Where most earn mileage at ANA Mileage Mall Home Electronics retail stores?

Cash and ANA mile

Even though consumer electronics from thousands up to 100000 number greatly increased buying by the way those appliances are of different price points, but make sure spot in stores in recent years, the Internet.

Is there one price just a cheap place to select, g, ANA mileage because if once ANA Mileage Mall look.

On the credit card at 100 yen a mileage in from the ANA Mileage Mall purchases-earn more than twice the mileage of normal if you use credit cards earn about 3 mph, so with credit card earn ANA mileage has become possible.


And ANA Mileage Mall

Is a similar point site, such as the service can save ANA Mileage Club mileage to go through with the ANA Mileage Mall shopping and service use by system.

Designed to be granted ANA mileage ANA Mileage Mall is where points are awarded if the point site.

It is possible to use if you have ANA Mileage Club card, ANA card.

Partners are in the consumer electronics retail stores other than many shops, more than 300 shops are presented to ANA Mileage Mall.

And domestically, Japan is also capable of sending overseas shop, stores only, such as airlines.

Earn mileage at ANA Mileage Mall, shop for accesses from the ANA Mileage Mall link, enter your ANA number to access this shop site.

ANA Mileage Mall is here > > https://www.ana.co.jp/amc/reference/tameru/mileagemall/

ANA Mileage Mall partner's home appliance dealer list

And likely travel abroad, except for Internet shops in expensive shopping to say, limited consumer products.

Depending on the number of purchases does not earn miles, not depending on the amount of payment must get the mileage when you purchase expensive products to earn more mileage for mileage is credited.

If you want to shop indiscriminately even household appliances and even if today's appliances are cheaper than the obvious performance and tailored to the needs of some high-value goods, such as sell number 100000 exceeds lightly is increasing.

It is recommended because it increases the value in award ticket is good if expensive products purchased at a brand based on quality, such as BOSE, Nikon, Apple, ANA Mileage Mall retailers tend to focus for a bargain, but manufacturers retail stores and the store, at the same time a hefty settlement point reduction site, ANA Mileage Mall in mileage if you have the.

Comes out when trying to purchase specifications are required for customizing in retail stores, Apple, can not be purchased, be sure to buy on Apple's site.

Often enhance the specs of the Mac and turned professional more than 500000 for Mac users in particular ANA Mileage Mall is recommended.

< Electronics stores on the ANA Mileage Mall &gt;

  • iRobot
  • Apple
  • Epson Direct
  • Kitamura camera
  • Canon online store
  • K's Denki
  • Joshin shopping
  • Nikon Direct
  • nojima
  • BOSE
  • Yamadawebcom

So has partnered with 14 stores in all consumer electronics dealers, retailers and manufacturers retail stores both make juggling according to your purchase.

Where does most earn frequent flyer store

What and where are the stores earn most ANA mileage ANA Mileage Mall home appliances dealer in.

Store the highest mileage reduction rate is below 1 mileage at 100 yen is granted.

  • iRobot
  • Canon online store
  • Nikon Direct

It would be better determined by comparing price / mileage value and purchase a camera low emphasis, such as retailers or the ANA Mileage oriented, and decide where to buy.

Many also get 1.5 mileage at 100 yen or two-mileage limited mileage reduction rate is higher if there is.

How to earn more than twice the ANA miles

Get mileage in ANA Mileage Mall while providing ANA cards earn mileage when you can get the mileage by 2 mileage can ANA card payments by using ANA Mileage Mall is recommended.

Typically earning mileage on credit card payments at reduced rate of around 1 percent, very expensive not settlements and not quite saved miles, but in combination with settlement and ANA Mileage Mall typically earn mileage more than doubled than becomes possible.

ANA credit card transactions cannot be recommended as a way of earning lots of mileage but chose the credit card during the ANA Mileage Mall.


It is possible also in ANA Mileage Mall include camera stores going 1 mileage at 100 yen, even in conjunction with the ANA credit card earn over 2 mileage at 100 yen.

It is advisable to save ANA mileage ANA Mileage Mall enables consumer electronics purchases tend to be hefty payments are low emphasis, such as retail stores are nice, too.

Is how to save diligently on the credit card as the way ANA mileage to save large amounts of incorrect payment number 100000 saved mileage more than doubled on ANA cards with ANA Mileage Mall and is recommended.

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