ANA flight New York-Chicago route is changed from / to Haneda flight!

ANA Haneda - New York-Chicago

I think there were a lot of people would use the ANA if you went to America on business and tourism, and by all means not only flights to and from Narita to feel inconvenienced, but from 10/30 Ana is part of from Narita Airport for arrivals and departures to and from Haneda Airport to change.

Commentary by business travellers expect easier for ANA Mylar transfer, not to mention tickets to travel from / to Haneda Airport become Haneda – New York route, Haneda – Chicago routes is available at what times and what easier to use.

ANA Mileage point site earn more information in addition to the ANA-related information that you get widely recommended to future travel plans, etc..

Then we will see change after 30 days and up to 10/29.


ANA Tokyo-New York flights vary so

Tokyo to 10/29 all travel to and from 1, 2 flights and destinations-will travel to and from New York route 1, flight to Haneda Airport, remaining flight status quo unchanged.

< Ana to 10/29 Tokyo-New York flights &gt;

Narita Airport 11: 00—York arrives at 10: 45 12: 30—Narita Airport at 15: 25 f
rom Narita Airport 16: 40—York arrives at 16: 25. 18: 05—-Narita Airport 21: 00

< From 10/30 Ana Tokyo-New York flights &gt;

Haneda Airport 10: 20—arriving 09: 00 16: 55 New York—Haneda Airport arr. 21: 10 from Narita
Airport 16: 40—York 15: 10 11: 15-!-Narita Airport 15: 25 (United States daylight saving time
for local departure until 11 / 5 is after one hour)

Thus I made very easy-to-use hours 10:00 20 minutes from the new service between Haneda Airport and take a look at the to become quite popular.

Anyone other than the metropolitan area from the first aircraft of domestic regional airports available in transit last time, so many people use can be expected.

We wear during morning hours in New York, are there benefits for business travellers and tourists.

Reduce domestic travel time seems to travel to and from the metropolitan area who, travelling within the modest takes, Haneda should this Haneda-New York route is no doubt becoming a fairly easy route.

Conversely, Narita Airport and ease of use in bad condition from starving, I'm worried.

Measures to change the perspective of segregation of Haneda Airport and Narita International Airport, visitors will keep sought to Narita International Airport in the future.

ANA Tokyo-Chicago flights vary so

Tokyo as well as flights to New York from 10/29 all travel to and from 1, 2 flights and destinations-will travel to and from Chicago routes 1, flight to Haneda Airport remaining flight status quo unchanged.

< Ana to 10/29 Tokyo-Chicago routes]

Narita Airport 10: 45-!-Chicago arriving 08: 25 11: 00—Narita Airport arrives at 13: 55. 17
: 10 departure from Narita Airport—Chicago arrives at 14: 45 17: 25—Narita Airport 20: 20

< From 10/30 Ana Tokyo-Chicago routes]

Haneda Airport 10: 50—Chicago arriving 07: 40 16: 15—Haneda Airport 20: 30 at 17: 05 departure from
Narita Airport—Chicago arriving 13: 45 10: 45-!-Narita Airport for 15: 00 (United States daylight sav
ing time for local departure until 11 / 5 is 1 hour after)

Tokyo – Chicago routes are the same as New York route, the most easy-to-use time zones moved to Haneda Airport by becoming a popular route no doubt.

Some might prefer saving ANA mileage higher than Narita Haneda to choose who should have quite so tickets are difficult to identify emerging.

Until next year, JAL going on what management decisions to change how to use Haneda Airport and expand routes, arrival and departure time depends on the Chicago routes with ANA's New York flights started from / to Haneda JAL one win could be very much possible.

ANA Tokyo-Los Angeles flight time changes and

Originally from / to Haneda Tokyo-Los Angeles flights is only the time changes, but from 10/30 22:00 55 departure from Haneda and times easier to use than ever changes, the only Los Angeles would be 5 minutes for late arrivals cannot be a big change.

Tokyo – for ANA flights San Francisco time zone change is change of airport was changed from / to Haneda times easy to use JAL, ANA, not here, not conflicts may be taken.


10/30, ANA, Tokyo from Haneda Airport-start the operation of the lines of New York City and Chicago.

More likely would be changed to Haneda Airport for Narita Airport better usability as well as the hours from the ANA regional airport bus transfers to popular routes.

Considering the United States travel on award tickets, saving the ANA Mileage award tickets in the future takes ease of use, etc. to be affected much since, check this to keep good.