ANA Mileage came into play in good air travel but also drives good

On an airplane and go on a trip, why drive and you want to be.
This is Edamame soy beans Mylar that urge.

The why → flight → car → Shinkansen → car → flight → car → car train like transportation out to travel.

Was the ride went to Hakone!

ASHI-Mt. Fuji seen from Lake skyline


Hakone we how do I do?

Romance car or ride?

I'm never in fact took the Mylar Edamame soy beans, raw's romance.
I want to ride-and are coming by car every time because whenever I think that riding in a car behind the wheel.

Unfortunately it's one just come by car.

I like to take some pictures (tears

Is like traveling, taking many photos, but like too drive.
Abandoned either because when you drive less pictures.

Mt. Fuji from Hakone mountain view

But, like 見remashita from the mountains of Hakone Mt. Fuji seen from the plane the other day.

ASHI-Mt. Fuji seen from Lake skyline

Mount Fuji seen from Mt. Fuji look down from above is nice, but is also nice.

ASHI-beautiful Lake

ASHI-Mt. Fuji was visible from the Lake.
There are clouds, very nice and clean lakes.

Had lunch here, but originally had the restaurant's was closed.

Suddenly, Reed, decided to dine at a restaurant near the Lake.

ASHI-Lake and Mt. Fuji

Drive to Hakone ~ ~

After dinner drive to Ha
kone ~ ~ ASHI-saw drive and Lake skyline.

Maneuvering the car with his arms and legs after all, sense is best.

Sense of this airplane and Shinkansen train is unique!

I love the Edamame soy beans Mylar rides, wheel nuts is not enough (lol

See also motorcycle is like a cool-and is useless for MotoGP or doing on TV, and I think by the end of the ride.

I wonder what I'm afraid of (lol

Gone stiff body and when it comes to ride moped this is the feeling that I want to get a good time…

So I got 諦mechi a motorcycle driver's license.

Solely to maneuver yourself and say four wheels!It is the automobile.

The car itself bought travelers drive models suitable for running because not even not sushi, it seemed no.
As is normal!

There is no fun when turning, climbing up and down slope curves odd.

I think I have tasted flying fun airplane pilots also bullet train driver I'm sure same.

Why not run the Hakone Turnpike

I didn't go to the famous Hakone Turnpike is, and then drive to Hakone.

Why not?

Shortly ago the auto critic in the Hakone Turnpike accident prone died.

Deceased saw seems to be immediately passed on Twitter who tweet, but so was quite a speed exceeding.

Is not because it could not hold the archetype of the car also viewed photos of the accident possibly accident caused by excess speed.

I think if you caused the accident by the general public, the Hakone Turnpike went.

But critics is an accident.

Anyone else had tried performance cars in the Hakone Turnpike isn't under the car you have, in the Charter, but it would do, or should do in a circuit, etc..

Daily Edamame soy beans Mylar also I want to let you know fun car like the manipulation of car, auto critic job can do it enough, exactly the opposite of recognition was given to ordinary people.

'Dangerous vehicle' see this car… "

And given lots of voices, very sad.

Hakone Turnpike a dying person who likes driving will tend to run when you previously ran the Edamame soy beans Mylar to fewer number of cars and motorbikes and was a fun road running.

But it will be well fuelled.Pass will save space and give you very fast.

You know it's fun to be honest, speed up.

But why don't I Act of potential danger to others.

Would have been a single accident was auto critic's death, but had caught that car if… very sad.

Did not dare to find fun likes to drive from this time are different from Hakone Turnpike.

Train cars next?

That I have become a dark story is kinda bounces.
I came to Hakone trip by car and train:?

Somewhere right next to come back somehow, I travel and do not want to go?
I get tired, but I sometimes think all year round trip, if you are travelling all year round if?

It's kinda nasty, long journey you can enjoy.
But I hope someday travel, I think, want to live their lives while wandering.

So I saw a lot of Fuji next may be infested in Fuji five lakes (lol

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