[Limited time] Three airlines operated jointly with ANA are conducting mile sharing service.

solaseed air operated flight code sharing with ANA

Starflyer · AIRDO · Solaseed Air, what is common to these three companies?

Those who have a lot of opportunities to get on airplanes from time to time may easily be connected, but those who have only one airplane only a few times a year or those who have decided on one airline to use are 3 companies Even listening to the name of a common item may be difficult to find out.


Three companies operating a code share flight with ANA.

Actually, these three companies are airlines operating code sharing flights with ANA and domestic flights.

What is code share flight?

There are only five companies that ANA carries out code sharing on domestic routes.

  • AIR DO
  • IBEX Air Lines
  • Oriental Air Bridge
  • Solaseed Air
  • Star Flyer

A code share flight refers to a joint operation flight.

Flight numbers of multiple airlines will be attached to one scheduled flight.

There is a guide often informing you of the boarding gate at the airport and the status of the procedure, but there are ones with more than two flight names written, but that is a code share flight.

Despite being co-operative, there are not many airlines’ cooperation, such as actual in-flight services, but instead sell airline flights operated by local airlines based on the flight number of a major airline It is the fact that it is just that.

For users, if you book with a major airline name, mileage will be accumulated, so there are certain merits.

What’s AIR DO

AIR DO is an airline based in Hokkaido and its official name is AIR DO Corporation.

Previously it was named Hokkaido International Airline, but we have changed the company name in 2012 due to the fact that it was often referred to as Airdu.

The chance that code sharing flight with ANA began was triggered by AIR DO (then Hokkaido International Airline Company) applying for the application of the civil rehabilitation law and supporting it by ANA.

After completing AIR DO’s rebuilding, it started airline operation with ANA, and its partnership has continued until now, so it can be said that it is effectively an airline company under ANA’s affiliation.

AIR DO There is the original mileage service “DO Mile”.

What’s Solaseed Air

Solaseed air is an airline based in Miyazaki Prefecture and its official name is Solaseed Air Inc.

The company name was changed in 2015, and at the time of establishment it was a company name of Pan Asia Air Corporation, and its base was in Fukuoka.

After that, we changed the company name with Skynet Asia Aviation Co., Ltd. to relocate the base to Miyazaki, and changed the company name to “Solaseed Air” which was later used as the brand name.

Solaseed Air (then Skynet Asia Aviation Co., Ltd.) also received management support from the Industrial Revitalization Organization in 2004.

At that time ANA became a shareholder and systems such as seat reservation for airline tickets are now being used by ANA.

It became like a substantial affiliate of ANA with this, and flight of code share flight began.

Sorashido Air has an original mileage service “Sorashido Smile Club”.

What’s Star Flyer

Starflyer is an airline based in Fukuoka and its official name is Starflyer Corporation.

Although it was founded in Hyogo as “Kobe airlines” at the time of establishment, it also moves to Kitakyushu Airport and renames the company name and it reaches present.

Originally it was a smooth airline as it was because there were many OBs such as JAS, ANA, JAL etc. integrated in JAL, and the purport of having a merit in both sides is different from the above two companies We have started partnering with ANA in form.

However, with the emergence of LCC, management becomes worse and ANA’s system is being used like airline ticket seat reservation system like Solaseed Air.

Star flyer also has original mileage service “STAR LINK”.

Mileage can be shared with Soladosta.

Even when using the flights operated by the above three companies, there is the merit that mileage is not dispersed for users if you choose a code-share flight and reserve by ANA flight number.

However, there are cases where you can book Sorashido Air, AIR DO, Star Flyer directly from the time of use and budget, and people in Hokkaido base often use AIR DO which is good deals often.

Then, if you try to go to places other than the base point, you will not have to go to AIR DO by all means and you will have to use JAL, ANA, and Solaside Air.

Do you use mileage of each airline saved at that time?

JAlthough AL and ANA are versatile in use, AIR DO, Star Flyer, Solaseed Air is not a major player.

However, using the Campaign called Soladosta, you will be able to acquire the award tickets of Solaseed Air with miles earned with AIR DO.

