ANA Naha-late night Haneda flights is why popular?

ANA Haneda - Naha late-night flights

Naha ANA implemented from 2014-shank seems very popular again this year late night Haneda flights (flight Galaxy) becomes the third year from the service start.


It is a warm day for Okinawa in the summer is a popular tourist destination, depending on the schedule difficult even award tickets or regular tickets.

Has been proven that the ANA the flights offered by Galaxy's services to the needs of the modern.

I consider the Galaxy flights provide ANA this is why popular?.



And ANA Galaxy flights


Flight schedule


Tokyo (Haneda) → flight Okin
awa (Naha): 999
Japan arriving 22: 55 25: 40

Okinawa (Naha) → Tokyo (Haned
a) flight number
: 1,000 ringtones: 30 5:50


As a side note, on Sunday Tokyo (Haneda) → Okinawa (Naha) line is on Monday, Okinawa (Naha) → Tokyo (Haneda) line operated by not.

Will operate under the name of ANA Galaxy flight all Okinawa-Haneda flights, not Okinawa (Naha) – Tokyo (Haneda) route of the above means only two flights (999 flights NH, NH 1000 flight).


Changes to this service started


1, Ana Galaxy in one round trip is the start was 2014.


I saw service began a test situation not frequent even though demand for the summer growing demand, initially, Okinawa flights, Naha airport to be overcrowded in the ANA.


Is a test that is for service beginning in 2014, midnight Berry flights carrying passengers.
* Berry flights is refers to the cargo floor space of passenger aircraft into cargo and carry things.


In other words, is big loss assumes putting people from the beginning with all the conditions the preparation (requests for cooperation and the adjustment of the equipment and all parties concerned, etc.) actually boarding rate is low.

I thought of you decide that is difficult to judge whether there is demand at that time because it is not normal hours flight time, with ANA to use Berry flight test.


Stop in Berry flights operated service started two years after 2015, due to demand, in the first year and confirmed the switch to flights on private flights.


Boarding rate for ANA Galaxy is the first year that had enough demand and 82% next year 87% this year compared with comparable expects to be away.


Rather than just simple late-night flights are also good to say, ANA's requests for cooperation in partnership with taxi and limousine and hotel (late-night check-in acceptance, support, etc) would be the major factor which commenced providing services on enough things well received by Ana Galaxy.


Said check-in and late-night ski and snowboard trips, etc. often is little in other domestic tourism.

I think in that sense, ANA side late-night convenience for customer follow up well and would not try using the flaw was not increased passengers in the second year.


You may experience previously, using plans regarding late check-in via the Shinkansen for snowboarding, but only on certain days of the week according to the arrivals extra Shuttle flight was supposed to leave, but did not forget.

Was left waiting in the snow close to two hours outside…


You can see in 2014 using Galaxy flights of ANA should have such experience and then use that, use the following year or to give blog, users follow ANA's staff.


How to Okinawa late-night's good work at times whether or not I personally doubt is, on the relationship between supply and demand, a good relationship is maintained.


Where is the favorable factors?


Follow-up for late check-in is stable as is mentioned above, and the location was great.

Tokyo is as good, hotel is ready to taxi and limousine pickup/return is required, transfer to hotel on arrival in Naha.

This part of popular or enjoys flight of 80 percent or more that 2 years in a row.


And the price is also great.

It is usually available at about one-third of the cost.


The last notable is the time Haneda.

That left Haneda at 22:55 job ends instead on its feet heading to Okinawa.


Use the weekends to finish work on Friday night headed to Okinawa in the next morning, enjoy day (midnight) Okinawa hotel check-out day, early on Sunday morning to return to Tokyo (Haneda), allowing busy singles in regular, guests can enjoy a trip to Okinawa.


Also enjoy the day Okinawa if ANA Galaxy flight by night travel and it will tend to think being given to candidates is not it.


Little home away from home, so when desire et al-I and what is not one of the popular reasons Galaxy on ANA flights also go to Okinawa.


Also, ANA premium class sales Haneda – Naha, Naha – Haneda flight which also sells, so ANA pramium class favorite who also recommended.

However, 出来nakatsu only until the specified amount of time, lounge etc available at the Naha airport that advance note that requires.


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