ANA mileage the trip!How to enjoy a trip in the rain

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Also write how to earn mileage like unbreakable that ANA, miles, always, but this time just to take a rest and tried to think about enjoying the journey.

Some people just go on a trip if you enjoy go, weeks, people from many months ago to prepare for the trip.

Come out from the good weather is good at such a time, but had put the plans from many months ago, but travel just before bad weather is unexpectedly when a lot.

How to enjoy the trip at the time of rain.

It is


 Take advantage of sandals and the Museum of fine arts

I’m wearing the sandals are discouraged during the winter and temperatures are lower, but it rains sometimes.

You don’t in flip flops!
Stylish sandals.

Don’t hate what you hate when it rains, I get wet.

But how much car rental and taxis to use when getting on and off the slightly wet it’s not.

Increases the chance you back and forth in and out several times to getting wet in the rain, it will gradually damp.

Is particularly easy to wet feet.

Also umbrella umbrella and distance so easy to wet bouncing bouncing off the ground and his legs too often.

It is in a short period of time have to feel uncomfortable even when wet, sandals and dry off immediately.

Not quite under the fabric and socks once paint dries it will take and put on my shoes and socks on.

Is if sandals with a towel and dry immediately after you once you blew quick, you need to care about.

Keep I think there are shoes and boots waterproof spray that they not get wet, but dry than wet wipes, and emphasizes that dries quickly and surprisingly pleasant stay!.

And the art museum.

Here is Museum exhibits artifacts to prevent lighting and HVAC control is.

So, is the kind of place likely to care, humidity than spending at cafes and restaurants, etc.

I think many people and it’s raining day in hotels or cafes reading books, but take a look at, Museum of fine arts to come to.

Moved by chartered taxi.

When you want to turn in the rain looking at tourist attractions such as planned move I stop in a Chartered taxi.

If you go to the most famous tourist destinations in private taxi is even on the day of and the day before negotiable somehow.

You want to use, consult your wallet and riretri at you around in a taxi at the entrance to closer than driving by bus or train, and his distance because it has many advantages.

Some sites can be reserved for private use in the taxi beforehand.
Travel a few days if the weather can be roughly predicted ago using this site

Can be booked in advance and begin earning ANA mileage further.

Eventually the story of ANA mileage was just out (lol

But it is also doing case in point site after slightly missing the point!So to save you can save ANA mileage at times, so you don’t leave.

Click here for Chartered tourist taxi ANA mileage earning site

With so many models also plans to choose good.

I put one of the choices on this rainy season, said transportation and travel fun even in the rain.

Do not fret and can’t change the weather on their own, or enjoy the rain rain makes possible to find or be found how to deal with their own rain and the weather is eliminated.

If you do not book in advance, Edamame soy beans Mylar the negotiating directly with the taxi driver.

For example, is also within walking distance from the train station and bus station when I go to the hotel, you can use the hotel shuttle will dare take a taxi.

And in the hotel the day after negotiations between the tags.

Won’t be finalized during will go, well, get off the taxi.

Get business card say goodbye the.

Why not?

Brochures, bus tours of the type that comes to pick us up the hotel go to hotels and often.

Is a decision from the information obtained in these hotels.

If you decide to ask the taxi by phone after, book.

At this time, other people already the driver store are kept may in most cases is OK because it will organise another driver for the same company.

Boarding from the change drivers when you have to confirm contact with advance next day.

Many ways to enjoy the journey even in the rain.

Enjoy the wet may see things not seen in fine weather, as much as possible, to not feel uncomfortable.

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