Develop a prosthesis they do not obstruct inspection by ANA!

Legs fold to ANA using 3D printing inspection has developed.


It was one of the annoying things for inspection is indispensable on the plane, but no go bullet train and vehicle safety inspection using the prosthesis.

The prosthesis often uses metal parts for the safety inspection must be caught tentacles inspection forced by reality.


In order to change that situation ANA and JSR, SHC design 3 company developed a resin prosthesis in joint development.



ANA's prosthesis development joint Presley lease


Let's see the joint press release of prosthetic development was announced by the ANA.


8/29/2016 design
JSR co., Ltd. and a
ll Nippon Airw
ays Co. Ltd. SHC.

3D print leg joint development

 All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: 篠辺 o., following ANA) and JSR co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: koshiba than Shin, following JSR), SHC design co., Ltd. (headquartered in chigasaki city, Kanagawa Prefecture, President: Tsuneo Masuda, less:SHC design) jointly develop and produce "3D print prosthesis' toward commercialization in future, will help.

 Patients, need prosthetic legs and dropped due to diabetes comes from the diet in developing countries, conflicts and natural disasters, as well as a biased world we look, estimated 17 million (*) and prosthesis based on current metal, although many rate 30-400000 yen and more expensive, and you can buy is just a situation.
 Also to avoid the corrosion of a metal prosthesis used in developed countries including Japan, 近寄れなかったり Beach, deformed prosthesis used in hot-spring baths, inconvenient time forced foot pedestrian travel various hurdles.At airport security checkpoints, metal prosthesis responds to sensors to the pedestrian foot again must tentacles inspection staff.

 Solve the SHC design stress and problems faced by those of prosthetic gait such as domestic and international, in 2015, launched to develop innovative products that 3D printing prosthesis.Developed by JSR 3 D printer for material FABRIAL® bioplastic by using R series.
 This prosthesis has the following features, we aim to sell in 2017.

  • (1) a simple configuration that only three types of plastic materials
  • (2) General manufacturing cost artificial leg 20-30%
  • (3) does not contain any metal, and compared to conventional artificial legs lighter.

 SHC design is an inexpensive prosthetic leg in the Philippines more, able to deliver many of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) commissioned by businesses for research.Continue to operate as a prosthetic leg for the second book to reduce the burden of mind when traveling in Japan and in the existing prosthesis difficult experience.

 Agrees with SHC design innovation, ANA is doing a travel assistance service providing validation experiment in prosthetic gait employee verification, technical advice, and Airport / Airport / SHC design business development cooperation supports the more comfortable air travel.Also JSR has Keio Keio University SFC Research Institute social fabrication Lab (representative, Hiroya Tanaka) and jointly developed 3D printed filament FABRIAL® series offering, we will support the SHC design challenge.

For inquiries:

SHC design co., Ltd. Fax:0467-55-4004
JSR co., Ltd. public relations department Tel:03-6218-3517
ANA public relations department Tel:03-6735-1111

FABRIAL (fabricar)® R series

JSR's proprietary polymer technology developed by 3D printer for the filament material.There is the main material used for the 3D printer in the past, had low strength, brittle or broken in the process, the finished molded product commercialization difficult challenges.Used this prosthesis, this new material is developed based on material widely used in a variety of industries including healthcare, soft supple and enabling production broadening the diversity of designs and uses of the 3D printer.Material directly touching the skin confirmed the safety due to skin irritation testing (ISO 10993-10 compliance).

(※) WHO (World Health Organization), 2016, SHC design is estimated by the "Global Report On Diabetes" Japan li
mb salvage and foot disease society WEB page (


Prostheses made of plastic alone for the airport service (inspection) in the fall, freed from the tentacle test every time it seems to be.


Identify the metal prosthesis and prosthesis (or whole body scan?) Will be best if you can do without tentacles inspection, under the present situation still hard to start.

This prosthesis with you other than the security inspection at the airport even sea bathing and Spa enjoy good sounds.


Edamame soy beans Mylar is doing and even closer to prosthesis is a prosthesis, or what he used, but often "waiting sorry" is so little time yet I care I got she used reverse-and there are many things.

These products "waiting sorry" it might be fewer opportunities to use the word.


Should use prostheses, wheelchairs even ill more and more airlines such as ANA


Because it is a blog titled how to save ANA mileage here focuses on the contents of the ANA, as well as ANA, outfitted with various support on nearly all the airlines.


Staff support services to people with disabilities, those who cannot walk, who find it difficult to communicate with hearing and speech, using medical equipment, etc, so blind people in wheelchairs using more and more to want?


Themselves around the wheelchair, are often unwilling to go borrow someone's hands it may become painful physical or using medical oxygen use and variety of people, but because so much travel to go to refrain.


But, please think carefully.

It is the spectacle changed long ago and where when you go to the airport to go abroad after a long time destinations are listening to others (for the airport staff and security), know how to use the 2-d barcode or support staff, often.

I don't have support people with disabilities and people who are sick.


In the way ANA mileage featured on this blog to save large amounts of failure or absence of disease is almost nothing.

And enjoyed save ANA mileage techniques can be practiced by many people, so feel free to use the aircraft, able to travel and it was at the ANA Presley lease.




Developed a resin prosthesis they do not obstruct inspection by ANA.

Will be released in 2017 calendar and may vary in this situation is still slightly ahead, but artificial legs use the plane must not be tentacles inspection at the inspection.


Prosthesis, even mileage to save those who use medical equipment such as wheelchairs are also has various support inside the airport and airlines are so, try using a plane?.


This article also read those saving miles


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