Earning mileage is easy!Is that true?

It's not easy get tired in a crowd and earn miles

It is easy to accumulate large amounts of mileage if you are utilizing a point site, any mileage earned on first class, to travel abroad.

And so, on the theory that anyone can, easy and safe way!

But it is actually not so easy?

That anecdote a little distanced from the how to earn mileage with concrete this time, little changed the perspective.



Easy to earn miles


Aboard the plane said to earn mileage and save by shopping with airline cards, save that it is common.

Earning itself is very simple.

No doubt I can save anyone if you pay the money.


So save a large amount of serious?And say not so much.

Especially ANA mileage easy to save and the JAL as the ANA not even it is possible to earn large amounts of easily.

You want to know how to save a specific visit here.

Earn more mileage and how to use the ANA Mileage value and how to replace the summary


To introduce how to earn mileage Checkup and newspaper subscriptions, etc., also on this blog a lot has.

It is practicable that none, if your employees generally.

It is the easiest way for mass mileage point site utilizing more speaking, how can I earn in the stable of office workers easily without any difficulty as to earn that.


Is the environment couldn't point site use by people who are.


Though the company according to the environment


It is a sign from the web if point site as high point credit card issuance is a company employee, as the easiest way to earn earn large amounts.

I think it looks like an easy way when applying for a credit card from the end point site registration, 5 minutes in 10 minutes if you earn tens of thousands of miles.

Is no time working from morning till night, and decent lunch take the long commute time on very crowded trains at home just hours after date think you should have to work a room once in a while as soon as accident eventually arrived at the House also changed from… what an office worker is (Edamame soy beans Miler himself was one of them…).


Hard to say the State registration ends in just five minutes as bodies are tired, no matter how large the mileage saved.

When people mentally and physically and they have little margin to start point site.

In daily have been pressed for time, I chased by time in private.

I think that is done at time points up in the period of higher than normal points are awarded a point site is most suitable for practice, but without overdoing it, we can do it well enough.

Domestic season (nearby) round trip is available alone, always do 10000 traversal issues twice a year.


It is way easy and anyone can do it, under any circumstances do not.

Mylar Edamame soy beans themselves, hapitas taught to friends from actually registering up to 2 years (time spent too much it is!), before performing his first 3 month (midfield away projects, sign up!I want to now plunged.) it took.

It is recommended to go save the mileage at the time and the way people are placed under harsh environment if people enjoy working as an office worker, and was himself.


Tired workers without mileage journey!


Doing the points deal, saving mileage from going down to the travel office workers who, if we recommend it even saved the mileage if possible get some rest, go travel at their own expense.

Is likely to accumulate points, earn mileage even if going to the trip mileage saved from before it became tired itself.

Hapitas site to look tired and start saving up points or mileage from the joy of travel and experience giving himself away, and come back and deal with the request and managed to take action such as what it is.

Is points in originally haven't gone much to the trip miles, and even having a 眠kattari in it 移semasenn into action.

Because it is what busy people or people who are tired, we embark on a journey to earn more will try.



ANA heavy mileage summary information


ANA Mileage for sure thing!

Vol. 1

ANA mileage earning dramatically if we all do it!How to save ANA mile

Is the most important article together three-step needs to be done in order ANA mileage to get easy the heavy.

Just by reading this article that they can sufficiently;

Vol. 2

And never do for saving lot miles, travel

Writing techniques to use machines with the idea specifically to earning mileage and travel show, we used to earn miles.


And items that you need to earn miles

Land Mylar practice!Preparation guide

All items are written here is write a list of items for accumulating mileage without taking the plane to make available.

Earn mileage on land land Mylar essential thoracic cards

Thoracic card arrives in your hand

You need to earn large amounts at a higher exchange rate exchanging mileage from point.Describes how to use credit cards known as thoracic card to enable it.


Mass-mileage point site hapitas is required

Active first step point site hapitas to the ANA Mileage usage summary

Are not yet registered to the hapitas click here ↑ the article useful please register through the banner.


And why hapitas is essential to earn miles

Required point site hapitas earn with their recommended reason

Hapitas as the most easy-to-save mileage point site recommend this blog.You can see if you read this article is the best reason.


How to get the point that is the first step in earning

Projects in the hapitas get over 10000 miles

Usage in hapitas described as well as the specific issues in this article.


How to replace the mileage from point

The importance of the first step relay point site PeX to redeem mileage on ANA

Great save, and in Exchange for excellent sites point site.
It is a first step in order ANA mileage points earned in hapitas and the desired relay point site description.


How to replace the mileage from hapitas

How to replace ANA mileage points earned in hapitas

This is a description of the route and how to change ANA mileage point hapitas saved in a free consultation for opening of FOREX accounts, certificates, credit cards, insurance, etc..