How to get the mileage don't expire

Travel to earn Delta mileage on domestic flights

You are saving your miles?


It is usually mileage airline on its own frequent flyer program, introduced the stay at their airline or airline company has partnered with the company to be granted.


There are people who are practicing how to earn mileage without taking planes called Lu Mylar (Edamame soy beans are one of them, also paid money to get there…).

In there how to earn mileage without taking a plane?Do it only this one is ANA mileage earning dramatically!Find out how ANA miles.

How to earn mileage specifically written.

Accumulate more than 200000 mileage over the years in this way if it is possible, some people (land Mylar) is very popular way, so take a look at try to reference.


To introduce is a campaign that defied common sense for frequent flyer program.

As I mentioned at the beginning, is that frequent flyer Club and proprietary programs, you can get only on the flights of the company or affiliated companies.


It is, but is engaged in campaigns that extend from 4/1/2014.

You can get the mileage do not expire if you use its campaign.

Also it is possible to get mileage award tickets available when using this campaign is you can't get mileage in the tickets acquired the mileage normally earned.



Japan 500-mileage campaign


This offer is limited time doing Delta Air lines.

In all Japan domestic flight per 500 SkyMiles and mileage will be granted, is a great campaign


If Japan domestic flights such as the LCC of JAL (Japan Airlines) and ANA (all Nippon Airways), Japan Airlines and peach, airline routes, class is unquestioned.


In other words, is acquired through cheap airplane travel or travel in miles, and are paid, usually assume that flight mileage award ticket miles.


Moreover, in Delta's frequent flyer program, "SkyMiles" ANA and JAL difference mileage expire.


It is using the mileage earned, even if replacement SkyMiles award tickets, this campaign is just as 貯maranakatta-mileage Delta Air lines SkyMiles system able to buy "by mile" in other words, miles, so it's possible.


For a limited time, although originally postponed, even though it was a long campaign for the future still available continues.

It is a campaign now deadline may be postponed because where ever you want followed.


So let's review the campaign summary.


< Japan 500-mileage campaign overview &gt;


Travel period: 4/1/2016 – 3/31/2017

Qualifying: Japan domestic flights (all airlines and fare class)

Earn bonus miles: one-way flights per 500 SkyMiles and mileage.

* During the SkyMiles Medallion members of one up to maximum 40 flight minutes (total 20000 bonus), SkyMiles general membership for one bonus up to maximum 10 flight minutes (total 5000 bonus) and;

* This campaign, Delta Air lines do their own stuff is, and is not due to the Alliance with Japan domestic flight operated by other companies.


< Japan 500-mileage campaign participation methods &gt;


[Step 1] 

Following Nippon 500 bonusmailcaumpenmayle addition form (← click opens a new window) to fill.

I note that is one point.

All Roma should be written in characters and alphanumeric characters.

In Japan, to note that, even if the Blotter, deficiencies, such as no contact from Delta Airlines.

Send no 10 confirmed on the deficiencies, write clearly and politely with a ballpoint pen.

Japan 500 bonusmailcaumpenmayle addition form

Member Fax Service 03-5972-7009 from even this form will get offers.

(May not work properly from the IP phones.Also not available to overseas fax, fax to 0990.)


[Step 2]

Please attach copies of the boarding passes become available (stub).


[Step 3]

Please send copies of form and boarding (stub).

nation] Delta Air lines: Japan 5
00-mileage campaign FAX (03-3505-2721 or 03-
3505-2751) post (P.O. Box 823 Tsuen Wan Post Office Hong Kong).



Shipping is required within 2 months (must be received by Delta Airlines Inc.) from the trip is over.

* By boarding pass issued at check-in or boarding gate, passenger name, flight number, flight date, you must be sure to attach the boarding or boarding stub because the seat number and stated [parking Guide "Exchange permit parking Guide," Guide to travel "certificate for boarding, not eligible for bonus mileage to be.

If the type does not issue a boarding pass check-in, issued by each airline at check-in (passenger name, flight number, flight date, and slip the seat number indicated) but substitute is available.

For more information please contact the Delta Airlines Reservation Center.

Read the terms of use when you submit the actual application.


This campaign without prior registration, only after registration.

Also, prior to entry into the Kemper in, etc..

Who was boarding domestic flights to become mandates expire 2 months, so read this blog from the past 2 months Please try take a look at saving SkyMiles.

To send Hong Kong S.A.R. We recommend how to FAX it takes some effort.


One way is a 1000 mileage round trip 500-mileage grant so.

General member limit is 5000 mileage since go travel five times in, for example, a one-year limit has been reached.

In addition, Haneda-Naha-Ishigaki Island will fly two one-way trips, should I get one round trip 2000 mileage (4 minutes).
In other words, it is 2000 mileage in one trip close to half of the limit is granted.

By using this campaign because it can leave by its own frequent flyer programme such as ANA and JAL Mileage is removing the double miles.


Better because it is not a Japanese limited campaign from abroad come to Japan (visitors, students and travelers) will be subject to earning miles.

Some measures for Shinkansen bullet train Japan domestic moving is recommended because it can save may have irrespective of trip Japan domestic airlines SkyMiles.


With SkyMiles


Only SkyMiles is saved on this campaign.


I think the SkyMiles program is how to save ANA mileage point site does not exist, great frequent flyer program.

For example, no expiration of miles, blackout dates for award tickets and can buy miles, JAL and ANA, etc. that you can pay a combination of mileage and cash is no good points there.


So many people who usually saving mileage of ANA and JAL about SkyMiles aren't familiar here about SkyMiles easier to explain.


< SkyMiles program &gt;

Introduction to Delta Air lines SkyMiles "< SkyTeam ' is a frequent flyer program can earn mileage when using airline flights.


< SkyTeam member airlines, Aeroflot, Aeromexico, Air Europa, < has joined Air France airline, Alitalia, China Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines, CSA Czech Airlines, Delta Air lines, Kenya Airways, Netherlands KLM, Korean Air, TAROM (TAROM), Vietnam air.


(SkyMiles features and benefits)

  • No expiration on SkyMiles
  • That fuel oil surcharge contained in SkyMiles award ticket
  • No limit mileage migration
  • Redeeming flight or relatives other than available with friends, etc.
  • No blackout dates for award tickets
  • You can purchase miles
  • Etc can be paid with a combination of mileage and cash


< SkyMiles disadvantages:

  • Can earn SkyMiles credit card, dues increase
  • Compared to the previous due dates has increased the number of mileage required for award tickets


It is not much to be honest, the trade-offs.

Credit card annual fee is ¥ 6000 and 12000 yen so high, it is not.


SkyMiles don't expire, so take this opportunity to register SkyMiles is to try starting earn?.


Play, mileage decided in one place, here are easy ANA and JAL and Delta Air lines will earn mileage any airline using LCC only if 3 frequent flyer program membership,.

I traveled all over the world because it only increases the alternative route, flight time and seat that is recommend.




  • Japan 500 to join mileage campaign
  • You can get 500 mileage per flight
  • If, Japan domestic airlines and fare class does not matter
  • SkyMiles is an excellent flyer


This article also read those saving miles


Is the most important article together three-step needs to be done in order ANA mileage to get easy the heavy.

Just by reading this article that they can sufficiently;
ANA mileage earning dramatically if we all do it!How to save ANA mile


A large mileage point site hapitas is required.

Register referring to this article is not yet registered to hapitas.
Active first step point site hapitas to the ANA Mileage usage summary