How to pay taxes on the ANA Mileage Club mileage can

Each year, 7 month’s depression may ~ ~ and what is not often think of.

I’m may not feel much in your rent, working as an office worker, does not own a car, pension and tax-related payments and billing is at this time.

Taken such tax, on motor vehicle tax, fixed asset tax, pension and health insurance (bad words I am sorry…) of either.It is feel overburdened.

I can’t go and don’t pay until should represent the frustration in that Act of frustration you can not pay, not to change the system of political action in the system changes.

And benefited somehow pay anyway if you want to travel up (lol

So how to save ANA mileage depending on how to pay the taxes so please try.


 That do not earn mileage with direct debit

There are payment of taxes normally levied for “don’t forget” for the reason that the pain is going to pay debit is I think.

It is many places each municipality also recommended direct debit.

Who they elected direct debit application form and seal was required before the recently available cash card is not increasing.

That is, the

You can’t get 1 mileage is in debit.

I’m not mileage paid the amount of 50000, 100000, 150000, further over the years.

Somehow, it-and don’t you?

Earn mileage even to 300000 Yen worth of airline tickets to buy, and usually when you shop with your credit card with points.

Sorry on the cash basis of the credit card are in tax-related payments can to earn points & miles.

And tangible way.

Paid by credit card mileage earned do.!

I’m so the tax recently paying by credit card is possible.
The often taxes before paying by credit card is not growing quite recently.

So, we recommend paying with highest point redemption rate credit card.

For example, is the national pension premiums, and also we can make payment by credit card.

Monthly, six months can choose from three types of advance, one-year advance since spending-limit card balance and fit what works best choose.

< Petition is available for download from the WEB site of the Japan pension organization.

I think pension every month, every year, much remain on a regular basis into ANA mileage point via payment by credit card, and insurance premiums are not so much people earn decent mileage.

To earn tax, property tax and motor vehicle tax

This may vary depending on your country and city, but in many municipalities tax, personal tax, fixed asset tax vehicle tax credit card corresponds.

Pay reduced rate card here, too, in points earned = earn mileage with you can make your.

Possible payment methods stated himself sees a WEB site of your country so check first.

In Tokyo pretty easy credit card system has been introduced, so consider it?.

Pay by nanaco credit card does not work in any other way.

Who has set the limit, but here is a way to process credit card payments to indirect and do not know the deals using the nanaco may be unsuitable.

But it is depends on how even the nanaco can payment of 150000.

I think this approach is also in another post to tell you about.

And deprived of eyes-mileage to lose?

Change credit card payments so far do not have writing and earn mileage with credit card disadvantages include.

Often it takes some commissions at the moment.

If fees by direct debit if you are paying by credit card and will be additional fees.

Dozens of Yen-I might as well switch payment method from convinced, as there are several hundred yen, but it also checks in municipalities WEB site, etc..

Think money go out and captu
re dozens of Yen if willing, or less good, and becomes a personal judgment.

Method of payment payment of tax and pension insurance premiums take this opportunity to review once a suitable find.

Was in a sense lucky as 貯mareba mileage on it, is easier.


“Soiled want not.

Want to take take ANA mileage only

Considered too time consuming and too hard to gather information, payment can be expired (lol

Resides in any way has its advantages and disadvantages.
Yourself, understand and decide it’s fine as is available we want to.

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