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Ana go at mileage journey

Save you the mileage?

Japan Airlines offers two types of mileage ANA and JAL Mileage.

Miles earned in Japan you cannot interoperate with each partner airline frequent flyer clubs are available.

There are many frequently used the planes at work and also going on a trip, travel enthusiasts has minutes left, such as mileage or bonus mileage into award tickets.

To earn mileage, is using mandatory point site, the use of first steps point site hapitas to the ANA Mileage.

And whether or not you know the secret to efficiently earn a massive obtains = lots of mileage.

This introduces the hapitas blog featured point site on the secret to earn mileage, efficiency projects will continue.


Gaining large numbers of points in point-up deal

In credit and FX project is a campaign be carried out randomly.

Some more points they usually earn 1000 points of more than 7000 points higher than 10000 points.

Credit and FX cases is once per one poppy seed or point the Jam will, so is the secret to earn mileage always aim the campaign so that a large number of.

Campaign Announcement emails sent from hapitas or top with one hand is is very likely to be, end up information gathering on rss, etc..

-A list of projects currently going to campaign from the top menu of the hapitas save on services that you might want to choose during the campaign.

To also save on service from the same menu, you can see the list of clicking the point up and usually points more points.

Credit card deals aim at the very least more than 5000 points.

Preferably aimed at the more than 10000 point card is nice, but many are among the gold cards and Platinum cards.

Now, as conditions such as the gold card loose is like, so some think there are issued gold cards even if you take the Claris firmly.

Well worth a try it with regular income to workers in it.

FX projects aimed at projects of more than 12000 points at the very least.

In depending on the timing of the campaign had in the past too over 20000 points in one, so these expensive projects leads will always have a large amount of miles.

You can keep the number of future jobs, should handle the cases of more than 10000 points, to several thousand points of efficiently begin earning mileage and issues are often left.

Miles will be acquired through jobs at point site is no longer a point site that comes up from time to time, issues, campaign to repeat the same issues many times.

I said fewer points for the first time when these issues are.

And let us use regularly during the campaign's first issue came out

All mass points on de point

Hapitas featured services include "everybody de point" that there are.

Popular services on the Internet and most popular for new deals service period, including up to 100% of the stay price point reduction and limited participation.

 The guys are hung as de points

  1. De point h
    olding people for a limited time period is approximately 2-4 days and short duration
  2. In the number of par
    ticipating persons qualified, so as long as the available number of remaining check is required
  3. Or do not wan
    t products and services from occasional unscheduled meeting that will be held frequently to check

 Such as it is.

Usage is on the home page of hapitas "everyone de point" of the frame, "see more products / services being held!"During the projects list is displayed by clicking.

In it then deals you are looking for, check the details from the "join" flying to the target site, make a purchase or sign up.

Services should always use guys point de ANA Mileage efficiently, in large quantities in order to save so be sure to check.

Learn how to replace ANA Mileage points earned in hapitas way to mileage points earned.

Most Exchange rate route ANA Mileage can be earned in the root in the same number of points, so the point transfer.


  • Earn high amount at one time, aim point up issues
  • Diligently checks all de points and high points
  • Taking the high exchange rate of route points saved

Articles about ANA mile

Is the most important article together three-step needs to be done in order ANA mileage to get easy the heavy.

Just by reading this article that they can sufficiently;
ANA mileage earning dramatically if we all do it!How to save ANA mile

A large mileage point site hapitas is required.
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Active first step point site hapitas to the ANA Mileage usage summary