ANA Mileage saved into sky coin, can transfer it to a non-family member

Don't point site could take advantage like that, and we even saved miles per month is about the use of this mile system of domestic company in much better usability.

Miles wrote prior to the accumulation of, so if you buy?But I cannot buy ANA Mileage wrote, is expressionless, such as Delta Air lines miles purchase scheme.

And it is exactly the same situation for mileage transfer.

In other words, I'm not transferable miles beyond the family, ANA is recognized system mileage transfer by Delta Air lines, etc..

But I think somehow the ANA Mileage Club miles cannot be transferred to others.
What is most helpful when you go on a trip and her friends could do this, and it is really is that way…


If the family can exchange award miles

First of all, from the family recap just a little bit.

But I think that you know are already enrolled in the frequent flyer mileage holders spouse and 2 generations within the family is possible to use the award tickets are exchanged miles and you have registered in advance.

You can get the benefit of miles within in the framework of the "families" for miles, ANA cards, etc. There are services such as family members.

On the other hand, friends, acquaintances and lovers cannot be used.
This is ANA's website stated firmly.

And transferring ANA Mileage in the struggle it is impractical, consider another way.

Use the ANA SKY coins

ANA SKY coins was as interchangeable from one mile, if you use it, even airfare of friends, acquaintances and lovers (real) in miles can pay.

This description on the official website of ANA.


You can use the sky coin if ANA SKY coin holders or their spouses as applicants.
Caution is required because you can't own Sky coin and on the other hand, the other applicant's.
Not only for myself, that is.

It is, but you can practically buy a ticket with miles, without having to violate the terms of use, so that applicants would have to pay the friends, acquaintances and lovers of.

It is recommended because it has gone an extra mile and had turned to the ANA SKY coins do not value for money as the award ticket miles is wasted.

And, one more way.

ANA airline tickets online at Edy, Edy and redeeming your miles

To redeem your miles for, in the same way the ANA SKY coins will be how to buy in the real mileage.

Miles waiting for the partnered ANA and Edy, Edy would replace.
And the Edy miles from replacing when you buy a ticket to the payment method.

Is very simple, but Edy balance limit is 50000, so travel is unlikely is ANA SKY coins of earlier is better, if it is.

But while saying why write Edy payment and use the miles it is also able to earn miles from.

Edy earn more a mile with a payment of 100 yen.

I have an image change from miles to Edy e-money at online ticket payment you come back some miles.

You may intend to Edy even if you change the SKY coins are easier to use, but you want to earn.

It is better in the ANA counter payment limits for one day 200000 and so as not to go I'm a person who was traveling abroad at Edy.

But the good is

Get saving ANA miles on their own friends and lovers

Think again, this soon.

How to transfer miles beyond the family, saving the miles on your own if you think and wasting and redeem miles.

So if you are using point site will save ANA mile mass anyone take a look at each save on starting you want.

Get transferred miles replaced points at its best

It is difficult to transfer to a third party, such as strangers and friends preserving ANA mile value has been written so far.

I think at present was transferred the points rather than transferring miles out there, save point by point site, goods or services transferred to third parties who have turned into ANA mile best is not or.

Usually, the mileage same point site cannot be transferred to a third party of strangers and friends.

Is from hapitas points Exchange, see Exchange, not a 'gift' treatment because is possible to third-party hapitas points to give as a gift.

For more information → hapitas.monek if point = ANA Mileage transfer became possible visit.

This is the only way preserving value of ANA Mileage this way at the moment hapitas is limited and 30000 points monthly exchange limit, but to transfer to others.

Here's how to earn miles by utilizing point site

Do it just to learn how to save ANA mile point site utilizing ANA mileage earning dramatically!Find out how ANA miles.

It is a way can save a large amount of miles that 200000 to 300000 miles per year, rather than clicking Save on credit cards, etc..

About point site click here.

Those who want to earn hapitas why?

Has been registered to hapitas we suggest also earn points please register hapitas and begin to do things.

It is a great way to take advantage and hapitas point site ANA miles to save large amounts of.You can earn miles who studied how to leverage point site determine the rate of reduction of credit cards more than a lot of things.

Reason to have studied the point how to use credit card study

Why Delta and ANA-mile system is so different? 

Delta Air lines can also buy miles or miles be transferred to others, and takes charge.

(Also does cost) to the system to restore the expired miles further, and United Airlines can purchase miles.

On the other hand, ANA and JAL buy miles can offer miles of spouse and 2 generations within the only relatives.

It is very difficult to use.

Why such a difference?

But again this is speculation, but I like and service as a company rather than a large cultural differences.

It is not admitted only in the form of one in Japan still married only by women and men is not a 'family'.

I think is trying to provide the same service for many people in some countries same-sex marriage recognized fact of marriage country in Europe and America on the other hand, if you had such a background idea of Delta Air lines and United Airlines is not or.

I'm ANA and JAL has routes all over the world, only Japanese partner frequent flyer system do not, should aim to airline companies being available to people around the world.

Maybe the mileage system has become like overseas airline also would rather help people a lot, even as troubled by the Japanese people.


Finally, how to transfer and earn more miles that it was summarized transfer methods and how to use miles.


  • Spouse and 2 generations within the family can use miles
  • And redeem miles for ANA SKY coins on the owners of coin-operated their spouses as a representative and then pay with ANA SKY coins practically at mile ticket will win
  • Edy settlement when to buy airline tickets in their Edy,
    Edy and redeeming your miles also impart ANA miles, how little deals


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