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That fell to an examination of the thoracic card is mentioned as one of the items should be prepared in the way ANA Mileage to save large amounts of thoracic cards (CARD To Me, officially the name Ana PASMO) how many irasshaimasu.

On the validation and dealing with preventing as possible and consider why I fell to the examination, examination fell through review after six months.

Think thoracic card review itself goes into the sweet stuff, but not familiar with the credit card system or may be those without much knowledge about screening sweet stuff as well is dropped to the examination in unexpected places.

It was my own even when previously from the lack of knowledge about credit cards and review through examination of the credit card was very worried.

That summarizes the details of its content on YouTube, so look to match the article.
-&gt; Reviewing the credit card join thoracic cards, etc.

Thus, like or seat for reasons I think disturbing examination of credit card and actually fell to an examination of the thoracic card again to gather information, apply for a thoracic card again with some friends of up (review) to let's see what to do.

Also indispensable for Thoracic card is capable of saving the ANA mileage credit, and thoracic card annual fee it takes to have one single card.

That's why this article!
ANA Mileage Club mileage can lot |-&gt; how to earn mileage three-step thor
acic card fee it takes me years to have one single reason

You must understand the various situations to consider thoracic card review is not so tough, why fell to the examination.

The thing that probably fell into the examination caused by the most common is hurt Claris = CIC credit information in credit cards and mortgage-related.

While watching the example of my friend here is why fallen to explore.


Due to thoracic card fell that Clarice is not clean?

Cause of the jury fell fell to an examination of the thoracic card from a friend and heard the first came at the beginning is friend Clarice is not clean.

Because the friends that have a very credible profession had heard that in recent years new credit card is issued and review submission is not, and friends from the credit card company of civil servants and social status.

Civil servants have almost no such restructuring and salary decrease in sushi, might leave even fewer years of service than rising wages every year, extremely low, so most credit screening is passing and possession is said can, and also loans very intimate set.

Friend has 20 years more than civil servants, seniority and social credibility without should be alright.

Who are already in possession of a number of cards, so excuse me, but frankly ask repayment conditions tried.

Then the words came

"You are paying!」

What's this?So why was rejected by the jury?

Point one eye examination fell "credit information have scratched" and excluded first, let us consider the following review points.

Rejected at screening points remain there if it dropped the examination at the first point, this is not in and most likely will be.

So the following possible elements, it is often third-party debt, let's look here the.

There are third-party debt

And other thoracic card, falling to an examination of the credit card if it is often a lot of third-party debt.

Is mortgage and auto loans become the largest third-party debt, mortgage and car purchase-related loans friends or confirmed.

"Mortgage payments finished.

In the format you select or return the car in three years, pay the balance of loans, returning every time, under the same conditions (return in 3 years) I kept buying new

"But doing this monthly payment.

Indeed, public servants in well, payments picture, use a mortgage already repaid the review fell because a car loan??

I'm certainly pretty high vehicles on the friends, though the officials that there is people who are car loans only in thoracic card review to fall?

It seems not much I car loan if fellow friends of income (salary).
Me, it's just better pay car loan is caused and didn ' t.

Thoracic card review fell because visible and also not a loan, but finally I asked ownership number of cards.

This is likely why it related to the property number of the credit card or it is dropped at the screening point possession count, not related to the ownership of.

Possession of the credit card is much too

Friend quite inquisitive about personal things, so will become bad, but at the end caching frames or border shopping many answers came back thinking maybe too I asked ownership number of cards


If you think that some people doesn't have a Japanese credit card average number of 2-3, 1-5 is there extremely large number are not.

I myself have five or more credit cards.

I think if the people alone 10 or more credit cards, such as leaning on it from civil servants is the possession of about four or five shots shouldn't wonder.

But so far cannot ask you friends did indeed hear the amount of each card the is too rude.

Deals so far, officials say, from caching frames or frame shopping total many so a little suspicious here, more than the number of possession of the credit card is in the personal limit Claris did tell the truth at first thought that may be near, but who had problems.

"Paying Chan and said he was in fact recognition gap and creches in the wound was.

There are things you could not buy real cell phone: 0 Yen

Is the tale that couldn't buy had another story, stories related to thoracic card examinations end real's new smartphone 0 yen.

Resurface was possible at that time, Clarice not clean enough.
Say "real 0 Yen" is installment sale agreement is the real deal.

Listened to more, friends say "pays decently" and that paying the fine card company that totally wrong I wanted.

It is should say what their friends had certainly pay was in arrears.

Is is because the person is perceived as "detention" was "neatly paid" I replied.

Payments not scratch, Clarice is refers to the flow.

Debit date invoice → → → → → use of credit cards

That is obvious, but it says card companies "have paid decently".

Are these things was a friend's payment flow.

Card → → → → → → invoice date on insufficient funds at, not withdrawn some claim → → → → → salary paid debit

As a friend,

"In the final payment has been made.

"Bad pay and debit order, the opposite problem without payment is made"

"The same situation from the old time, but ever person loans"

Wanted to say, but at the time was unable to date for the first withdrawal on creches "overdue".

There is no blame, repeat that if mobile cannot buy on installment sale contract and then fail in the credit examination sometime.

To clean to prevent thoracic examination dropped to Clarice

Told them to beautiful creche for friends, not thoracic card review fell it was necessary.

