Easy way to prevent mileage expiration and point expiration

Easy way to prevent mileage expiration

The expiration date is inseparable if you accumulate miles or points.

If you do not accurately grasp the expiration date, you may accidentally lose a lot of miles and points that you saved.

So, is there a way to prevent accidental expiration of miles?

It is difficult to grasp all the conditions of expiration of different mile depending on the point site or airline company, but it is possible to carelessly prevent the expiration date by using one thing.

I will show you how to use that I am also using.


Utilizing cloud type calendar application

First of all, it is necessary to grasp information on a series of expiration dates such as mile expiration date condition of each airline company and deadline of point site once.

However, it is not necessary to put it all the way in the head keep track of how many miles expired this month, how many points are expired next month.

It would be better to use that memory for another meaningful thing.

Let’s use the cloud-type calendar application.

Typically it’s Google Calendar, iCloud Calendar etc.

By using the notification function of the calendar application, it reminds me that the expiration date of miles and points is getting closer to me any time even one year ahead or three years ahead.

Why should I use the cloud type calendar application?

Every calendar application tends to be the same, but the cloud-type calendar application is most suitable.

For example, in a paper notebook, we will not notify you even if the due date approaches, so it is not optimal as an item to prevent accident.

So what about terminal-dependent calendar apps? Although there are many applications with a notification function, there are risks that they can not be used when changing the device or operating system to use, so it is not suitable for mileage etc. that can be stored for about 3 years.

If it is a cloud-type calendar application, it can be checked via a web browser and suitable for long-term management even if there is OS change or device malfunction without depending on the terminal.

It is not to register and use the monthly expiration date of miles

It takes too much time to enter and use the monthly mileage balance and expiration date in the cloud calendar application.

So how do you use it? The first setting method differs between those who have just started accumulating miles and points and those who have accumulated miles for years.

First, I will explain from those who started to accumulate miles.

Those who have just started to accumulate miles

People just starting to accumulate miles will put one schedule in the month the miles were accumulated.

On the first day of the month you started saving, write the type of mileage (airline’s name).

For example;

December 1, 2016: Confirmation of validity period of ANA Mileage Club Mile

Next, it will automatically be entered one year after each year by the notification function of the registered schedule.

By doing this, it will automatically be displayed in the calendar as the set date approaches one year later, and there will also be notice so that you will be announced yourself to check the expiration date of the mile once a year .

By checking the expiration date of miles at this point you will not inadvertently expire the expiration date.

Since the validity period of ANA and JAL mile is the end of the month after three years, it is always good to keep the schedule at the beginning of the month.

If you check miles earlier in the month, there are still 30 days until the expiration date. In the meantime you can switch to ANA SKY coin or award ticket. There is also time to consider them.

Those who just started saving points.

Regarding point sites, members’ term of validity is often set in addition to the expiration date of the saved points (if the membership has not been acquired for six months, the membership expires, etc.).

Therefore, it is necessary to set two kinds of points, the expiration date of the points themselves and the expiration date of membership.

For example;

December 1, 2016: Confirmation of expiration date of Hapitas Point

Next, it will automatically be entered one year after each year by the notification function of the registered schedule.


December 1, 2016: Confirmation of Hapitas Point Acquisition Project

It is set to be automatically entered after half a year or so according to the conditions specified for each point site by the notification function of the schedule registered here.

If you do not earn points for half a year it will be important for membership qualifications themselves to be stolen.

Those who have accumulated miles for many years

Those who have already accumulated miles for a long time, check the expiration date of the mile once and enter the schedule according to the timing of the earliest deadline.

If you keep it informed repeatedly every year it will prevent you from accidental expiring.

Also, those who are likely to expire miles in the last minute let’s schedule based on the expiration date of the remaining miles, such as by booking an award ticket or by exchanging with an ANA SKY coin.

Those who accumulated various points for many years

In the case of a point site, if the number of used sites is small, you may check expiration dates one by one, but if you use many point sites, you earn points earlier at all sites right now Let’s see.

In that case, it is recommended because free member registration etc. is simple and reliable.

By acquiring multiple sites at the same timing, you can schedule inputs and subsequent checks at the same timing, saving you time and effort.

Those who use point sites for many years think that there are many people who accumulate points every month in the friends introduction system but it is better to check if the points earned by the introduction system fit the conditions for extending the term of validity Let’s see.

Also, those who are exchanging points every month do not need to enter a schedule for the expiration date of points.

It is because it should already be scheduled if exchange routes are established as described in How to use Solatika card every month.

How to extend the validity period of miles

If you check the expiration date of the mile and it is just before the expiration date it is a waste to lose your miles as it is so you need to take measures before expiration expires.

This is the way to extend the validity period of ANA mileage! The ANA Mileage Club’s senior membership changes to ANA SKY coin exchange rate and the way to say the last resort are explained in detail so please have a look.



It is common for ANA miles to expire carelessly.

There are a lot of scenes in which work is busy suddenly, people who are unable to travel by necessity of family care, etc. are unable to worry about miles or points due to the daily busy days.

Even such a case, if you use the cloud type calendar application, it is possible to prevent inadvertent expiration.

Once this opportunity, we recommend that you check the expiration date of the mile and the expiration date of the point site and enter it on the calendar.

No matter how busy you are, even if you forget, you can prevent expiration without having to worry about the expiration date because the app is always known to you.