And using the ANA Mileage between Okinawa and Haneda to at least 6000 mileage

In the ANA plane boarding

It is more that summer to go to Okinawa.

Okinawa, Okinawa island flights during the high season of summer so popular in fact that did not get tickets Okinawa to dates of stay.

You can enjoy with the ANA Mileage popular routes is often iki your eyes to go to Okinawa on ANA domestic flights and ANA Mileage saving that frequent flyer programs to its partners, has partnered with Star Alliance, ANA head put and widen horizons a little at.

During this time by using the ANA Mileage, trip to Okinawa go introduce how affordable and increase the value of 1 mileage in the use of award tickets.

Out you could do deals may soon change the terms and conditions of the award ticket firm who would visit and enjoy the trip.


Conclusion travel Okinawa (Japan travel)

When to travel from Japan to other parts of Japan, just on domestic flights is often iki your eyes, but ANA flights (for example the Haneda Airport – Naha airport flights) should consider how to use Star Alliance partner airlines award tickets and do not use.

Why not?

It is from the ANA flights with partner airlines award ticket terms and conditions are different.

How to use this terms and conditions of a trip to Okinawa (Japan travel) deals.

For example, go to Korea in the international flights departing from Japan.

Asiana aircraft of the Alliance in Japan-Korea is 15000 mileage round trip to work (for economy class).

Japan-Korea is 15000 miles

There also two from Japan, Okinawa travel itinerary to transit Japan domestic only in addition to the international round trip between the two, so the cheapest plan.

With 15000 mileage in as a possible itinerary for images below

: Departure from Haneda – bound for Korea – Korea-bo
for Okinawa ↓ Okinawa trip purpos
e ↓
return: Okinawa Japan-Haneda

This itinerary in Korea and Okinawa is also good if you want to focus on Okinawa, you can both enjoy and Korea so far away in a few hours.

Truth cannot be realized in this plan, the ANA flights.

Redeeming award ticket on ANA conditions such as the following.

Terms and conditions on stopovers for award ticket on ANA way

You cannot enjoy a trip to Okinawa in which ANA flights in Korea.

Because they do not allow stopovers on the way to transfer (stay up to 24 hours) does not and should not be.

But in airline flights, see.

Terms and conditions on stopovers on partner airlines award tickets

Like, there are significant differences.

En route stopover is round one once recognised.

Under this condition, if in Haneda Korea to travel to Korea via Okinawa and from Okinawa over the wings field trip realization becomes possible.

Moreover, the ANA domestic flight awards Haneda-I could of just 21000 mileage will be required in high season in Okinawa, Korea to relay to go to Okinawa by 15000 miles.

Very affordable plans with ANA domestic flight awards less than 6000 mileage mileage on Okinawa, Korea travel to do that.

This alone can fully is great, but this plan may benefit further.

Since international flights can be booked from 355 days ago

Ticket category is international and typically use domestic flights, go to Okinawa, in the ANA flights cannot be booked from only two months ago, but I gave in the previous plan's real domestic trip to Okinawa.

Therefore, is you can book from the international application can be 355 days ago.

Without thinking about 2 months ago and 355 days ago, both flights took a easy-to-understand.

It is also good to Okinawa go to redeeming award ticket on domestic flights two months ago to work.

Hopefully even reverse ANA domestic lines apply up to determine the itinerary almost guaranteed to dates of stay trip to Okinawa becomes possible.

Silver week in the high season, please try turning on Star Alliance member airlines take belongs to ANA's international flights would end during the new year holidays, summer vacation, you want to go to Okinawa.

6000 miles, a film by Asiana Airlines each way for domestic flights may be good minutes, so using their mileage and to hit the road.

Thoroughfare, Okinawa, from both domestic and, as international airlines may also use mileage and increases the value of mileage.

Take a look at ANA Mileage Club, Alliance and destinations from the various accuracy and new affordable way still emerge may be.


Trip by using the Star Alliance member airline Korea through deals is スターアライアンス 加盟 航空 会社 を 利用 して 韓国 経由 の 方 が です お 得 スターアライアンス 加盟 の アシアナ 航空 を 利用 して 、 韓国 経由 で 沖縄 入り する と 、 国内 線 の 特典 航空 券 に 必要 な マイル 数 より も 少ない less than the number of mileage required on domestic flights and Asiana Airlines Star Alliance, arrives in Korea via Okinawa, mileage trip to Okinawa.

If the international flights and domestic flights cannot apply from only two months ago, but application is available from the 355 days ago.

Even in high season rates, and mileage can be almost guaranteed to ensure tickets to use.

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