[Campaign End]JAL is now earn

Recently, ANA started undertake earn new service Memorial, but now from JAL announced implementation of earn.

Participants in the frequent flyer Club which both JAL and ANA, JAL's frequent flyer Club just to attend Miss JAL Mileage points from it and people think not!


Alaska Airlines new partnership double campaign

Celebrate the new partnership with Alaska Airlines, JAL, JAL frequent flyer Club members to conduct double campaign announced.

Are eligible to Board with eligible fares during the same flight mileage and mileage as a bonus mileage will be credited.

Because there are many people who are saving both the ANA and JAL Mileage this summer-autumn went to the West Coast will try saving rates earn?.


Double period

Campaign period is as follows.

8/1/2016-10/31 (departure date)

Just a summer vacation in Japan-is the period covered up to silver.

Realize low ticket to Alaska to campaign registration becomes mandatory before boarding to earn double miles, so don't forget to register here.

JAL Mileage Bank – new partnership anniversary! earn Alask
a Airlines (AS) http://www.jal.co.jp/121campaign/as_wmile/

Note that becomes eligible for earn it on board, without prior registration.

Target customers and eligible

JAL Mileage Bank-friendly campaign is so obvious, but JAL frequent flyer Club members eligible.

Time for you who have not yet joined the Mileage Bank joined in campaign application, so take this opportunity to look at and try.

Alaska operates all flights will be eligible, codeshare flights are targeted AS JL operated flights only.

Eligible booking class

Campaigns like this are sure booking class which must be addressed.

Has been excluded, the cheapest class in many cases is often sold subject classes within the lowest price.

Eligible booking class, seats with their own budget on airline tickets.

Booking class eligible for this is shown below.

First class fares, economy class fares on the following booking classes

AS flight:F/P/Y/S/B/M/H/Q/L/V/R/K/G/T

JL codeshare flights (operated AS):F/A/Y/B/H/K/M/L/V/S/O/G/R/Q/N

Alaska routes are operated from 6/30

Alaska routes are already operated flights are frequent flyer partnerships been at the same time, aboard the Alaska Airlines JAL Mileage accumulate.

Also, in your mileage award ticket on Alaska Airlines also become available.

Alaska Airlines Los Angeles, San Francisco and Vancouver based on flights to cities such as Seattle, Portland, Salt Lake City, so transfer from JAL flights in America moved to the West Coast and Western United States city becomes even more smoothly.

< Alaska Airlines JAL codeshare flights &gt;

Departure and arrival cities: San Fra
ncisco departure and arrival destinations: Seattle, Portland, Palm Springs, Salt Lake City

Departure and arrival cities: S
an Diego flight destinations: Seattle, Portland, Monterey, Salt Lake City, Poissy, Fresno, Los Cabos (Mexico authorities permit acquisition after starting.)

Departure and arrival cities: Los Angel
es departure and arrival destinations: Salt Lake City, Santa Rosa

Departure city: Vancouver and
from destinations: Seattle, Portland

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