The method is fairly simple.

From card companies and paid to do.

Anymore, it takes a long time it is unavoidable that can't change was already overdue from the newly accumulated to pay without delay but no.

It is, but I think through the examination of the thoracic card even Claris becomes beautiful if you think contrary to this social position there as the only.

It is tough considering countermeasures if Clarice is beautiful but it is dropped in.


NG's late payments!

Clarice then clean again activate card thoracic examination application.

No caching frame is a beautiful creche, and Let's kill the portion is likely to lead to review rejected, try lowering the limit, such as shopping border card owned by.

It would be likely to pass the examination of the thoracic card you.

Reasons to want ANA to earn best thoracic card

Please look at article summarizes the relationship between how to save ANA mileage to visitors in search of credit card-related, but I think that you know are already saving ANA Mileage Club mileage and thoracic card here.

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Uneasy or through the credit card review

Credit card was introduced as one of the items should prepare in the ANA Miler preparing Guide, here just a little bit Mylar Edamame soy beans (my) experience to talk about leave.

On the ANA mileage earning credit card issuer is required.

You must to be sure ANA To Me CARD PASMO (thoracic card) issued to thoracic route can be saved per year over 200000 miles.

Essential in earning points with point site for issuing credit cards, rather than as a settlement in addition to ANA Mileage.

Passing to the examination by credit card is such an important item, and people there are not such as might be anxiety or credit card.

In the examination of the credit card please try know with even just a little bit at first.

Freelance is passing to the examination card?

Well the heard to say as difficult examination of credit because bad credit is a freelance.

Play, or is it?

I thought Edamame soy beans Mylar also previously in the standpoint of freelance examination of credit card dropped easily.

So, will quit the company itself during aerobic digestion was apply new credit card.

Annual income was never more because it is not decent company size, number of years of seniority of 10 years, the company was without a problem and passing the examination, took up the card.

Edamame soy beans Mylar failure is the choice card here.

I lent fiasco was more solid given is… absolutely no benefits card to choose.

And noticed that it is already having closed digestion and freelance…

From Violetta, sign up for a credit card last about 2 months later, new to application looking card (thoracic).

better put a little time freelance or job immediately after passing to the examination on the Web from the freelance wait one year, or lined up and many sad and grateful for your words.

But for the Edamame soy beans Miler just & could safely through the credit screening and application on urgently needed card was thought and strategy.

Strategy at that time (that as Wow is) here.

And for the freelance job immediately after I tried to apply the thoracic card ready to earn mileage at look at please refer to fell in the examination of the credit card.

A review of credit card on the right way

It is a thing you can see if you think the credit card system, but after all that we need is "credit".

To avoid this, so the money is not returned because it states that pays the money upon card issuance examination it is.

Eventually say credit… no freelance or not!May seem

Is the credit I'm not only applicants, we have translated.

I'm first is made up of Commission business, if only, whether in person, or around the ability to pay even if there is enough, because card companies have paid by card.

In other words, I'm like cards are issued as a basic idea of the credit card company.
Card companies want to issuing cards to people you can trust, no never alone you're thinking, and you do not want to issue cards from slowing down in the examination he would turn their cards from third-party card is.

So goes the credit specifically how do I?

There, family structure and residence information about credit card application form, here in the presence of person other than payer ability and credit it is looking at whether this item by using their credibility away.

However, do not lie.You must be sure to write the truth.

For example family members, even temporarily let living with parents.So you increase the household income.The number of households with more and more household income, the annual income per person of low credit scores higher.

Parents in home ownership and lived long years and times of your one card available money loans have repayment if you will.

There really is no more may be difficult, but is not himself, so trust yourself around people to tell your credit card company.

Want to tell Edamame soy beans Mylar tricks even without the slightest, from freelance, is that on the job immediately, because I want give point sites available and apply for the card.

Edamame soy beans Mylar becoming freelance, was able to card in 1-2 months of experience.

Annual income of the previous year was correctly fill in date of annual income for workers age and my parents became in return parents and brothers and sisters and of household income, freelancers.

And was careful at the end is the amount of intended use of window shopping and caching frames.

Edamame soy beans Mylar already had two cards.New registration card and apply as an individual in the caching framework is 0.

Will have to put with caching framework to commercial business revenue projections, etc..Because it was considered more say more assessment items, items may be dropped as a risk management application in this manner.

This is to prevent too many multiple-card, sign in shopping also with other cards in its own way, for a very low amount total shopping borders (limits).

Is unnecessary because there is going to be the main card was about more than the desired amount actually issued the card shopping border…

Because the lower limit if they wish I'd cards from previous to update up to limit the possession number of cards you are lower limits.


 If you earn mileage for travel

[Thoracic] thoracic card (ANA To Me CARD PASMO JCB)

↑ it do not forget.

Freelance, paled before the in point redemption rate shopping to tell the truth, choose a card, knowing the existence of thoracic card is Edamame soy beans Mylar.

It is simply the journey like Edamame soy beans Mylar.
I want to take a class or a good want something I'd want to look at the views of the various towns, but must be moved to the.

Car train also flight everything like Edamame soy beans Mylar.The expense it takes to move, just become stupid.To transportation load effective mileage.

Who got thoracic card

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