Rakuten Super point from transition conditions for the ANA Mileage to change!

Overseas trip on ANA

Many people need help and are thinking about and want to travel on award tickets, ANA Mileage in me enough mileage for.

At that time featured as mileage accumulation, then buy?People use Rakuten Super points introduced in 10 x acquisition has increased.

It is, but I have become slightly more difficult to use, at the end of the year 2016 August September over the head and guide to condition changes from.

Let's ANA Mileage migration → Rakuten Super points in new condition.


And Rakuten Super points

First in the beginning ago replaced conditions change to ANA Mileage about Rakuten Super points briefly recapping keep.

Rakuten Ichiba, Rakuten travel, etc. available with points services provided by Rakuten Rakuten Super points and earn more points depending on the amount

Also, points will be given as a membership benefit of the Rakuten Rakuten Super points and.

Named "super" is the normal point.

Is there any other way save exchange rates for ANA Mileage thoracic root benefits not because the hard earning is also not much point.

But many people spend more time shopping, 充テeテari hotel rates as points earned within the service provided by Rakuten 1 yen are available so I think.

Also, and affiliated with the points system provided by various companies, mutual exchange of points or mileage are available.

Is enabled as one of how to earn mileage in ANA Mileage points on everyday purchases for the possible replacement of ANA Mileage of 10 x using point up, etc..

Rakuten Super point from the Exchange to the ANA Mileage.

Ever from Rakuten Super points to Exchange complete ANA mileage very was finished in a few days to after the number of days it takes to mileage migration migrate mileage had expired, a little to change flights and was good, but a week and than ever and time-consuming as it was.

From very low limit values for the replacement of miles, the experience is very bad.

Let's look at the details.

Introduction to the mileage Exchange

Rakuten Super points 2 points to ANA Mileage Club mileage interchangeable.

This is the same as ever.

I think T point and the same as the exchange rate 50% next, usually value exchange rate.

Changed is the number of days to complete the Exchange.

Was a 2-3 days from application until now has been extended to one week.

In a short few months also take point site among other things, say a week feel and is also seen as possible, from the ease of use what ever think is one week long.

Exchange frequent flyer application

At Rakuten Super point from ANA mileage to Exchange Exchange following three input is necessary in will.

  • Your number was issued during the ANA Mileage Club membership
  • ANA Mileage Club membership when you name it is usual
    ly your Passport name and notation in the characters.
  • Rakuten Super points you wish to Exchange into ANA mile

< Considerations &gt;

Please note that the cases are filed on different ANA customer numbers have also been integrated ANA Mileage will not be only one actual mileage either.

* Exchange application ID of 1 and ANA of 1 per customer number will be 1 on 1. Please note that the cases are filed on different ANA customer numbers have also been integrated ANA Mileage will not be only one actual mileage either.

* Cannot be cancelled after the Exchange application procedures.

Application number in one 1, one on one point site is because this is so easy to use bad system, no.

Interchangeable points to frequent flyer

You can login to point Club page as replaceable and interchangeable points Rakuten Super points out ANA Mileage points.

And the point here is bigger and worse experience.

Is provided through the upper bound of the number of points which can be exchanged for the upper bound of the number of points which can be exchanged 1-20000 points man, even once, it's only 1000 points.

In other words, even though it cannot be replaced by only 1000 points one day, one month is 30 days cannot apply for only 20 days.

1度ni applied for 20000 points and cannot be replaced in later if still good, but 1 single only 1000 points very bad I can't redeem points and is is.

It might be that you want use in probably as Rakuten Rakuten Super points such as Rakuten Ichiba, Rakuten travel Rakuten is offering services in.

Most people coming to replace ANA Mileage Rakuten Super points to leave is not it.

Also, please note there is also point to Rakuten Super points cannot be replaced on the ANA Mileage.
Points cannot be replaced ANA mile


Changes have been made from the Rakuten Super point had come in handy right now mileage needs, such as when I'm almost enough mileage for the ANA Mileage replaced conditions.

Hopeless is the maximum value of is but one day people per limit too low for the future to replace ANA Mileage Rakuten Super point seems less.

Have requests or take a week to really try, but still take a week, it is obvious.

It is, but had appeared earlier on the screen immediately after the Exchange application still takes 2-3 days ANA mileage replacement complete,.

Web charge here face again forget that like.