What is ANA’s own cloud funding “WonderFLY”

Started a crowdfunding site ANA's own (services).

What service is named Ionderfly, this crowdfunding?Through this service, Ana trying what the future or ANA Mileage Club and relevant, let's explore ANA crowdfunding.


With crowdfunding ANA's own "WonderFLY"

The WonderFLY ANA moth is crowdfunding platform on your own name.

The United States situation is crowdfunding previously in good news, but in Japan in recent years finally domestic crowd finding site came out just for the what is not developed on its own, rather than piggyback on existing crowdfunding, Ana.

In addition, crowdfunding usually differ significantly from one point.

That is, doing service with crowdfunding and AWARD on the platform provided by ANA.

Crowdfunding raise money in order to create products and services, to realize is there into shaped like a competition format, introduced AWARD.

In other words, is that crowdfunding normal flow and flow proceeds to crowdfunding AWARD from two is provided.

First of all, you'll usually crowdfunding.

ANA crowdfunding

Speaking of domestic crowdfunding reasonably famous, "Macaque Makuake", etc.?

ANA Wonerfly is the same as the mechanism.

Services conceived and created the prototype and posted to the crowdfunding, contributors will be announced.

Can earn money or products that will be commercialized.

Is that WonderFLY Makuake and ANA difference is what the commercialization and the commercialization of network of ANA and ANA shops allowed to distribute.

Possible ANA in-flight sales, sales at each airport and sales on your WEB site.

Even if it does not, of course, all products are sold by ANA shops might not be that the ANA brand, such as products and services in ANA shop sell enough to seem possible.

ANA crowdfunding crowdfunding in idea for lack of the services that these big companies sales in other crowdfunding, ANA's marketing channels to stay, if you tend to congregate in funding as well as the recently built it into view.


Provides ANA crowdfunding normal flow in addition to join as an AWARD.

Entry the idea for the theme given by the ANA.

Examination and results and create a prototype, after the AWARD announcement that flow this raises posted in crowdfunding.

Is crowdfunding then it's usually the same flow products such as the ANA shop sales eventually will target competition & crowdfunding service.

Things that defied common sense of journey's first 1 theme

From the street you can see the theme of this airline is ANA will held on the theme of travel and air-related AWARD is assumed.

Find a clue in the world before the journey and can be used in the cabin, traveling and does not come out we entry ideas such as service, ANA 1, only items.

On the other hand, ANA is platform, service and products is not the only ANA can be used in any way as fine.

Have own ideas take a look at entry to ANA CREATIVE AWARD, collecting funds in crowdfunding, try aiming for sale in ANA shop?.

Who is only just beginning 10/3 1, first entry so there is still time to travel frequently in ANA, try entering "what I think I was very good and service".

AWARD prizes to a maximum 1 million yen (900000 Excellence Awards-Special Award 100000) is.

Relevance and ANA Mileage Club

Is whether or not from ANA miles, going on a trip and have something relevant and ANA Mileage Club this crowdfunding would care about.

Unfortunately crowdfunding and AWARD both directly relevant is not so.

A successful crowdfunding route to earn mileage at the moment and will be sold by the ANA shop comes up somewhat relevant, but mainly it is Shinano relationship.

But what would come out if you are selling by ANA shop probably sales commissions to pay ANA side, but paid in mileage fees and from sales cash more readily, and more using the ANA Mileage at the moment seems to be it.

However, now this ANA own crowdfunding if growth is good should I continue to collect only the information would come out tangles and mileage, or in service.


ANA crowdfunding Ionderfly is here > > hテテps://ionderfly.jp

ANA CREATIVE AWARD is here > > https://wonderflk.jp/contests/1/post_idea/terms