Explain the exchange method and procedure from point town to PeX

Aerial view seen from ANA

I will explain the exchange procedure to PeX which is the first step to exchange from point town to ANA mile.

If you are using a point town but have not tried the method to earn ANA Mileage yet, please read this article.

How to pooled ANA mile [ANA Mileage Club edition]

Actually it is better not to exchange from Point Town to PeX to save ANA Miles.

Please see the above article for details.


Exchange from point town to PeX

To exchange points accumulated at point town to PeX Click “Point exchange” displayed on the top right corner of the point town’s web site top page.

Then, items that can be replaced from the point town are displayed in the list as follows.

Choose to exchange to PeX

There is also “ANA mileage” as an option in this page, but when you exchange directly, the number of miles is small(For detailsHow to pooled ANA mile [ANA Mileage Club edition])。

First, select PeX in “other point” below enclosed with red circle.

Choose PeX from Point Town

Click here to switch to the screen as shown below.

Confirm the exchange condition to PeX

On the switched screen, the exchange condition to PeX is displayed as follows. Confirm the replacement condition and click “exchange application” enclosed in red circle.

Replacement condition to PeX

Condition summary when exchanging from point town to PeX

The minimum exchange point is from 10,000 points.

Because point town and PeX each have a difference in real price and point number, it seems that it is decreasing when comparing point numbers, but as real price it is an equivalent exchange.

In addition, we can not freely choose the number of exchanges, but it is a system of choosing from three courses of 10,000 points, 30,000 points and 50,000 points.

The number of days required for the exchange will be the next business day, and the rest will be completed at a relatively early timing if no closing days are caught.

Enter necessary information

First of all, I answer a secret question that has been set in advance.

Secret question should have been decided at point town registration.

secret question

Next, enter necessary information.

enter necessary information.

The image registered in the point town is automatically displayed for the mail address of the above image gray part.

Let’s enter the password registered in point town.

Choose a point exchange course.

Finally, enter the account number of PeX.

It is most certain that you log in to PeX and copy and paste, but just in case just click on the confirmation of PeX account number below entry field after input.

By logging in here you can prevent mistakes in account numbers.

Finally click “Exchange” and you’re done.

The final confirmation screen does not come out and the text that the exchange process is completed is displayed.

The number of days required to complete the exchange to PeX is the shortest and the same day the next business day at the latest, so please do not forget to check whether points are added to PeX.


The exchange from point town to PeX ends in 5 clicks in all.

  1. Transition from top page to point exchange page
  2. Select PeX
  3. Condition check
  4. Answer to secret question
  5. Enter necessary information

Only this.

At this moment, ANA miles are more likely to be exchanged from point town to LINE point, but PeX is recommended if you can not exchange directly to LINE points.

Since you can get over 100,000 miles a year by exchanging the points saved at Point town with ANA miles, remember to use the point town by all means.

How to pooled ANA Mile using point town is introduced in this article.

How to pooled ANA mile [ANA Mileage Club edition]