You will know ANA premium points can earn mileage

ANA flight

ANA Mileage saving and ride on the plane again, aims to senior members of the ANA are many.

In just a little bit ANA senior member of Premier Member Services about if I’d either have not as yet, such as aiming for senior member status, future ANA continued to use and we in the information put in the head, won’t be disappointed.

More ANA Member wishing and start to earn nowadays, almost at the same time.

Keep let me first of all underlying ANA Premier Member Services information.


ANA Premier members services

You can get Premium member service offers over a one year period from April next year status is determined depending on the number of premium points earned in December, from January 1 every year ANA Premier members services and.

You can earn premium points ahead of December to determine status for the next year, each status and use the premium member prior service until the end of March next year.

It is recommended to start from the beginning of the year can earn premium points as soon as possible and receive many services it just so.

ANA Premier member service is one of three classes, bronze, Platinum and diamond.

Diamond is the highest class.

Customers basically many aboard the plane of ANA was ranked, provides services from ANA was called System.

When the rank classification criteria to be ANA premium points.

And ANA premium points

Another one point get in to take a flight in miles and ANA premium points.

You can’t earn miles can save on how to earn miles by utilizing point site, but ANA premium points a plane to catch.

And rode the airplane with points earned, and for buying things that are not allowed.
In other words, is that premium point, say the direct monetary value, such as miles.

Is the ANA plane available number of the customer to keep track of that.

Also, whereas miles expire three years, premium point’s annual (January-December), and accrue and do not carry forward to the transition next year.

Too much saving points become reset in January next year will also accumulate from Jan.

Accumulation of mileage award tickets usually say is, premium points and miles or reduced premium points for different systems, and it is not.

< Need premium for ANA Mileage Club members ranked by points

  • General membership (non-member) 0 ~ 30000 points
  • Bronze membership (senior member) 30000-49999 points
  • Platinum membership (senior member) 50000-99999 points
  • Diamond Card members (senior member) 100000 points

Premium member meets the number of points needed to earn more than 30000 points premium points and the entrance of new Member Bronze member.

Depending on the number of points earned and premium points to continue save even after becoming a premium member → Bronze membership goes up a rank order Diamond membership-Platinum members.

The membership class each to services from ANA and many many people, so once you get to the senior member, and consistently to become a senior member and be a better class fast plane ride to be.

Super flyers card

Diamond and Platinum members receive a special invitation from ANA.

It is a super flyers card.

Continuity of service when you join this card while the flyers members senior members for, will be available.

So I think about Super flyers card also in another post over want to cover articles published until now stay tuned.


ANA Mileage Club membership or to say unfamiliar with or even just began to earn serious, ever had much luck plane of ANA is the first written in this article, the Member should keep in mind.

There are things you better not take the plane may be difficult to understand, but boarded a plane at least once, I saw printed card designs were on board a plane while urging the priority boarding is not it.

Is to say Premium Member, that Member might have been boarding here, the customers of the airline.

Keep in mind it’s entirely different system (the system) is the senior membership system is profound but first goes to ANA Mileage Club, should earn a premium point to become a senior member, miles and premium points.

This article also read those saving miles

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It is possible when you dine out with colleagues and family members, earn miles with double point town + credit card payment in the.

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Restaurant monitor is ANA Mileage indispensable must-haves