ANA domestic flight mileage accrual or mileage registration how to review

ANA mileage earning

Many people still do not know the basics of the ANA Mileage point site by saving the ANA Mileage Club miles.

Originally, the ANA Mileage Club ANA plane ride is somehow still does not understand better service for people, so-mileage plane ride and earn but this calculation method is different by domestic and international flights, booking class, which continues to earn points here.

You can look at the ANA web site because I think in the future when senior members, etc. is still fine, but you should know as a basic knowledge is there, recapping the mileage and how to register to continue.

This is about domestic mileage accrual criteria and how to register.

International mileage accrual criteria and how to register, click here.


ANA domestic flight mileage accrual

Miles, frequent flyer, and called on international flights as well as basic, can get by plane from the ANA flight miles.

This ANA domestic line mileage is over the mileage rate stated by boarded base mileage and passenger fares, will be calculated and accumulated.

Difference between international and is has become a type of fare, mileage accrual rate is not a class.

ANA domestic line mileage = boarding basic sector mileage × total rate of each fare type


If boarding basic sector mileage departing Tokyo, Sapporo, 510 mileage Nagoya if 193 mph, if Okinawa and 984 mph prior mandates.

Because the distance is short compared with the international standard mileage.

Over 1000 mileage on domestic flights departing Tokyo base mileage is only two stone wall (1224 miles) and Miyako (1158-mile).

Standard mileage interval to 100%, 75% in the lowest accrual rate, etc. 50% has been against it fare mileage rate is 150% or.

Simply, is of the same basic mileage is same in all the premium class, give the ANA are paying more money to more than 100%, tours and travel given numbers cut the levy ANA so much money to fall to 100%, but this word booking class and fare difference, actually both international and domestic flights same system has determined that the mileage.

You can find out easily if you use than having to calculate mileage ANA domestic line flight mileshmireation.

ANA domestic mileage calculation

ANA's domestic line mileage accrual rate in the following set.

* Subject to change ANA about this mileage accumulation rate.

ANA premium class

ANA premium class mileage accumulation rate is as the following.

Eligible fares On the basic sector mileage accrual rate

Premium fare pre
mium child fare premium
physical disabilities discount fares

150% of base mileage
% Of premium feature
s premium special % 28 premi
um shareholders special discount fare pre
mium child shareholders special discount fares
125% of base mileage


ANA economy class

ANA economy class mileage accumulation rate is as the following.

Eligible fares On the basic sector mileage accrual rate

One way fare (normal fare)
round-trip far
e business ticket trip
@ % Furthermor
e children fare body pers
ons with disab
ilities discount fare care dis
count shuttle
round-trip fare various e
ye ticket premium pers
onal comprehensive travel discount fare overs
eas aboard joint discount special
international airfares (national road),

100% of the base mileage
l discount trave
l 21 travels % 28
travel % 45 tra
vels % 55 travels
% 60 journey %
75 specific bandw
agon transit discount squa
red joint specia
l % squared joint
percent share Lord preferent
ial discount children shareholders s
pecial discount fares together on a journey miles
% (unaccompanied) sky mate discounts
75% of base mileage
Personal comprehensive travel disco
unt fare comprehensive travel DP discoun
t fares to Japan comprehensive travel DP discou
nt fare DP limited travel special discount
fares (discounts of comprehensive travel MD
P) senior sky discount
50% of the standard mileage


Fare was purchased, later upgraded to a premium upon payment of the fee across the Board 50% of base mileage will accrue.

Including tours in the accrual rate at 50% of the standard mileage had booked by upgrading to premium class will be credited 100% 50% +50% my base mileage mileage accrual rate.

To upgrade to premium class ticket eligible for mileage if you must qualify for the 50% plus, mileage is not.

How to become eligible to earn miles

Only if you need to join ANA Mileage Club ANA Mileage like international and a Board Member mileage and miles.

Only use IBEX airlines, AIR DO, JAL air, Star Flyer, Oriental air bridge to Japan domestic flights, booked with ANA flight number qualify for mileage accrual, credited as Ana.

Be acquired through ANA Mileage would book on another airline will codeshare flights of caution is required.

If due to use of oversized carry-on baggage such as musical instruments and paintings alone at the same time using 2 or more seats will be one minute and mileage.

Airline tickets would be eligible for mileage

Mileage paid flight mileage and take flight for granted because, at the time of ticket use the following does not accrue miles.

  • Charter flights
  • Free airline tickets
  • Award tickets
  • Inclusive tour fare
  • Group discount fare
  • Comprehensive group travel fares
  • Together with mileage discount (person)

Using point site in this way, saving large amounts of ANA Mileage, get tickets, no mileage during its flight.

Also, let not eligible for mileage accrual and undocumented persons boarding-boarding in the inclusive tour fare tour during the boarding pass to check once again.

How to register for the ANA mile

As credited automatically after the flight to enter frequent flyer number when booking ANA mileage registration method is already enrolled in the frequent flyer Club.

I would buy from still to join the ANA Mileage Club before joining the ticket.

How to register for the ANA Mileage review

Before joining the flight miles, not give up?

ANA mileage you want to save to and recommended for hapitas