ANA is right shoulder up JAL is rising?

In the 0/2015 international airline passengers bypassed the first time JAL ANA.

For the first time in 30 years from entering the regular thing.

Is ANA overtook JAL, Ana right shoulder I tend to think the JAL's decline, but what actually is?

The answer is



ANA and JAL are rising


I'd think ANA's meteoric rise can imagine anyone actually JAL is rising.

I think it's a manifestation of that number fell rapidly in bankruptcy have come back.

Can cut unprofitable domestic routes by bankruptcy for JAL, huge money was spent because it was rapidly and to not go, but in recent years has steadily extend the passenger numbers.

ANA was also the transport of passenger fares paid to show "commercial passenger-kilometres" (number of passengers x flight distance) but for the first time exceeded those of JAL.

Is not this results increased convenience and improved service by joining the Alliance have been accumulated little by little in.

What we take, JAL and JAL to improve quality with ANA ANA both strong is a good thing, but to go forward, the two companies ahead of what will be.


JAL also migrating to the expansion beginning in 2017?


Why ANA chose the strategy of expansion so far, unwilling to expand routes JAL?

I'm for it until 2016, JAL is put under surveillance in the country to not increase the route.

During this JAL strapped state is the ANA has been expanding rapidly.

It is State or new service routes JAL does not have or introduce a large airliner, trying to gain new customers and retain.

It is difficult for JAL's hand rests restrictions from the country until the 28th year of Heisei, is soon to follow ANA.

Is is possible from 0/2017 JAL take countermeasures against ANA.

Is whether or not the cut rudder of a business expansion as well as spectators.


Not conflict with JAL, Ana


On the other hand, you can extend the number of customers in line rather than breaking the stronghold of JAL and take a look at the routes offered by ANA, totally different directions.

For example, it is most is Japan's first line of new routes.

It is the structure that responded to the needs rather than fight directly with JAL, JAL did not pick the ANA.

Also, Malaysia route for keeping the time zone for the Japanese JAL with Ana times personalized for the need to use Japan as a hub airport (transfer point) foreign residents.

Decisions for the Japanese JAL or ANA serves as a hub airport Haneda for foreigners gradually has shifted as it seems.

In conflict, that there should be two companies at the same time become composition of meteoric rise.


Could devote the ANA flights


So far written about ANA and JAL awkwardly and the mileage and what is relevant?You may have thought.

So important things to advance potential changes in the frequent flyer program, company on using mileage to travel was considered just a little bit of both.


This can be related to miles!


Ana foreign comes out as may also make the tickets difficult to go continues to shift to take.

It is clear that most people are saving up mileage award ticket on purpose.

Is at the moment very popular Hawaii routes very hard to take, but in the future other routes also comes not to take might be.


ANA ease of use = Japanese other than popular that is.


Have to worry about up there, but I think a may want to take great pains to ANA's earn began to tell the truth.

Miles terms and conditions of award tickets in the past many changes have been made.

If you practice how can accumulate over the years 200000 miles are tough people content (mileage improvements, etc.), but nearly ever used in ways I can.

Not only that, over the years 200000 mileage is large numbers.

Why don't you save not started yet save ANA mileage the mile?

Or get a ticket using mileage or upgrade to a better class, how to use and enjoy the variety.



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How earn more than 200000 mileage over the years to put together.
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