[Contest ended] Contest in which ANA One million miles will be gifted


To celebrate the 20th anniversary of ANA’s member Star Alliance, 21 campaigns are offering a campaign in which 1 million miles are gifted.

Winners of this campaign are selected one by one from each program of Star Alliance Frequent Flyer (ANA Mileage Program etc.).

The winner will be announced on September 28, 2017.

Let’s see what kind of campaign it is.


Star Alliance Mileage / Millionaire Competition Details

Competition Overview

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of ANA’s Star Alliance member, 21 Star Alliance member airlines are conducting a joint photo contest.

By expressing the unique cultural experiences experienced on the trip by photographs and sentences and submitting it, each airline will receive one million a mile for each one of the best.

Competition application method

Theme of the work

Express your unique cultural experiences you experienced on your trip by photos and sentences.

The competition’s theme is related to people and culture, and it is required to share cultural experiences related to cultural relations and interactions in an artistic and creative way.

Pin the online map at the Star Alliance campaign exclusive site and register the following necessary items.

  • Your own image
  • Images that show their uniqueness in cultural experiences
  • Actual experiences in that place (about 150 full-width characters)

A special cultural experience is expressed by photographs and short sentences, and the judges are evaluating it.

Application period

unday, May 14, 2017 9: 01 ~ August 1, 2017 (Tue) 9: 00

Competition eligibility

ANA Mileage Club member who is over 18 years old

How to participate in the competition

From the link below you can join from the Star Alliance campaign exclusive site.
To participate, it is necessary to register the ANA Mileage Club customer number (10 digits) to accumulate the e-mail address, name, and miles when winning.

Star Alliance photo contest dedicated site (Japanese version)

Winning Announcement

Winners will be announced on 28th September 2017.

The names and countries of the winners will be announced on the Star Alliance campaign site.

In addition, since winners are informed by e-mail from ANA within 4 weeks after the announcement, we need to reply the intention of receiving the prize within 4 business days after receiving the e-mail.

Please be careful

  • This campaign is organized by Star Alliance, not ANA.
     Let’s participate on the star alliance campaign exclusive website after confirming the detailed use conditions.
  • Customers of multiple Star Alliance member airlines’ mileage members are entitled to this contest only once.
     For example, if you are a Singapore Airlines or ANA mileage member, only one is eligible.
  • If you are participating in more than one frequent flyer program, you need to decide where you want to go before comparing the award-winning products.
  • Although the organizer of this campaign is a Star Alliance, the term of validity / redemption conditions etc. of mileage as a product at the time of award is According to ANA Mileage Club Membership Agreement (when applying for ANA).

Star Alliance Mileage · Millionaire Competition Item

It is a competition that is basically based on the fact that one million miles are given as a product, but the content varies slightly depending on the mileage program you register.

Those who have not participated in the mileage program only for ANA are confirmed at one million miles, but we also introduce merchandise of other frequent flyer programs.

Eligible FFP
(Star Alliance Member Carrier)

(Unit and Metric)

(Air Canada)

1,000,000 Miles

(Air New Zealand)

20,000 Airpoints Dollars™

(Avianca Brazil)

1,000,000 Points

Asiana Club
(Asiana Airlines)

1,000,000 Miles

Connect Miles
(Copa Airlines)

1,000,000 Miles


1,000,000 Miles

(SAS Scandinavian Airlines)

 4 SAS Round The World Business Class Tickets  

Flying Returns
(Air India)

1,000,000 FR Points

Infinity MileageLands
(EVA Air)

1,000,000 Miles

(Singapore Airlines)

1,000,000 Miles


1,000,000 Miles

ANA Mileage Club

1,000,000 Miles

(United Airlines)

1,000,000 Miles

Miles + Bonus
(Aegean Airlines)

1,000,000 Miles

Miles & More
(Adria Airways,
Austrian Airlines,
 Brussels Airlines,
 Croatia Airlines,
 LOT Polish Airlines,

1,000,000 Miles

Miles & Smiles
(Turkish Airlines)

1,000,000 Miles

Phoenix Miles
(Air China, Shenzhen Airlines)

1,000,000 Kilometers

Royal Orchid Plus
(Thai Airways)

1,000,000 Miles

(Ethiopian Airlines)

1,000,000 Miles

(TAP Portugal)

1,000,000 Miles

SAA Voyager
(South African Airways)

1,000,000 Miles

As mentioned above, ANA is one million miles, but Scandinavian Airlines has become a worldwide airline ticket in business class.

If you are a Japanese, you may want to apply from ANA, but please also compare other airlines.

Although it is not possible to transfer Scandinavian Airline’s round-the-world Business Class ticket to a third party, it seems that up to three companions can travel with the same ticket using this ticket ( The same itinerary as the winner).


To celebrate the 20th anniversary, Star Alliance, to which ANA is affiliated, we have a competition that gifts of 1 million miles will be given to 21 people worldwide.


A lot of entries have already been done and it is also possible to see the content of that entry.

Would you also like to post a wonderful cultural experience with photographs and sentences and aim for one million miles?

In addition, those who do not hesitate to participate in the competition, please look through the campaign site once by all means.

Just watching is a fun way to catch a glimpse of various cultures.

The Star Alliance is the ANA association member association, which celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2017.

Please see the following page for details.