Redeem mileage with our airline partners


You know the person is ANA Star Alliance member airline.

Learn how I use the ANA mileage on Star Alliance member airlines, and how to use ANA mileage on partner airlines.

When ANA Mileage earned is good but, not win the ANA flights of the Star Alliance member airline or airline company has partnered with the ANA consider?.



First of all what is the Alliance?


I don't know, but I have heard of the Star Alliance.
I joined the ANA, JAL has been different.

Such recognition is surprisingly a lot's Star Alliance.
Because many people do not know really well but not wrong to begin with and the Star Alliance what, briefly.


Star Alliance's airline alliance have joined ANA one


Union gathered more than one airline is the three Star Alliance, OneWorld, and SkyTeam.

The Star Alliance network is the name of the Aviation Group have joined the ANA, including several airlines.

Well, listen to the word "earn mileage on the Star Alliance", but actually does not exist mileage on the Star Alliance.

Is that even when flown other airlines joined the Star Alliance to join is a Star Alliance member airline's frequent flyer program and earn miles.

For example, it is but also because when using a Singapore Airlines might have joined the ANA Mileage PLA g, both ANA and Singapore Airlines Star Alliance member Singapore Airlines boarding can redeem ANA miles.

If you have boarded United Airlines frequent flyer program participants to reverse ANA ANA miles, not, earn more mileage on United Airlines.


Rise of convenience in partnership within the Union


The easier for users who use multiple airline also cannot be covered in one company flights and routes to work together as one group.

With easy-to-play mileage have joined multiple airline frequent flyer program has been posted on the Star Alliance website, but even better is, on Star Alliance member airlines, Coca-Cola is prone and the senior members, etc.

This is because, not maintained by each airline individually, rather than maintained by group called the Star Alliance frequent flyer programme is due in most cases to replace mileage on other airlines miles.


You can about that leg of the journey between 28 member airlines and then using the flight in the Star Alliance network more quickly to award enough mileage or points earned.

Just one, or all Member airline frequent flyer program govern, it is possible. Join frequent flyer program called 'Star Alliance' without using fully throughout the Star Alliance network.

Earn mileage or points in to register your frequent flyer number to each member airline flights eligible fares.

(May not be available in some situations) to replace the number of mileage on any Star Alliance member airline flight or upgrade, and then contact your frequent flyer programme.

You can if you wish, to join more than one program, each program is administered separately for the integration of the migration of the mileage or points in between each program and mileage or points.

If the same is the frequent flyer program will be available on every flight to the Star Alliance silver or gold status can be reached more quickly.


This is similar to any other Star Alliance OneWorld and SkyTeam.

Increased convenience in partnership with each other, rather than only one company to cover worldwide routes and airports, airline companies or other associations not taken for each customer to state that with the crowding together can be said.


ANA mileage good for?


Is as described above, using the Star Alliance member airlines and ANA mileage earning mileage is possible also use not only earn.


Can be used to reward air ticket get mileage transfer cannot be done


Even airline companies have joined the same Alliance mutual exchange of mileage in;

Is is possible to get the airline ticket so much when using ANA miles, Star Alliance member airlines have free when redeeming award ticket on ANA flights could not take.

Absolutely not ride beside the ANA and inflight services differs from some companies, but those other than is recommended.

Also may be period not available tickets for each airline company, so at time of booking must be confirmed is required.

In addition, using mileage has partnered with the ANA to non-airline Star Alliance member airlines, such as (Etihad Airways) is possible.

However, can be used in any combination for a Star Alliance member airline tickets, but only airline company air round trip the same.


&gt; If the Alliance <

Direction: ANA → → → Singapore Airlines Austria Airlin
es return Ana ← ← Singapore Airlines ← ← Austria airlines


< If airline partner &gt;

Outbound: return Etiha
d Airways: Etihad Airways


ANA than JAL said hard to redeem, but take advantage of the Star Alliance member tickets also take easier to become so as ANA Mileage using one look at try to reference.

When used in this way to earn, so ANA mileage point site, you can save large amounts of tickets for easy-to-take the Alliance airlines, travel is recommended to.

Of course can be ANA rewards airline tickets aim very popular routes and Bon and year-end and new year holidays very hard to take, so from a year ago, or would you like to become a member and be more.

So many people aiming for senior members of the ANA flights take a great mask!, future, popular travel season tickets took difficult and seems.


ANA heavy mileage summary information


ANA Mileage for sure thing!

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And items that you need to earn miles

Land Mylar practice!Preparation guide

All items are written here is write a list of items for accumulating mileage without taking the plane to make available.


Mass-mileage point site hapitas is required

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And why hapitas is essential to earn miles

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