Does not even mileage how much a plane ride for free

Even with the large amount of mileage take the airport usage fee, etc.

Using point site Miler mileage saving people and people are going to start to earn from it, think many mileage for award tickets.

Do not also made flight changes, etc. as well as ticket fare airline ticket deals, but how many mileage had a plane ride for free.


And cannot be paid with miles


You will probably use the tickets for the first time you go on a trip, plane tickets and hotel rooms after a day going to the airport, I think.

Also, on the websites of airlines that use to use tickets that people normally sees only the total amount of the combined charges a variety of tours, I think many people pay by card, etc. conditions check.

Don't be too conscious about its contents or written on the pack trips and tours, fine writing, but have written quote detail no expense?

Fees must be paid in addition to tickets can get in miles, but there might be.

For example, it is facilities, taxes and fuel surcharges.

No doubt vary widely in domestic and international markets and this is because checking is required.

In particular, users of international flights for the first time more costs than domestic flights have to always check.


For domestic flights


Facility usage fee

It is perfect for domestic award tickets available in only one way if you redeem mileage to 5,000 miles, a trip, etc.

No cost + α pay tickets for domestic flights.

For all facility users have to pay fees are normally is, but this was like included in the ticket price and must be paid separately.

Has been allocated from the airlines pay to the airport facilities occurred, from the welfare facility for the payment to the airline tickets and mileage that is.

I understand that is included in the number of miles, paying fees, but the airline is offering the award flight ticket user pays fees in miles.


Aviation insurance surcharge

Insurance in the airline case.
You must pay the user should bear part of the cost of travel is.

There was talk that will initially eliminate the burden on users, but continued and collected yet.

I think there are terrorist attacks happened in the United States one of the reasons has been collected.

I think used airliner with age-old incident of the hijacking, but that incident, such threats are not been collected and in the current.

It is, but do not pay separately also on domestic flights.
Japan domestic airlines insurance surcharge is abolished from 10/1/2006, the equivalent amount in the fare included now.


If the international


Difference between domestic and international flights, requires the various payments.


Ticketing fees

First of all the collected information in a blog like this to quite a relationship will be taken is the ticket service charge if I want to arrange flights in non-web applications, such as the ANA Reservation Center.

I would never pay unless there is easily available on the Web, so is the ticket service charge other things.

Varies from countries to arrange for the Japan domestic takes 2160 yen.


Fuel surcharge (surcharge)

Fuel oil surcharge fees are not included in the tickets got in miles, but I think many people have heard, partly because leading travel company ad that the fuel oil surcharge free singing completely. need to be paid separately.


And the < surcharges &gt;

In Japan and notified under the guise of special surcharges, for shipments in 2001, about passenger introduced since 2005.

Domestic flights the FDA introduced from 9/1/2011.

Supposed to be abolished but was trying to abolish the Japan Airlines and all Nippon Airways, kerosene past 2 months average price 60 U.S. at $ 4/2015 since Japan yen, currency fluctuations surcharge may be added per barrel less than 6000 yen.

From travel agents and consumers "funny foreign exchange risk to bear only the user" and complaining about the change.

Some budget airlines and travel agents, not collect fuel oil surcharge itself.

4/1/2016 from the tickets, JAL and ANA decided is due to a significant decline in crude oil prices on international flights from Japan to six and a half years Buri zero fuel surcharges.


Also, fuel surcharge is equal both adults and children (including infants).
Children less than 2 years do not require a seat is not only just.


Refrain from putting a specific amount because fuel surcharge changes every two months, from 4/1/2016 9/30/2016 minutes purchased 0 Yen has become.

What happens according to the exchange rates and crude oil prices since October, which is derived from crude oil prices, but look good to go.

Is it by using award tickets from tend to do especially the last time didn't cost not recognised as an expense in.

Originally, payment is raised fuel surcharges.
Until September, for the first time from April 2016, I think is not necessary this time was obtained in ANA Mileage award ticket, is not necessary, again not the point put in the head.


Aviation insurance surcharge

Wrote about the contents of domestic items, because it provides information only about price.
Where to buy turns the calculation method in the Japan domestic or non-Japan.


< In Japan if you purchased:

 → per passenger, per segment per one-way 200 yen


< In Japan other than if you purchased:

 → per passenger, per segment one way per 2.00 equivalent United States dollar equivalent in the currency of the issuing country.
   However, do not apply to Canada and Hong Kong S.A.R. flights originating Brazil.


Other taxes.

In addition, it takes taxes.
This depends from country to country, differ in name and payment.

Can exchange mileage and is more recently, built on airline tickets airline ticket taxes, Ana international award tickets are not included.

In the mileage will require payment.

Also in domestic facility fees, this item shines on taxes in Japan.

In some countries, immigration in some countries if countries in which tax, departure tax, consuming tax only once.

Even if you use transit Japan airport charges and said the name entry or departure tax, so the costs incurred.

On award tickets destination direct flights when given the two taxes only is good, if the transfer for the airport taxes should.

Collecting your own destination information, immigration tax payment methods vary by country, so no doubt.

But that note fit if built on the ticket, depending on the exchange rate is fluctuate daily.


Tickets for international flights is very popular and quite hard to take depending on the route, but it is note part of the additional cost is well balanced and enjoy the journey.



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