Thoracic card, dues it takes to have one single reason

ANA Mileage no credit card required

Recent credit card takes annual fee annual fee is often so in thoracic card.

Even if it takes years dues should have thoracic cards are one per person.



And thoracic card


Refers to the first introduction to thoracic card and official name to say and ANA To Me CARD JCB card.

ANA sky even in that it can be used even in the basement of the Tokyo Metro, also known as thoracic cards, classified as ANA General card.


Specific to this card is a very popular credit card.
It is certain people = ANA Mileage money without incurring large amounts of want to save.

The ANA mileage I earn?Do it only this one is ANA mileage earning dramatically!Find out how ANA miles.


Save for the table of contents page mileage of mileage and how to use the ANA Mileage values and replace each article how to earn mileage on how to put together and how to replace, use the group shows, also please.


The number in some ANA card why choose thoracic card?


This is the secret in that the merits of the thoracic card can exchange points of ANA mileage and Tokyo Metro, forbidding any other cards to exchange rate.

You can replace ANA 9000 mileage and its exchange rate 90% or the Tokyo Metro 10000 point if point is, is.

Average exchange rate for the other card was no surprise choices for selecting the thoracic card and given a 50 percent higher rate of Exchange, ANA Mileage Club members very popular and has become.


What is a soracicalto?


Thoracic card to have the majority of purpose is to earn mileage on ANA.

Is the thoracic card they have 90% exchange rate referred to thoracic root root to use.


As thoracic root can be used with this card if it says oppositely.


Feel that too much accumulation of miles, who have been joined with the ANA Mileage Club, try ways to earn mileage using the thoracic root.

It is possible to accumulate over the years 200000 miles.

Thoracic root is to enable non-root in Sorachi 200000 mileage little effort is required, but we'll discuss is almost possible to anyone.


Thoracic root demonstrates.


Various point site (hapitas or mopping etc)

Tokyo Metro point

Thoracic card over = exchange rate 90%

ANA mile


Points have various point site in the world, saved in the thoracic card via Tokyo Metro point to change ANA miles, this route is known as the thoracic root. 
Thoracic card is needed for Thoracic root to use.


To replace ANA mileage in thoracic root point site named hapitas to the following image.
Using the thoracic root from hapitas ANA mile

In this case, hapitas 14000 points thoracic root ANA 12420 mileage being exchanged by has.


Also have thoracic card to replace ANA mileage from Tokyo Metro point is thoracic root only can achieve 90% exchange rate.


Thoracic card fee waived this year


The only drawback to realize this high exchange rate card, it is take the annual fee (2160 yen).

Considering the things that take tens of thousands of annual fee credit card never not high class and annual fee card is mainstream in recent years.


Would compare the free and many people feel high is 2000 yen.

Is the thoracic card to join and automatically continues each year will have a 1000 miles.

I'm mileage said 2-3 mile's worth of ANA is 1 mile, so you can join and automatically continues each year a substantial annual fee free.



If you earn a lot of ANA mileage on the family card, rather than having one person one is better


In the in the thoracic root to use this card for those who have already used the family card, or sign up for this family card please wait us!


The family card, dues of members half that mileage mileage is 1080 Yen to Ana wants to earn money, go on a trip abroad, business class ride like that urge family members plus 1080 p pay, become a member.


It is from the thoracic root are provided maximum points can be exchanged each month.


Most likely the point reached limit of Exchange also end up saving Metro point on one card as a family member, and many stores and cannot be replaced.


More than upper bound can be saved on one couple by using one card (family card) using one card to earn mileage than is better earned miles.


Real, dues by mileage grant continuation of strikes is the original, if you go on a trip in a couple mileage to save annual fee (2, 160 yen × 2), also bears a points Exchange limit to increase to 2 times is reasonable.


ANA mileage can be saved if one person one becomes two times


Metro point using thoracic root → ANA mileage replacement limit is 20000 points (say in the ANA mileage 18000 miles) is.


If the couple held one person one is maximum number of ANA mileage if the family card obtained at the thoracic root 18000 miles, 18000 mileage x 2 people = 36000 mileage and.


Need to take a reasonable amount of time required, if you have a child going abroad with 18000 mileage on miles, but, if you have one single in time in half.


Part would, credit card dues will money go directly out of my wallet, so I believe mileage saved up, and let's go on a trip without a doubt, it is desirable to own one single.




ANA to want to earn large amounts of your owns the thoracic card.

And rather than case, husband and wife family membership card, each become a member.

Thoracic card, dues continue enrollment time & every year when mileage is waived.

18000 mileage is the maximum values can be saved in one Member, two people were only half double 36000 miles, it takes time.

Information exchanged with the value earn more mileage and how to use the ANA Mileage mileage ANA pigging describes how to put together.

Save for the specific point is active first step point site hapitas to the ANA Mileage summary usage, see.



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