How to register for the ANA Mileage review

By using sites such as hapitas points may not so much how to say who has practiced the way ANA mileage earn mileage on flights, but General mileage is aboard the plane and save.

Mileage basics for how to earn flight mileage (on prior registration and airport registration and subsequent registration) information briefly describes.

ANA Mileage Club is easy to earn miles, but never can save not on the plane.

Is the plane becomes like it save for the first time and try aiming at the senior member's tend to come aboard the plane, and pay.

Keep in mind in advance because at that time, do not know how to apply save mileage point site other than for the normal mileage for a little embarrassing.

Who is saving JAL Mileage here describes a ANA Mileage Club ANA and JAL Mileage Bank is almost the same and how to apply for so that the application, let's remember.


ANA Mileage at time of booking to save registration for

Entries for ANA Mileage Club membership number usually on the web when booking airline tickets and package tours.

Already members of the ANA Mileage Club is easiest to register in advance and enter the membership number at this stage.

Different from both domestic and international flights in this way, it is not.

Also in before your flight, you can register the ANA Mileage Club number from ANA's web site, so travel prior to ANA Mileage Club card prepared in advance by the ANA site and then register in advance be sure to earn miles.

Use the automatic check-in machine at the airport save ANA mile

At time of booking frequent flyer Club card on hand, if not at the airport of departure earn mileage way.

If the domestic departure lobbies or can earn mileage in the procedures that follow the screen in automatic check-in machine located in boarding area.

For international flights, at the kiosk or check-in counters registration.The presentation of ANA or ANA Mileage Club card becomes necessary.

Using ANA's web site for online check-in, airport check-in machines, not even the mileage during online check-in is possible.

If the Board only to procedures according to the directions on the screen just as if the automatic check-in machines, domestic airlines ANA flight code share flights and Narita – Mumbai line in automatic check-in machine.

Also, who already have finished boarding procedures at the airport check-in counter is required.

Procedures for connecting each time at airport check-in counter in transit procedures becomes necessary so don't forget to make sure.

After on board ANA mileage post-mortem member and save

This post-mortem that takes effort than the preceding two.

We recommend taking mileage have been registered either as pre-registration at time of booking, checking in on the day of departure.

However, retroactive registration becomes necessary when you might do on the day of departure, flight changes and upgrades automatic accumulation of miles, so already on ANA Mileage Club members who also just remember after registering.

Miles after registration of domestic flight after p.m. the next day within six months, international flights & Airlines mileage claim, passengers after third day-do within six months in one or more of the following ways. 

Please be careful because at different times on domestic and international flights and retroactive registration becomes available.

Mileage credit from the ANA website

You also have ANA Mileage Club card is reached at time of booking, after a trip to have lied to me, from the web site of ANA can be registered.

And then login to the ANA website, select the mileage retroactive registration in a members-only feature (ANA domestic lines after registration), registering the flight mileage registration is complete.

This method is the easiest, so information such as flight to always keep careful.

Register the mileage on the phone

ANA Mileage Club Service Center to call you there are ways to earn miles.

people are afraid of the operation of the Web site, such as application on this phone is recommended.

< ANA Mileage Club Service Center]

0570-029-767 (toll) 03-67
41-6683 (paid / from abroad)

(Communicator registration time)

Month-gold 9:00-19: 00, Sat 9:
00-17:00 (&amp; national holidays and holidays)

Miles to register by mail

Note If the domestic flight tickets or travel guide (original ticket) and ANA Mileage Club customer number, name to ANA Mileage Club Service Center retroactive registration desk sending up the miles.

Note If the international e-ticket receipt (identification card is issued, airlines and travel agencies, booking class and fare information and ticket number specified) or ticket receipt (copies accepted) and boarding (original ticket), ANA Mileage Club customer number and name to ANA Mileage Club Service Center retroactive registration desk sending up the miles.

< ANA Mileage Club Service Center retroactive registration desk:

144-8526 kamata Post Office District in ANA Mileage, Service Center, retroactive registration desk

Only send in the mail do not send by way of postal mail and courier services, non-conditional for that reception, be careful.

 Not recommended because domestic and international both cases this way most troublesome.


To earn mileage on flights prior, departure date, and may register for three post-mortem.

The easiest way is via the ANA website registration is the easiest, but if you have frequent flyer Club cards and flight information.

So I wouldn't be me who read this blog are comfortable with the operation of the web site we recommend mileage have been registered from the simplest web.

Must be taken care of or upgrade to the day of departure, flight changes, etc..

If do not receive your mileage and see for yourself what is the mileage, if the system does not work well, so make sure retroactive registration to activate.

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It is possible when you dine out with colleagues and family members, earn mileage with double point town + credit card payment in the.

How to eat out a lot and earning miles, tend to take on the work pattern like those featured in the way it is.
Restaurant monitor is ANA Mileage indispensable must-haves


How to earn mileage from a table of contents when there are things put together earn more mileage and how-to articles, indexes articles, please see.
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