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ANA mileage earning

Our seat to related to deals and upcoming operating systems, long-term vision, and because ANA mileage ANA is often to get information.

It was hard to get corporate information of every one involved ANA body, related companies, subsidiaries and group companies and some companies say the ANA and the unit.

To follow the Twitter account one specializing in ANA-related information in the future just to get efficiency well various ANA related information becomes available.


ANA-related news-Twitter account

Ana all Nippon Airways (ANA/NH) from the 10/1/2016 to the announced to start the company information, such as telling users to news dedicated Twitter account.

Website group press releases and company information in the Twitter account "What's up? ANA "of the plan submitted for situation updates, Conference and events, media coverage, etc.

Already from the 8/2016 account is established and is the situation might have been followed.

So I think many people have been using to get corporate information services such as RSS and alerts, but Twitter to skim large quantities of information at work take it is a nice service.

What's up? And ANA

The information sent from the Twitter account "What's up? ANA "of which includes updated information Ihaテ's up? Is the site announcing their ANA and ANA provided the 7/17/2015 efforts.

Here, such as press releases and editorial introduction and information exposed coming.

User opinions of ANA has been classed as one of owned media began to gain sympathy and support in the effort, attitude and look.

New Twitter account dedicated to the news in the Symantec site, will get a variety of information.

ANA exclusive news Twtter account here > > @ANA_Group_News

What's up? ANA's site is here > >


Account dealing with genres such as recruitment and information to shareholders, some unnecessary information there might be ANA-related conventions, such as the various get when inputting information from whether you should anticipate any need because enough sink read about on Twitter so broad and shallow at the ANA Mileage Club related, award tickets and shareholder special benefit plan.