Points = ANA mileage became transferable if.money → hapitas

Hapitas →.money root opening! ANA mileage Exchange is wholly free of the strongest root birth!The routes were reportedly used to point underlying ANA mileage transferable to family members and others became possible.


At the time of the route description "this is… better?(Though State practically given points to the stranger…) "and I tried it myself so I thought I'd thought so and I reread again and conditions redeem points, can run.


I think it is necessary to use if is before that perhaps may become a future condition changes.


Is a point site name = ANA Mileage Club name is condition at the moment, but this new route, hapitas →.money superstar offers the ANA mileage will enable name change at the point before the migration.


Hapitas →.money root review


Root has been used by people saving until now, ANA Mileage redemptions was the root, such as the following.


Hapitas → PeX Metro point → ANA mile


And hapitas →.money root opening! ANA mileage Exchange is wholly free of the strongest root birth! The new routes have written an optimal route is now shown below.


Hapitas →.money Metro point → ANA mile


Let's look to this.money.



Amazon gift card, iTunes gift certificate, nanaco gifts, and dot Mana gift code is anxious.


I can give it to others, as seen from the gift that all it is.


Superstar and say I can't do so, PeX etc directly migrated from the hapitas point is not the same name is given to everyone because dot Mana also give others your points.


Dot Mana gift code to save ANA mile


Is received, send to family and friends, mail will be sent only after requests from hapitas dot Mana superstar is.money account of your own typing superstar points would be fantastic.


I got the point through the Metro point to become real others hapitas points redeemable on your ANA Mileage, if you swap to the ANA Mileage.



 Replace dot Mana gift code hapitas 20000 points

 Arrives gift code from hapitas

 Friend B SA I to teach the gift code



 Told me Andy dot Mana gift code

 Enter the gift code in dot Mana site, you get 20000 points

 To replace ANA mileage Metro point dot Mana →

 Pick up ANA 18000 miles


You can take this approach and transferring ANA mileage to family, friends and complete strangers.


You could receive to try my hapitas point to dot Mana gift code and, among family members tried without any problems.


Also was aimed at, so I don't think this way could not have foreseen that the hapitas was introduced earlier may be transferred to others from hapitas and PONEY!That can be a good point site for ANA Mylar?The more PONEY will abandon the advantage.


From PONEY can replace the dot Mana, but unlike hapitas, don't use gift code.

Cannot be migrated directly points so moving it to someone else.


Using the gift code for 30000 points and hapitas are determined monthly exchange limit, so keep this limit would be its advantage from other points of…


Or mistake on the hapitas side.


In future, there is change in terms is to understand true meaning.


Will take a look at using the hapitas transfer fee and others in dot Mana over, please just save for ANA Mileage among family members.


This article also read those saving miles


A large mileage point site hapitas is required.

Register referring to this article is not yet registered to hapitas.
Active first step point site hapitas to the ANA Mileage usage summary


How to earn mileage from a table of contents when there are things put together earn more mileage and how-to articles, indexes articles, please see.
Earn more mileage and how to use the ANA Mileage value and how to replace the summary


Is the most important article together three-step needs to be done in order ANA mileage to get easy the heavy.

Is possible to earn more than 200000 mileage over the years, practice and reading thi
s way earn ANA Mileage dramatically if we all do it!How to save ANA mile


It is possible when you dine out with colleagues and family members, earn mileage with double point town + credit card payment in the.

How to eat out a lot and earning miles, tend to take on the work pattern like those featured in the way it is.
Restaurant monitor is ANA Mileage indispensable must-haves