I went to Hiroshima trip-part 2

Now use the ANA is the last part of the trip to Hiroshima.
This time its continuation will be part.

Head slightly away from the mileage and points sites, credit card, or what you see on the road, how to think first, point site, including having trouble no longer!



When it comes to Hiroshima but Miyajima


When you come to Hiroshima, I go to the Miyajima!

Rather than is was after the trip does not go on Miyajima Island was visited Hiroshima as motionless in the snow train will go to.


Is the reason why we decided a trip to Hiroshima Miyajima, and watch a baseball game in the Mazda Stadium from these two just couldn't give up.


Itsukushima-Jinja shrine 外senai reason.


So the last time I came in the snow is not, but now I'm 5 months.
Don't worry about the snow!


Toured before the crowds a bit late the day before, I'd had and saw the shrine at high tide was headed to Miyajima from early in the morning.

On the ferry, Torii gate, approaches.

At a mile, ferry from Miyajima

I wanted to see this view.

And I enjoyed from the Itsukushima Shrine Torii.

Otorii of Itsukushima-Jinja shrine visited by ANA plane

Edamame soy beans Mylar finish visit Itsukushima Shrine and almost at the same time.Were is hard to slowly watch the Stampede tourists and students.


Shifted by time and other people start acting again, from early in the morning on a journey so no wasted spend meaningful.


May I can eat raw oysters?


Say when you couldn't come earlier in the snow, why winter went so delicious seasonal oysters!

It is just one point (lol


Well, often raw oysters may not get time, conger eel eat even rice ~ and can eat raw oysters in a shop located in Miyajima and the information!


I immediately went to


There was!

Raw oysters!Without hesitation, order!


Ask oysters galore of dish specialty store here is like oysters, but all we had the raw oysters, Fried oysters, Fried oysters, Oyster rice.

Raw oysters in point site use

Eating oysters galore at point site use

(Specialty oysters, get lost!)


Very nice! ~
And no such food poisoning!


I'm not out to shop here more than 15 years with oysters hit.


The Edamame soy beans Mylar was eating this time of the year, so students who eat at their discretion.
Is just the raw oysters you are looking for very good, more Fried oysters was delicious!


So there was a fried Oyster lunch also is recommended.


Multicopter (commonly known as drones) first encounter!


Itsukushima Shinto shrine where we can hear, had headed to the Taira no Kiyomori shrine some motor sounds like.

???Thought I wonder, next to the shrine, on the coast near drone!

Pilot precisely because it becomes multicopter, commonly known as drones in Japan was there!


Excited to see the first drone!


Does not seem suspicious person to sneak a drone around and ask who's arm is what do armband.


Itsukushima-Jinja shrine


It was written.

So, to a PROMOTION video of Itsukushima Shrine is taking seemed.


Oh ~ ~ love rides like Edamame soy beans Mylar drone.
And were excited by the online mind lone drone-related companies to invest, or are considering more drone because believe it or not meet while traveling!

After the Miyajima, where once again felt the future drone.

An extended trip to Iwakuni


Because I'm a very early lunch, heading to the Iwakuni headed miyajimaguchi station.

There shops and convenience stores that famous "of conger eel rice Bento" is two selling it's not!

Eat after ~ ~ ~ I thing buy it immediately (lol
(Follow the oysters are delicious and I got at the airport on the way back, forget the shooting once again (tear
But I can't show you definitely taste!)


Go to stuff in her bag, next to Hiroshima Prefecture, Yamaguchi Prefecture Iwakuni.


First the kintai bridge!


Still went and Iwakuni station the kintai bridge head by bus.


so I was worried about was examined in advance on the Web: local lines so I ichi分 clue difficulty, I wonder, in front of train station bus stop to the kintai bridge was like but I did not.

Arrived in about 15 minutes.

Near the airport of Iwakuni kintai bridge in Nishiki bridge

By ~ ~ ~, beautiful curvaceous.

Kinda hard to walk across the bridge actually is, but it is amazing technology.
It is love such buildings to see the nice way to Iwakuni Castle, so I wanted to come again.

Kintai bridge seen from the other side is like.

Visit ANA kintai bridge

Yes, is a beautiful arch seen from both.

I hope you take a look at the visit once.
You can see the amazing technology.


Like Castle and Iwakuni Castle is a must!


Like castles, shrines and temples like the Edamame soy beans Mylar.
Love is not a religious thing, seeing as a structure.

When you reach the kintai bridge, Iwakuni Castle going is impossible!


And that came Iwakuni Castle

Iwakuni Castle came save up points

But Castle is beautiful.

It is shaped like (lol

This invisible side body and Ishigaki, Ishigaki also firmly and as a great.


Was from Hiroshima Airport


Iwakuni came from the home from the airport the kintai bridge, Iwakuni said did Fute, flight hours on the return journey even Hiroshima Airport took advantage of.


Kintai bridge-Hiroshima Station-Hiroshima Airport


Canada took a bus / train / bus, was a good move.

Return was plane that went a little better (lol


But it was the Edamame soy beans Mylar Jumbo rode many times.
Somehow, jumbo is still like the smallness of the plane sank just a little bit.


In the end

Many who were hesitant to issuance of credit cards and points sites we see the ANA Mileage save Edamame soy beans flow until now, seems to come.

In daily work don't need some relief?
Do not give up and there is no money going out?

You want to go on a journey so the Edamame soy beans Mylar is like traveling in.
Travel cost burden to do by way of as soon as possible at least.

Why not enjoy a trip together?


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