Mutual exchange between ANA mileage and Keikyu point started.


ANA and Keikyu started mutual exchange service of mileage and points from December 2016.

Keikyu Railway, which is responsible for accessing Haneda Airport, has been providing mileage-related services for ANA and has been linked to the service of mutual exchange of mileage and points this time.

As ANA, we are planning to strengthen our partnership with Keikyu aiming at expanding the service and aiming at capturing and enclosing customers.

Let me introduce about the mutual exchange of mileage and points started from December in ANA and Keikyu.


Interchange exchange service between ANA Mileage and Keikyu Premier Point

ANA mileage can accumulate a lot of miles by exchanging points accumulated at various point sites with ANA mileage, but the start of mutual exchange this time will bring the Keikyu Premium Point to be join.

However,It can not be said that it is a suitable point for acquiring a large amount of miles such as Hapitas, there is little benefit only for those who already possess Keikyu cards, those who have accumulated Keikyu Premier points, and those who are planning to accumulate in the future It seems.

Let’s take a closer look at the conditions of mutual exchange.

ANA Mileage → Points Exchange condition

When exchanging from ANA mileage to Keikyu Premier Point, exchange rate is 100%.

However, since the minimum quantity to be exchanged will be from 10,000 miles and the exchange unit will also be 10,000 miles, miles below 10,000 miles cannot be exchanged.

Because the exchange rate is 100%, it is the exchange condition that it is impossible to make 10,000 miles to 10,000 points of Keikyu Premier Point and 15,000 miles to 15,000 points.

However, if the cumulative number of miles exchanged from ANA Mileage to Keikyu Premier Point in the same fiscal year (April 1 to March 31 of the following year) is 30,000 mileages (3 units) or later, ANA mileage 10,000 mileages = Keikyu Premier Point 5,000 points ( the exchange rate will be 50%).

Period until granting points

The time it takes for actual points to be granted after applying for exchanging ANA mileage to Keikyu Premier Point will be approximately one week.

One week until the point is reflected is never early, but it can be regarded as a general period.

As for the situation after application, it is possible to check from “Mile Account Balance Inquiry” on ANA’s website.

If you can not change due to incomplete registration etc., mileages will be returned to your ANA Mileage Club account in 1 to 2 weeks.

In that case, since the mileage fee is not charged, the mileage will not be reduced, but when the expiration date of the mile is exceeded it will not be refunded but will disappear.

Points → ANA Mileage Exchange condition

When exchanging from Keikyu Premier Point to ANA Mileage, you can exchange at 40% exchange rate.

The minimum quantity for exchanging will be from 1,000 points, the exchange unit will also be 1,000 points, points which are less than 1,000 points can not be exchanged for mileage.

Exchange rate 40% and every 1,000 points are conditions. In other words, you can make 1,000 points to 400 mileages for ANA Mileage Club, but 1,500 points can not be 600 mileages.

There is no upper limit on the exchange from Keikyu Premier Point to ANA Mileage, and the exchange rate will not change even when it exchanges more than a certain amount.

For exchange, both “Keikyu Premier Point Card Number” and “ANA Mileage Club Customer Number (10 Digits)” are required.

A period until ANA mileage is granted

The period of time from applying for exchanging Keikyu Premier Points for ANA Mileage until actual mileage is granted will be approximately one week.

About the situation after the application can be confirmed from the site of Keikyu Premier Point.

The registration contents of the ANA Mileage Club and the Keikyu Premier Point can be exchanged only in the same name.

If it can not be exchanged due to incomplete registration etc., the point will be returned to the premier point in 1 to 2 weeks.


Keikyu Premier Points → ANA Mileages

<Keikyu Premier Point Secretariat>
tel 0120-014-521
hour 10:00~17:00(Excluding New Year’s holidays)

ANA Mileages → Keikyu Premier Points

<ANA Mileage Club Service Center>
tel 03-6741-6683(有料/海外から)


From December 2016 mutual exchange service of ANA Mileage Club Mile and Keikyu Premier Point started.

There was not much merit compared with other point sites. In other words, shops that can be stored and shops that can be used were limited. However, from now you can exchange for ANA mileage.

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