Let’s take a closer look at Soladosta.

What’s Soladosta

Soladosta is a joint campaign where three companies, Solaseed Air, AIR DO and Star Flyer, can exchange miles earned by each mileage member for all other one-way award tickets for all routes.

December 19, 2016 – March 31, 2017

20th December 2016 ~ May 31st 2017

  • AIRDO:My AIRDO Member
  • Sorashido Air:Sorashido Smile Club Member
  • Star Flyer:STAR LINK Member

  • AIR DO 1,400 points→→ Sorashido Air One way award tickets
  • AIR DO 1,400 points→→ Star Flyer One way award tickets
  • Sorashido Air 6,500 mile→→ AIR DO One way award tickets
  • Sorashido Air 7,000 mile→→ Star Flyer One way award tickets
  • Star Flyer 7,500 mile→→ AIR DO One way award tickets
  • Star Flyer 7,500 mile→→ Sorashido Air One way award tickets

AIR DO points should be at least 1,400 points, Solaside air for over 6,500 miles and Star Flyer for at least 7,500 miles.

What is AIR DO’s Web membership service “My AIRDO”

Membership fee · Annual membership fee free web membership service.

Every time you board, 1 point will be earned for each 100 yen purchase amount of air ticket, bonus points will be given for more than 6 boarding times.

And if 1,200 points are stored, it can be redeemed for an award ticket, and award tickets can be used by family members and friends.

This condition is easier to use than major airlines such as ANA.

Also, as with ANA cards, if you are “AIRDO card” with credit card function, you can save points conveniently by purchasing air tickets or boarding on the homepage.

Also, it is convenient because you can register from the web when becoming a My AIRDO member when using “A citizen discount fare” unique to AIR DO.

What is Solaseed Air web membership service “Solaseed smile club”

Membership fee · Annual membership fee free web membership service.

Earn miles on flights by boarding in Solaseed Air, and the mileage accumulation rate will change depending on the fare.

This is a mileage system very close to ANA etc.

From a minimum of 5,000 miles you can exchange for an award ticket, but since this is only between Okinawa and Ishigaki, it is essentially 7,000 miles necessary.

If you are a credit card with a mileage function “solaseedair card”, you can earn miles by purchasing tickets or shopping.

AIR DO Similarly, award tickets can also be used for non-family members.

What is Starflyer Starfly Mileage Program “STAR LINK (Star Link) MEMBERS”

Membership fee · Annual membership fee free web membership service.

Earn miles with Starflyer flights and you can exchange for award tickets if you accumulate a minimum of 5,600 miles, as well as a way to exchange with original goodies.

Also, if you are a credit card with mileage function “STARFLYER PREMIUM CARD” or “STARFYER CARD (JCB, VISA, MASTER)”, you can earn miles by purchasing tickets and shopping.

Even here, award tickets can be used by non-families.

In addition, you can earn miles by subscribing to the Asahi Newspaper or you can earn miles even if you donate your home town in Yukuhashi, Fukuoka Prefecture (Furusato Tax Payment).


When I read the news of the campaign I had never heard of Soladoster, I noticed that ANA was behind it.

Campaign called Solordoster is a new initiative by three airlines that code shares with ANA, and if mutual benefits can be taught, it is likely that future future partnerships will come into view.

Also, considering that ANA is involved, it is not surprising that differentiation and mutual complementation from ANA itself, differentiation from peach and mutual complementation will be considered in the future.

Although I mention a little about the article “A”, since the SKY mark is also supported by ANA, not only this three companies but also new campaigns including SKY mark, Peach, IBEX Airlines and Oriental Air Bridge It is hoped that alliances will begin and that benefits and benefits will be born for both users and airlines.ANS supported SKY mark will start offering Nescafe from October, since the SKY mark is also supported by ANA, not only this three companies but also new campaigns including SKY Mark, Peach, IBEX Airlines and Oriental Air Bridge It is hoped that alliances will begin and that benefits and benefits will be born for both users and airlines.

For that reason, I’m looking forward to what extent the results of this Sorado Star campaign will be.

How about each mileage program member of each company using this opportunity by using another regional airline company?