How to use ANA Mylar mandatory ANA To Me CARD Pasmo thoracic card monthly

Credit-card-sracica card of Mylar ANA land

Thoracic card credit of ANA Mylar comes another hand-submission?

Is collated using thoracic cards I've been told and the strongest card.

Note) signup card itself would apply to go ahead please.
  You should better listen to JCB is thoracic card, due to the occupation of the applicant's examination takes time, so sign up soon anyway.

So here goes:


Thoracic card comes just once a month

Not required to use daily settlement thoracic thoracic card you get mileage ANA pigging.

I'm earning mileage on the card, monthly energy bills and day-to-day shopping together in thoracic card ~ ~ please stop what you are thinking.

Use thoracic card only once per month.
Let I, feel free.

Said point redemption rate, etc. for everyday purchases in thoracic card deals is not very the end use as the point through.

Point site have expiration date

And capture exactly to the point site hapitas featured on this blog do not expire, but actually expire.

On the hapitas site Q & A is chipped shown below.


Q: to the point of hapitas's expiration date?

A: hapitas points don't expire. However, if the last use of the hapitas (signed) from 12 months did not login to hapitas account (registration) is revoked, points will no longer use, please note.


And so the accumulation of points too, so I forgot not to sign for one year and points with account itself will be deleted.

Hapitas is very easy to save points are so affordable is not even registered for the time being, but, left, several years after waking up to the points, miles, trying to take advantage.

Accumulating points to ensure you register, and to redeem points for due date described in the following sections, which are expected to be.

And this is not the difficult burden of travel and transportation expenses in miles.
Towards Hawaii and trained after senior members in first class about this worrying thought is useless.

But actually not at all in distress in the following ways.

To determine the point of Exchange due date

Grasp each point site Exchange application deadline.
On the deadline day for their application, probably wait for more than one month.

Direct exchange of ANA mileage does not, so the loss of one month will be future damage.

It is important to identify replacement dates of use point site (including relay point site), will replace the points without loss.

You won't run out of date to redeem points, and thus determine the monthly due date as described in the section above that.

Also, if you redeem points for one month in the upper (hapitas is per month up to 30000 points), there is a huge point trail point.

Leverage reminders, do忘re prevention

Nevertheless, life is busy and seemed to forget.

Already last month I forgot to apply, a calendar application, and those in good in Evernote is good, and please remember to use the app anyway with the reminder feature.

If you have forgotten today even remember yesterday, doesn't make sense.
Strongly recommended utilizing the reminder may end up forgotten in a sudden business trip, etc., to have confidence in the memory.

Point site will comb for announcements (alerts) and I'm a fun, wait to see them live waited implementation does not know (tears

Do it by yourself but do not!

In the thoracic card to begin earning 216000 miles

Understand the due date of expiry of points and Exchange application, once you have registered on the reminder I only run.

How to save 216000 miles,

Thoracic card interchange routes only

In a save way.


  1. In point site hapitas Exchange PeX 30000 points every month.
  2. PeX through thoracic card 20000 points in the 30000 points, replacing Metro points.
    (As easy-to-understand notation hapitas Metro point in, not an point in the PeX)
  3. 20000 Metro point through the thoracic card, replace the ANA 18000 miles.
  4. 18000 mileage x 12 months (1 year) = 216000 mile.


Thoracic card + T point if 276000 mileage earn

Exchange routes using two, 276000 mph are possible.

Replaced route 1: via thoracic card

Not this is the same as above. 

Interchange route 2: through the thoracic card + T point

216000 mileage can be saved in the above Exchange route 1 will add 60000 mileage via points.


  1. In point site hapitas Exchange PeX 30000 points every month.
  2. PeX through thoracic card 20000 points in the 30000 points, replacing Metro points.
    (As easy-to-understand notation hapitas Metro point in, not an point in the PeX)
  3. Redeem T 10000 points remaining from PeX
  4. 20000 Metro point through the thoracic card, replace the ANA 18000 miles.
  5. T then replaced ANA 5000 miles.
  6. 18000 mileage x 12 months (1 year) = 216000 mile.
  7.  5 mileage x 12 months (1 year) = 60000 mile.
  8. 216000 mileage +60000 mileage = 276000 won.


In this manner.

T points over compared to the thoracic card replaced route 1, just in case, and additional parts are displayed in red.

Leave mileage 276000 216000 mileage, the rest turns into cash and other things good order different depending on how you think.

If you travel alone in 216000 mileage too good 276000 mileage better spend it with the family or even ANA mile, just replace in the root so maybe think of your own.

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