ANA international flight mileage accrual or mileage registration how to review

ANA mileage earning

Many people still do not know the basics of the ANA Mileage point site by saving the ANA Mileage Club miles.

Originally, the ANA Mileage Club ANA plane ride is even better-mileage plane ride service for people, so build up points, but this could be different by domestic and international flights, booking class for better understanding to continue to earn points here.

You can look at the ANA web site because I think in the future when senior members, etc. is still fine, but you should know as a basic knowledge is there, recapping the mileage and how to register to continue.

This is about international mileage accrual criteria and how to register.


ANA international flight mileage accrual

Miles, mileage, etc. and it is called Basic, can get by plane from the ANA flight miles.

This ANA international line mileage are book class (seats etc.) and basic mileage boarded each of the accumulation rate will be calculated and accumulated.

ANA international line mileage = boarding basic sector mileage × class mileage rate


If boarding basic sector mileage departing Tokyo, New York, 6737 mileage Paris if 6194 miles, if Taipei and 1330 mileage is predetermined is.

Standard mileage interval to 100% or even 150% for total rate of the booking class, 70% in the lowest accrual rate, etc. 30% has been.

It is those kinds of numbers given a number greater than 100% better, but simply, is of the same basic mileage is same in all paying more money to ANA first class, senior member, ANA tours and cheap packs so much money to fall off 100%.

You can find out easily if you use than having to calculate mileage ANA international line flight mileshmireation.

ANA international mileage calculation

ANA's international line mileage accrual rate in the following set.

* Subject to change ANA about this mileage accumulation rate.

ANA first class

ANA first class mileage accumulation rate is as the following.

Booking class On the basic sector mileage accrual rate
F 150%
A 150%


ANA business class

ANA business class mileage accumulation rate is as the following.

Booking class On the basic sector mileage accrual rate
J 150%
C D Z 125%
P 70%


ANA economy class

ANA economy class mileage accumulation rate is as the following.

Booking class On the basic sector mileage accrual rate
Y 100%
E 100%
B M 100%
U H Q 70%
V W S T 50%
L K G 30%


ANA economy class G class 10/2016 5, sales & is expected mileage calculation 100% change from flights.

Preferable because it applies to flights on / after sales as well as good luck-> 30% and 100% significantly mileage accrual rate up is going to move.

It is possible to verify the mileage calculation for the advance tour package if there is class, so dealers and travel agents should confirm booking classes.

Also be acquired through mileage is also booking classes on the O I R X N for mileage accrual, on an airplane.

How to become eligible to earn miles

Only if you join ANA Mileage Club ANA Mileage member aboard flight mileage and miles.

Fare mileage rate is calculated based on the booking class as well as the adult fare.

If does not pay the difference for an upgrade award or any other circumstances on board, mileage are accumulated based on the class of ticket you purchased the class using accrual rate does not apply.

Documents required for mileage after registration and boarding passes until the may be credited in a class even if you paid the difference, not the purchased ticket class and when you upgrade for mileage accumulation rate checks before boarding would have been right after the flight mileage, you verify, let me to leave.

To use ANA on Charter flights, regardless of class of service uniform 50% of basic sector mileage will be credited.

If due to use of oversized carry-on baggage such as musical instruments and paintings alone at the same time using 2 or more seats will be one minute and mileage.

Airline tickets would be eligible for mileage

For mileage paid flight mileage and take flight for granted not less accrue mileage at time of ticket use three types of.

  • Free airline tickets
  • Award tickets
  • Various discount tickets

Use points like this, getting tickets, saving large amounts of ANA mileage accumulated mileage during its flight.

When to get cheap airfare voucher store and buy coupon tickets, discount airline tickets purchased in a shareholder special benefit plan will be eligible for miles.

ANA international flights codeshare mileage accrual

When the reservations and boarding on the ANA flight codeshare flights operated by other airlines has partnered with the ANA Mileage Club frequent flyer partner airlines for mileage will be accrued.

However, there may be on the ANA Mileage Club partners have other airlines and codeshare flights not eligible for mileage.

If you absolutely want to save ANA mileage ANA Mileage Club support desk to determine in advance what the ANA flight code-share flights.

Code for you in the members-only features, etc. ANA flight numbers, not will be shown in the airline.


How to register for the ANA mile

As will be credited after the flight to enter frequent flyer number when booking ANA mileage registration method is already enrolled in the frequent flyer Club.

I would buy from still to join the ANA Mileage Club before joining the ticket.

How to register for the ANA Mileage review

Before joining the flight miles, not give up?

ANA mileage you want to save to and recommended for hapitas