In order ANA mile more than 216000 mileage per year and the thing that you need

ANA flight

Becomes the standard one for saving mileage of ANA Mileage.

It is a number say 216000 miles.


Is used by many people and techniques using the site points to earn the ANA pigging the change from Metro to ANA Mileage points exchange rate is the highest.

Can be regarded as an upper limit of ANA mileage point site, Metro point 216000 mileage is ANA mileage annual limit, high exchange rate and save.


There is no way to more than 216000 miles?

Summarizes 276000 mileage another get up better numbers and not written to earn more miles.



ANA Mileage 216000 mileage per year is a number only via the Metro


Originally aboard the plane, save what is ANA miles, but this isn't how to earn at most.

How do I save?

Keep again because it already might know the underlying point.


Best way to earn mileage on ANA's is the way Metro point ANA mileage thoracic root with the Save.

Thoracic root and is in possession of the thoracic card (ANA To Me CARD PASMO) just use the thing is, its exchange rate is a whopping 90% of exceptional high exchange rate that is.


Utilization of 90% and saved over the years 216000 miles.

It is Metro points can exchange limit of 20000 points and shaping into ANA mileage 240000 Metro point over the years.


216000 mileage number comes out and spend 90% replacement thoracic root here.

ANA mileage earning dramatically do it just for more information!See fit because it is written in the way ANA miles.


If you take this approach, most people over the years 216000 mileage to earn will.

Mileage is obtained in this way as a fundamental value that piggybacked much from there and get the key section the following year 276000 miles.


Hapitas reference number is ANA Mileage 276000 mileage per year


Look at and will be able to accumulate mileage 216000 per year by Metro point to ANA Mileage value plus 60000 mileage that will come.


Metro points can be exchanged for Metro points point site, if anywhere good, but Exchange fees and points earn ease of use, from one point site often uses.

It is a site called hapitas.


About hapitas activities the first step hapitas to ANA Mileage has written in detail to summary usage so please.

It is a method can be saved in hapitas Metro point and hapitas point redemption is possible because 貯mezu Metro point directly to easy to earn points, redeem Metro 良kuto.


Metro point maximum in January had a limit of 20000 points in fact limit to hapitas.

Maximum hapitas points out in cash or other point site is 30000 points.

The limit value method for 30000 points divided into 10000 and 20000 points, to replace ANA Mileage 276000 mileage per year.


Hapitas 20000 points Metro 20000 points → ANA 18000 miles

And the remaining 10000 points via the T point Exchange ANA Mileage.
Hapitas 10000 points T 10000 points → ANA 5000 miles


A total of 1 month maximum 23000 miles, and over the years 276000 miles.


Earn 276000 mileage or more over the years so cannot be swapped only up to 30000 points won per month more than 30000 points at hapitas, also mandatory and point site for hapitas other than described in the following sections.

If you are using T point ANA mileage saved indefinitely


You can't use many of those saving mileage of ANA hapitas, hapitas alone exceeds wall 276000 mileage per year.


T point is available at the time.


T point is pretty famous, so you guys know, but has links with T point and ANA mileage ANA mileage interchangeable.


But from the beginning with T point you probably think it's not a good idea,.

Time to replace ANA mileage from T point exchange rate is 50%, thoracic root if 90% and greatly differ, so using thoracic root first, gaining up to maximum, rest accumulate in T point are the most appropriate way.


T point has partnered with various point site so saving in any way is fine and point town point site is featured.

Easily begin earning your points quite alone I'd look there is for and how to take advantage of points in point town described in detail and opportunity earn mileage as kreca, FX is not so easy, eat out every day use as a monitor.


Beyond the wall 276000 mileage changes points via ANA mileage points earned in hapitas non-point site, etc..


T point there is no fee to replace ANA Mileage from the point T on the limit values have not been designated as people can think of having ANA that half a mile.

Or collected the point much T point except for 20000 points to move to the Metro point, ANA Mileage earned becomes infinite.


That time with family and relatives want to travel in first class or business class tickets get in ANA Mileage collection becomes necessary.

So much time saved beyond the walls of the upper thoracic root and hapitas January T-point leverage becomes necessary.




To save ANA mileage point site is essential.

Is an annual cap on the Metro point and thoracic root 216000 mile, an annual cap on the hapitas 276000 miles.

If you want more ANA mileage to save to T-point leverage.

T points to transfer to the ANA, exchange fees, 1 month replacement upper no because when it is 1度ni to win massive mileage also becomes available.


To know the number of mileage required for themselves and limit waste and lots of mileage to save, please enjoy a comfortable flight.