners JAL does not hold, such as the ANA stretch share significantly after the introduction in the year 2019, JAL is not covered by the equipment surfaces while.

Unless that may further rise of LCC is much better for Japan flights to Hawaii are choosing Japan Airlines, JAL and ANA makes no doubt.

Said that in the year 2019, and 2020 年 問題 up to one year.

Really we can ride first class whether or not the situation…


At Haneda Airport and travel to and from Hawaii travel is overwhelmingly JAL advantage is.

Situation looks good for JAL even charge ranging from planes, lounges and hotel related to the tour, but with the introduction of large passenger aircraft A380 in the year 2019 changes to ANA.

Is at the moment not available only up to business class Hawaii routes both JAL and ANA, introduce the A380 provides first class on ANA.

ANA first class with considering the flight time is approximately 7 hours flows person and a reversal of the situation from JAL's advantage might be.

Should I continue ANA Mileage saving up for A380 first class cabin in the ANA frequent flyer award tickets likely to visit ANA Hawaii line ticket is difficult to change, so I will.

If you go to Hawaii in the year 2019 ANA first class mileage miles

ANA Mileage for sure thing!

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