Why so few points site visitors?

Begin earning your ANA Mileage at hapitas

Can save enough to go 20 times and 10 times, if domestic travel, save enough to go abroad in business class or first class if using a point sites such as hapitas, ANA mileage ANA Mileage, user's only of millions of people.

Compared with the membership number of shopping sites and so much less?

But think it is some reason why is so little?

First of all, the first one.

Do not know the existence of point site


And there are people who do not know existence point site, but many think it is.

For example, there is some point site does not appear as an advertisement, because there also was looking at various web sites now are personal search history, etc. from the appropriate ads to appear.

And is the embarking point site on to buy sites already bookmarked shopping sites, or buy, or call directly search by product name, there is no State.


The second one.

Too lazy to go through point site


Who does not know the existence of point site, or have already signed up to.

It's tedious route of buying into point site;

Get access directly to or bookmarked shopping sites often use the same as people do not know that points site is as it is.

I think that it is there.


In the end third.

They think suspicious point site

And it's I think.


For example, it is not only about 1500000 people through hapitas, at most, with 1 points for shopping at Rakuten through a hapitas point site is said to 90 million people exceeds the number of members of the.

Yes, membership number hapitas of 1500000 people around, so most people do not use the hapitas.

It is hapitas than other point site membership has many 5 million people around, less than 1 percent of Rakuten membership.

The dangerous and even to normally shop at Rakuten, Yahoo, Amazon and same number of members must be not amusing point site is company, Rakuten is lower and the point site systems do not understand much, I suspect is the idea that believers may be the point site is not available.


Point sites presented on this blog, but you know how it is questionable in this is not what I think.

Had to say just a little ago being sold on the NET there are suspicious people now take for granted on the net buy clothes, food and various things.

Having a credit card credit card coz it seems, many of the cash basis, compared with the previous norm, the status to become something even more.


I think know how similarly point site, and greater understanding to spread quickly.


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