ANA mileage saved, but is a bit of personal travel worry so much when at mile tour!

Enjoy a tour with ANA mile

ANA mile, go on a trip, many people get the tickets.

It is, but there are many difficulties make hotel arrangements would "no speak English" concern only women in the "how to ride the bus or difficult in Japan to ride buses and trains in foreign countries?".

English is impossible, but if Hawaii lead Japan to some extent, Taiwan (Taipei), and to a certain extent it briefly if security permitting travel by taxi for you.

ANA tours cannot be arranged with miles, but I got a long-awaited redeem miles?I went to explain here as I had questions that.

I think if in saying, go on overseas tour I did not save serious miles, redeem mileage to go abroad on tour, ever more seriously mileage accumulating like that.



ANA mileage Vacation (tour)


Until the January of 2015 was mileage Vacation services offers ANA.

Mile Vacation service were tours sold and offered by ANA able to pay in miles.


Affordable service can pay the tour price 15000 Yen at 12000 mileage ANA had comparative domestic tours and overseas tour bookings in January 2015, the service ended and the end.


I would prefer the tour and buy tour tickets for ¥ 15000 minutes made it pay 12000 miles, was used here.


Service staff is able to pay by cash or credit card mileage short.

Overseas tours, incur the modest amount.

I think not much more if no balance only payable at all that is not available in the.


But it is now taking more like 15000 mileage balance in a few years there were a lot of things I could use if only 12000 miles, so I go on a trip, a 15000 Yen float trip.

Now due to the termination, so you can't use this method, however, use other methods do not.


To take a tour with ANA SKY coins


Alternative service terminated mileage Vacation now, Exchange and redeem mileage ANA SKY coins, how to take a tour with ANA SKY coins.


First of all, the ANA SKY coins, briefly and leave.

ANA SKY coin is an electronic coupon that can be used to pay for air tickets and travel packages from ANA's web site.

We thought, such as e-money will be difficult understand electronic coupons and say something, but 10 coins in use at 10 yen is okay.

Allows 10 yen per unit can be used as the value 1 in = 1 Yen is.


ANA SKY coins can be utilized in the ANA flights (domestic and international), ANA sky holiday ANA Ana ANA journey work (dynamic packages).

I would say you would worry about personal travel in foreign countries, English is weak, women are just as troublesome hotel reservation ANA Ana ANA journey made use of good.

When using ANA travel research site overseas travel (tour) | in the ANA SKY WEB TOUR booking.


Had a growing method for while change was made using the directly-mileage mileage Vacation: so the ANA SKY coins used in 10 yens, so mileage round waste had come like to take happy, what not.


It should be noted when you turn coins into miles


Will tell him things that should change the first mileage in order to travel on the tour with mileage in the ANA SKY coins balance and vary or replace the ANA SKY coins on how much a mileage and have an card rank, the rank of senior members.

The SKY coins eds. provides more ANA mileage is worth how much?

At =1.7 Yen at least the
1 mileage 1 mileage = 1 Yen

In the swap.


Carefully replace the timing may change depending on the balance a bit more saving up mileage from the ANA SKY coin deals say let could travel at great rates.


ANA SKY coins then it's not just the mileage so acquired to replace miles, than a lack!Get the SKY coins on Twitter!Please try to follow.


More balance as much as possible if you change coins ANA SKY mileage at a better exchange rate.

However, no miles… so when you make the point site.

Travelling to great deals, replaced ANA mileage point site issues ANA SKY coins, you can.

Save for the ANA mileage point site utilizing this can-do ANA mileage earning dramatically!Try referring to ANA mileage way.





Quit the service directly you can take a tour with miles.

How to change coins ANA SKY mileage to tour there.

Runs out of things to waste fractions of mileage balance, so in 10 Yens.

Vary the ANA SKY coins earn point site offers as many mileage to replace coins at a time and money.



ANA heavy mileage summary information


Summary article on how to earn miles

Earn more mileage and how to use the ANA Mileage value and how to replace the summary


Point of use required to earn miles's first step point site hapi
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