ANA domestic reservation site on the 9/4 renewal!

ANA flight


Anyone save ANA miles, going on a trip or business, in using the ANA ANA domestic reservation site is hard to use / do not want hard to find?


Finally renewed ANA domestic lines booking site is 9/4/2016 and easy to use.

We will see this renewal, where ease of use.



ANA domestic lines reservation sites to multimedia devices


Introduction of system structure for multimedia devices

ANA domestic lines booking site is PC & mobile devices.

Also intended for personal computers could not fit on the screen size and finger touch shalt not not in the Smartphone and tablet was a big issue is how to use.


Design an intuitive system structure, being made into the site with multimedia devices, such as Smartphones and tablets in the renewal of the 9/4 it is suitable for use in a Smartphone, etc..

Recently the international line, but there are internal flights to this renewal is glad.


JAL and ANA's site is the same structure


Is felt from previous ANA web site is greatly renovated, JAL and ANA site configuration is quite so like, contractors are the same company?Using the same system?I would.

Perhaps, JAL and ANA colors red or blue margin not only.


What would be useful is a good easy to use, but as a brand…

Has good now even personal look good clean sites are easy to make, none of your business, but that is a little bit more suits you better.


As a demo in the gif image is just a little bit of renewed feel is that already may be that finally caught up with companies around the world filled with corporate sites of a similar site structure, look for the novelty and real ease of use that is not honest.



A simple design for ease of use


Easy-to-use confusion Japan companies


Style Pack information is corporate Japan is good thing, but anyway I was mainstream.

It is easy to understand things that are at fault and it not written notes when you claim, write the descriptions carefully and I'm.

Made a mistake not because after all, how much in small letters written, read and be able to work hard to use and do not read and even more difficult to use.


Did you mean trying review layout configuration and adjustment of the number of characters in this renewal, so write all description is correct nor easy to use but not the thing finally understands.


What would happen if you simply


I think as a seamless experience to design a simple renewal, an intuitive and easy-to-understand, although not actually published this part is confusing, so four days later once again to be validated.


Originally, the easier can collect something simple and you want to show and part please note to people who look at things.

Portion pitfalls and layout configuration because there is likely incomplete: set layout configuration changes or system administration, had already addressed ago renewal or verification is required.


You should take a look at whether or not users trouble, contrary to simplify things, so a really easy to use.


Reservation enhancements & additional


Reservation services enhancement & easier than ever by adding.


  • Adds a search round trip and round-trip booking easier.
  • You can check availability and fares clearly readable screen, wishing to
  • Easy-to-check the balance of your frequent flyer and ANA SKY coins.
  • Payments made by ANA SKY coins more easily and would be useful.
  • From the large seat would choose seat.
  • Book for English sites will be greatly expanded.


Focus of attention in this renewal will be round trip search feature added.

Flight times and depending on where aircraft reciprocating movement natural places, such as can be, but until now separate search and reservation was, so this feature is glad.


When ANA mileage earned by booking award tickets will ensure be may.




9/4/2016 on ANA domestic flights reservation site will be renewed.

Seems to be written by Vice-enabled site to be multi device for PCs was now working in the finger such as tablet computers and Smartphones is not good, but easy to use for many people.


Let's look forward to publishing tag line says in simple, easy-to-use site.


This article also read those saving miles


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Earn more mileage and how to use the ANA Mileage value and how to replace the summary


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Is possible to earn more than 200000 mileage over the years, practice and reading thi
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A large mileage point site hapitas is required.

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Active first step point site hapitas to the ANA Mileage usage summary


It is possible when you dine out with colleagues and family members, earn mileage with double point town + credit card payment in the.

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