ANA SKY coin change would value how much is 1 mile?

Redeem mileage in ANA airplane

Change what you redeem miles, do you use?

I don't think most tickets, but acquaintances of the Edamame soy beans Mylar mileage is too much so we can't spend recently ANA SKY coins and electronic money, it has increased.

Me give you that extra mile!I think that it is

ANA mileage can't get from others as you wrote is a non-family member to transfer mileage to anywhere, unfortunately giving up but it isn't (hehe

What if you changed the ANA SKY coins redeem the mileage would be worth a mileage how much I looked up.


Convert mileage to ANA SKY coins


Next award ticket usage are often considered is to redeem the mileage for the ANA SKY coins.


Usually, ANA SKY coins 10 in 10 minutes and that is 1 available, is available as a value-coin = 1 yen.

But it is worth the 1 mileage varies according to the ANA's membership status and card owned by the owned mileage. 


< ANA diamond service members mileage maximum value &gt;

ANA diamond service members would have more than 50000 mileage 1 mileage if you have 1.7 coins cashes in.

It has the people who can use this route a mileage is worth 1.7 yen, said.

Usually becomes mileage Yen compared with 1.7 times.


Exchange rate also attempts to Diamond service, Platinum Bronze membership in as well (one mileage =1.7 yen) next will.


< Card holder ANA gold more than mileage Max value &gt;

ANA General card seems to be the most common possession of more than 50000 mileage 1 mileage if you have 1.6 coins cashes in.

It has people who can use this route a mileage is worth 1.6 yen, said.

Usually becomes mileage Yen compared to 1.6 times.


1 mileage = 1.6 yen (1.6 ANA SKY coins) cards obtained

  • ANA Super flyers card
  • ANA card premium
  • ANA wide gold card
  • ANA Diners card
  • ANA American Express®-Gold card
  • CTBC ANA precious card

Of the six it becomes.


< ANA cardholders (General)-mileage maximum value &gt;

ANA General card seems to be the most common possession of more than 40000 mileage you have, if you 1 mileage can be 1.5 coins in change.

It has the people who can use this route a mileage is worth 1.5 yen, said.

Regular mileage one yen compared to equivalent to 1.5 times.


1 mileage = 1.6 yen (1.6 ANA SKY coin) is obtained

  • ANA card (worldwide)
  • ANA card (General)
  • AMC mobile plus membership

The three will be.


< ANA Mileage Club card holder mph maximum value &gt;

This card can be used with no credit to the ANA SKY coin exchange rates not.

Up to 9999 mileage 1 mileage = 1 yen.

From the more than 10000 mileage up to 1 mileage = 1.2 Yen


It is no matter how miles, even not only 1.2 times.


As much as possible many mileage into the SKY coins


Mile's worth of ANA diamond service members and ANA card (General) (exchange rate differences)0.2 that looks like a small and surprisingly large.

Born again if you changed the 200000-mileage difference is 40000 coins 40000 coins in the Inn, a difference of just 0.2 in what will become the difference.


However, it is because there are who find it difficult to get the status of the case as much as possible product coins earn more.

By the way to 9999 mileage 1 mile-&gt; coin = 1 Yen is.

This same senior members of ANA, so anyone does not replace more than 10000 mileage at a time and remember you can't win the ANA SKY coin money.


You need to replace the mileage that can be replaced at the same time limit is up to 200000 miles, more ANA SKY coins if you would like a little cumbersome, but divided into several times.

However, unlike the mileage expire expiration of ANA SKY coins are issued about a year until the end of the 12 months and to some extent if they confirm to change the coins mileage I think.


In addition, senior members of the holder and ANA ANA gold card more than apply if Exchange rates (exchange rate of senior members of the ANA in this case) is higher.



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